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BLOOM: Investing in L.A.'s Black Male Youth


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BLOOM stands for Building a Lifetime of Opportunities and Options for Men, a bold, new initiative of the California Community Foundation (CCF) in Los Angeles. The initiative seeks to contribute to a minimum 10 percent reduction in prison incarceration among 14-18 year old Black males who have been involved in the county probation system. For more information,

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BLOOM: Investing in L.A.'s Black Male Youth

  1. 1. A Partnership with the African-American Community of Los Angeles 1
  2. 2. Description “A Perfect Storm of Opportunity” 2
  3. 3. Description Goal: To redirect Black male youth (ages 14 – 18 years old) who are or have been involved with the L.A. County probation system toward a path that produces improved education and employment opportunities. 3
  4. 4. Grantmaking Strategies1. Community Organizing - Supporting grassroots organizing efforts to identify and mitigate policies and systematic interventions that negatively alter the life paths of system-involved Black male youth.2. Re-shaping Public Perception - Supporting efforts that seek to re-frame images of system- involved youth through challenging public perception and media messaging, emphasizing positive alternatives and highlighting stories of redemption.3. Career-Based Mentoring - Supporting sustained career-based mentoring relationships between system-involved youth and Black adult males to create new avenues for exploring career and educational options.4. Strengthening Capacity - Supporting organizations to improve their efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability. 4
  5. 5. Desired Impact SHORT-TERM OUTCOMES LONG-TERM OUTCOMES (1-2 years) (3-5 years) 1b. Decreased policies and systematic interventions1a. Increased public knowledge and will and that negatively alter the life paths of system-involvedcreation of a policy agenda at the local level Black male youth2a. Increased awareness of challenges facing 2b. Increased positive portrayals of system-involvedsystem-involved youth and recognition of their asset youth and projects that highlight their asset potential.potential3a. Decreased time of Black male youth 3b. Decreased Black male youth recidivism ratesinvolvement in the juvenile justice system4a. Increased connections between system- 4b. Sustained relationships between system-involved youth and Black men that lead to involved youth and Black men that result in youth’sincreased awareness of possible career paths pursuit of vocational and/or educational paths5a. Organizations have developed or completed 5b. Organizations have implemented processes thatprocesses that increase their potential for growth result in overall growth and long-term sustainability.and chances of sustainability 5
  6. 6. The Investment $1 million per year over five years ($5 million total)• CCF investment of $500,000 per year• An annual 1:1 match in additional investments will be leveraged from foundations,corporations and individual donors• Goal - Contribute to a 10 percent decrease in the number of Black male youthunder L.A. County probation supervision over the next five years (approximately 480youth)• Translates into taxpayers savings of almost $50 million• $5 million investment = $10,246 per youth versus approximately $100,000 spentper youth in an L.A. County probation camp 6
  7. 7. Community PartnersCommunity OrganizingCommunity Coalition Service Area:Youth Justice Coalition South Los Angeles, with anRe-Shaping Public Perception emphasis on organizationsLAGRANT COMMUNICATIONS serving system-involved Black male youth residing in portionsCareer-Based Mentoring of Service Planning AreasBrotherhood Crusade (SPAs) 6 and 8.Los Angeles Urban League www.laul.orgYouth Mentoring Connection www.youthmentoring.orgStrengthening Organizational CapacityLiberty Hill Foundation www.LibertyHill.orgProject EvaluatorUCLA Evaluation Team Jorga Leap,Tyrone Howard, www.blackmaleinstitute.orgTodd Franke and Tina Christie) 7
  8. 8. Contact InformationTo learn how you or your organization can partner with BLOOM, please contact:Robert Lewis, Program Officer (Human Development) 213-413-4130 ext. 273RLewis@calfund.orgPlease visit our website for details: 8