The Next Big Thing


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Why the Internet of Things is the next big thing.

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The Next Big Thing

  1. 1. Whats the next big thing?Softwareengineeringdone right RISE ABOVE
  2. 2. Each evolution brings ~5X growth ? US Software Market ($Billions) 600 500 400 300 200 100 Social Networking 0 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 market outside US is now larger and growiSoftware Mainframes Personal Computers World Wide Web Mobileengineeringdone right RISE ABOVE
  3. 3. anuary 2010, scientists create a working transistor of only six carbon atom Software engineering done right RISE ABOVE
  4. 4. August 2010, AT&T and Verizon announce that non-human subscribers exceed human subscribers on their networksSoftwareengineeringdone right RISE ABOVE
  5. 5. June 2012, Rice University researchers create spray-on battery, 0.5 mmSoftwareengineeringdone right RISE ABOVE
  6. 6. Softwareengineeringdone right RISE ABOVE
  7. 7. Ever smaller and cheaper Self-configuring Embedded Connected to the internet EverywhereSoftwareengineeringdone right RISE ABOVE
  8. 8. Welcome to The Internet of ThingsSoftwareengineeringdone right RISE ABOVE
  9. 9. embedded in everythingSoftwareengineeringdone right RISE ABOVE
  10. 10. ApplicationsSoftwareengineeringdone right RISE ABOVE
  11. 11. Internet of Things (IoT) Everything will be programmable and accessible on the internet New industries will be created. Blue ocean opportunities will aboundSoftwareengineeringdone right RISE ABOVE
  12. 12. Check these technologies out...Softwareengineeringdone right RISE ABOVE
  13. 13. Check Out... Arduino Open-source microcontrollerSoftwareengineeringdone right RISE ABOVE
  14. 14. Check Out... Pachube on-line database serviceSoftware connecting sensor-derived dataengineeringdone right RISE ABOVE
  15. 15. Check Out... Zigbee Wireless sensor networkSoftwareengineeringdone right RISE ABOVE
  16. 16. Check Out... Linux Open-source operating systemSoftwareengineeringdone right RISE ABOVE
  17. 17. Want to connect with other technopreneurs & with mentors? Want free entrepreneurship seminars and workshops?Softwareengineeringdone right RISE ABOVE
  18. 18. Join the PSIA PD/SIG Every 2nd Thursday at AIM Facebook group: PD/SIG - PSIASoftwareengineeringdone right RISE ABOVE