Caledonian banking services


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Caledonian bank services offer International Payment Services (Online), Treasury Services, Custody Services, Agent Bank Services, Credit Services. The Bank is licensed to conduct banking business in the Cayman Islands pursuant to the Banks and Trust Companies Law and is regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority.

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Caledonian banking services

  1. 1. proposal to Company Delivering innovative solutions to your futureName/Logo here requirements in offshore legal service provision BANKING SERVICES CAYMAN ISLANDS
  2. 2. Contents 3 Caledonian Overview 4 Banking Overview 5 International Payment Services 6 Treasury Services 7 Custody Services 8 Agent Bank Services 9 Our Proposal 10 Our People 12 Global Locations2
  3. 3. Caledonian Overview The Caledonian Group has offices in the Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, Isle of Man, London, Orlando and New York, the Caledonian Group offers a comprehensive range of personal and confidential services to individual and corporate clients, including administrative services for all types of offshore companies, banks, trusts, insurance companies, mutual funds and investors. We also offer global custodial services, worldwide correspondent banking services and investment services. Clients benefit from Caledonian’s 40 years of relevant expertise, global contacts and access to group banking, fund administration and captive insurance management services. Caledonian’s diverse client base includes many premier investment banks, fund groups, investment management firms and high net worth individuals. We also have working relationships with top onshore and offshore law firms and accounting firms.3
  4. 4. Banking Overview Caledonian Bank Limited (the “Bank”) is a licensed “A” bank in the Cayman Islands that has been in business for more than 20 years. The Bank is licensed to conduct banking business in the Cayman Islands pursuant to the Banks and Trust Companies Law and is regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority. The Bank is also an active member of the Cayman Islands Bankers’ Association. The Bank has a developed and strong infrastructure with an experienced management team that provides traditional banking services to a selective customer base. The Bank maintains a very conservative investment policy and has a strong commitment to the safety of its depositor’s funds. The Core services the Bank offers are:  International Payment Services (Online)  Treasury Services  Custody Services  Agent Bank Services  Credit Services4
  5. 5. International Payment Services The Bank offers a multi-currency online banking service which includes: Convenience  The User has the ability to view all of their active bank accounts online and on a “real’ time basis (24/7)  Invoices can be paid anytime during the day  Funds can be transferred with immediate availability Reliability  Manage all corporate banking needs in one location  Initiate a funds transfer transaction online to an external third party 24/7 basis.  Initiate an internal transfer of funds online from or to any of their designated accounts on a 24/7 basis  Request online the Bank to issue a cheque/(draft) to a third party beneficiary. Security  All designated users have access with a personal ID’s and passwords  Our system uses the latest security software5
  6. 6. Treasury Services The Bank provides customers with highly competitive rates on the following products: Foreign Exchange for all major currencies  Spot  Forwards  Swaps Fixed Deposits (Online)  A user can request to establish an online fixed deposit or renew an existing fixed deposit. The interest rate will be established two business days prior to the start date of the deposit. The Bank will notify the client of the interest rate. Overnight Deposits Short-Term Money Market6
  7. 7. Custody Services The Bank provides custody services for fund of funds that are administered by Caledonian Fund Services Limited and certain highly qualified customers. The Bank’s custody services integrate seamlessly with our credit facilities since the collateral needed to provide financing is already registered in our name as custodian. In addition, we are accustomed to providing custody for leverage financing arrangements and familiar with the associated controls and reporting required by lenders. Custody services include:  Processing subscriptions, redemptions and transfers into and from underlying funds  Processing purchases and sales of financial instruments  Reconciling holdings  Customized reporting7
  8. 8. Agent Bank Services As an “A” licensed Bank, Caledonian Bank has the authorization to be an Authorized Agent for “B” licensed bank’s that do not have a physical presence in the Cayman Islands. The Bank offers the following services as an agent Bank:  Is the principal contact between the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) and the “B” licensed bank  Assists the licensee mainly in its compliance with CIMA’s regulatory requirements  Offers local Directors service if required  Can provide a registered office  Client accounting is also available8
  9. 9. Credit Services The Bank has very conservative lending guidelines but it does offer their hedge fund and captive insurance customers credit services. Our Credit Services include:  Liquidity Facilities  Overdraft Facilities  Secured Lending  Standby Letters of Credit9
  10. 10. Our People Jim O’Neill, Managing Director, Caledonian Bank Limited T: +1 345 914 4887 E: Jim O’Neill is Managing Director of the Caledonian Bank Limited (CBL) and Caledonian Group Services Limited (CGSL). Responsible for the Day-to-day management of CBL and CGSL entities, Jim formulates and oversees implementation of strategic plans and leads business development for Group globally. With over thirty five years of international banking experience both in the United States and the Caribbean, Jim holds a Bachelors and Masters degree in Banking and Finance from Pace University. Prior to joining Caledonian in April 2008, Jim worked for Bank Austria (Cayman) as Managing Director for 10 years and before that he was Bank Austria (North America) CFO for 9 years. Jim also worked for the highly acclaimed Wall Street bank Irving Trust for 14 years where he was responsible for Special Projects and Corporate Accounting. Jim is the Chairman of the Caledonian Risk Asset Liability Committee and also the Caledonian Audit Committee; President Elect of the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce; Board Member of Meals on Wheels and; Member of Cayman Islands National Investment Council.10
  11. 11. Our People Brent Ebanks, Manager, Caledonian Bank Limited T: +1 345 914 4900 E: Brent Ebanks is Manager of Caledonian Bank Limited and responsible for the day-to-day operations including building and managing customer relationships. With over 15 years of international banking experience, Brent is currently pursuing a degree in Economics at the University College of the Cayman Islands. Prior to joining Caledonian in July 2001, Brent worked for The Bank of Bermuda (Cayman) Ltd as Senior Relationship Manager for 4 years. Brent began his banking career with British American Bank in the Cayman Islands quickly excelling to supervisor of Customer Service. Ann-Marie Bush, Treasury Manager, Caledonian Bank Limited T: +1 345 914 4970 E: Picture to be Ann-Marie Bush, Treasury Manager Caledonian Bank Limited, has over 18 years of international banking experience. updated Prior to joining the Caledonian Group in November 2005, Ann-Marie worked at one of Brazils top banks; Banco Itau S.A., Grand Cayman Branch for 9 yearrs. There she was Supervisor of Operations and Loans before joining Caledonian Bank.11
  12. 12. Global Locations Isle of Man London New York Orlando Cayman BVI AMERICAS EUROPE Cayman Islands British Virgin islands Orlando New York Isle of Man London Caledonian House P.O. Box 4428 390 North Orange Ave. 1120 Avenue of the 1 Circular Road 10 Finsbury Square 69 Dr. Roys Dr Columbus Centre Suite 875 Americas 4th Floor Douglas London, P.O. Box 1043 Road Town, Tortola, Orlando, New York, Isle of Man, EC2 1AD Grand Cayman, VG1110 FL 32801 NY 10036 IM99 3NZ Phone: 44-207-374- 8508 KY1-1102 British Virgin Islands Phone: 407-218-8000 Phone: 212- 626-6615 Phone: 44-1624-640-150 Phone: 345-949-005012
  13. 13. proposal to Company Delivering innovative solutions to your futureName/Logo here requirements in offshore legal service provision