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5H2012 UNIT11 Power Series!


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5H2012 UNIT11 Power Series!

  1. 1. Math 5HBC (FDWK 4th ed)Day Topic Homework AssignmentPower Series:MIII35(119) MCQ – IXA2013.0318TIII36(120) When do (10.1) pp485-487: m52013.0319 Power Series Convergence? READ/WRITE NOW: p481: Exploration 1 VIEW/NOTATE LATER (tbl11-1)WIII37(121) Can we Differentiate (10.2) pp496-498: m52013.0320 Term-by-Term? READ/WRITE NOW: p493: Exploration 3 VIEW/NOTATE LATER (tbl11-2)θIII38(122) What is (10.3) pp504-506: m52013.0321 Taylor’s Theorem? READ/WRITE NOW: p505: 44 VIEW/NOTATE LATER (tbl11-3)FIII39(123) GAME DAY!2013.0322 UNIT11.BCs
  2. 2. Math 5HBC (FDWK 4th ed)Day Topic Homework AssignmentMIII40(124) MCQ – IXB2013.0401TIII41(125) How do you (10.4) pp515-516: m52013.0402 Combine Taylor Series? READ/WRITE NOW: p516: 64 VIEW/NOTATE LATER (tbl11-4)WIII42(126) How do we derive (10.5) pp528-530: m52013.0403 a Binomial Series? READ/WRITE NOW: pp529-530: 66-71 VIEW/NOTATE LATER (tbl11-5)θIII43(127) FRQ – preTEST11A2013.0404 TBQ49+TBQ51FIII44(128) FRQ – TEST11B – Taylor Series2013.0405 TBQ50+TBQ52 UNIT11.BCs