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Calamari - HR Innovations you will love


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Calamari is an online Human Resources (HR) software service, designed for the profiles of all the companies. Our team created the application in the way that is the easiest to understand and employ for the end user. It is not overloaded with unnecessary functions. It has specific and crucial features, needed by companies to provide an efficient management system.

With Calamari, customers only pay for what they need. Prices are made based on the size of the company with a flexible and fully adaptable range of services.

Our young company is always developing new services according to the client’s feedback in order to meet all types of needs. Companies can choose the Leave Management System and/or ClockIn/ClockOut services.

Our team is working hard to make company's management as easy as possible. Calamari is already used and approved by more than hundreds of businesses in more than 30 countries.. Our service is available in 4 languages (English, Spanish, French & Polish) in order to make the daily management feel like a breeze for thousands of employees around the world.

With our Leave management system, enterprises can directly manage their employees, individually or by teams. Company's staff can request absence or check entitlement with just a few clicks with understandable and clear forms. A special training is not required, just invite your employees to Calamari and let them play with it.

Our ClockIn/ClockOut service is also made with the aim of facilitating the daily life of your business. This module revolutionizes self-management and allows your employees to be independent with their activity thanks to some implementations such as QR Code, iBeacon, Slack and few more.

Our service is working on Apple, Android and Windows devices.

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Calamari - HR Innovations you will love

  1. 1. HR innovations you’ll love Calamari works hard to make your HR management easier than ever.
  2. 2. Calamari’s Presentation Plan 1. Overview 2. Benefits 3. They believe in us 4. Gather all your needs 5. Prices ©2016 Calamari all right reservedVisit us at https://calamari.ioContact:
  3. 3. Clockin ✓ Measure employee works & break time ✓ iBeacons - time clock without involvement ✓ Timesheets, payroll reports More info at: - HR innovations you will love 1. Overview ©2016 Calamari all right reservedVisit us at 1 2Leave Management System ✓ Plan time off in company ✓ Automated entitlement calculation ✓ Company’s leaving policy automatically applied More info at: Contact:
  4. 4. Calamari is global Visit us at ©2016 Calamari all right reserved Calamari has been created in Poland in 2014 We are learning fast & speak now 4 languages in order to satisfy users all over the world! Present on the 6 continents - More than 35 countries Visit us at ©2016 Calamari all right reserved ¡Hola! Hello! Bonjour! Cześć! Contact:
  5. 5. Leave Management System - Integrations ● Calamari automates PTO calculation which allow you to plan holidays within your company. ● Calamari is integrated with Google Apps, Slack, Jira and more. ● Integrate your account in few clicks: iCal, Office 365 calendar, Google Calendar, tempo Planner. Clockin module - Integrations ● Clock in & Clock out with Calamari ! ● Calamari automatically measure employees working time. ● Clock in with iBeacon and much more clocking methods. Calamari is connected Visit us at ©2016 Calamari all right reservedContact:
  6. 6. Avoid waste of time Reactive AdaptableOnline support Flexible Time saving Personalizable Easy to useMulti-language speaker Service-oriented SimpleSafe Export of datas Many Integrations . . . 2. Benefits Visit us at ©2016 Calamari all right reserved We believe that people are the heart of every organization, we help to build and organized human capital, in order to increase the value of your organization. Contact:
  7. 7. Visit us at ©2016 Calamari all right reserved 100% easy to use ✓ Add / Import your employees into the system ✓ Manage your team schedule / leaves and presences on live ✓ Integrate Calamari with your favorite integration 200% supporting you ✓ FAQ ✓ Tutorials on & Youtube ✓ Online support/Chat Benefits Contact:
  8. 8. Visit us at ©2016 Calamari all right reserved 3. They believe in Calamari Calamari has changed their daily HR Management ! More testimonials at & Contact:
  9. 9. Gather all your data in one place with Calamari ! Connect in Calamari via your Google account, it is simple and safe. More informations at G+ - integration Simplify your management of data with Slack ! More informations at Slack - integration Rendez nous visite sur ©2016 Calamari tous droits réservés©2016 Calamari tous droits réservésRendez nous visite sur 4. Gather all your needs
  10. 10. 5. Prices Our priority is to help companies to improve and facilitate their HR management, to be more efficient. With Calamari, you only pay for what you need & what you want - We are equally involved with companies from 1 to 1000+ employees. Visit us at ©2016 Calamari all right reserved Calamari Leave Management System Calamari Clockin Contact:
  11. 11. Contact: Visit us at ©2016 Calamari all right reserved Thank you ! ¡Gracias! Merci ! Dziękuję !