Expert seo and backlinking all in one


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Expert seo and backlinking all in one

  1. 1. This document contains the main ebook, Expert SEO and Backlinking and also the the Short report, SEO made Super Simple, with the checklist, all in one if you want to combine it into one big product. [I suggest packaging it as separate documents]You can edit this package, if you have full PLR to it, anyway you wish. Please refer to the PLR rights agreement for more info. - Bertus Engelbrecht If you want to get your hands on a pack of over 200,000 backlinks with PLR, check it out here: (You can offer this as an upsell or OTO to your customers.) By Bertus Engelbrecht Copyright © 2011 FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 1
  2. 2. LEGAL stuff:This book is © All Rights Reserved. You may not sell this book, give itaway, display it publicly, nor may you distribute it in any formwhatsoever.While reasonable attempts have been made to ensure the accuracy of theinformation provided in this publication, the author does not assume anyresponsibility for errors, omissions or contrary interpretation of thisinformation and any damages or costs incurred by that.The author does not warrant or represent at any time that the contentswithin are completely accurate due to the rapidly changing nature of theInternet.This book is not intended for use as a source of legal, business,accounting or financial advice. All readers are advised to seek services ofcompetent professionals in legal, business, accounting, and finance field.While examples of past results may be used occasionally in this work,they are intended to be for purposes of example only. No representationis made or implied that the reader will do as well from using thetechniquesThe author does not assume any responsibility or liability whatsoever forwhat you choose to do with this information. Use your own judgment.Any perceived slight of specific people or organizations, and anyresemblance to characters living, dead or otherwise, real or fictitious, ispurely unintentional.In practical advice books, like anything else in life, there are noguarantees of income made. Readers are cautioned to reply on their ownjudgment about their individual circumstances to act accordingly.You are encouraged to print this book for easy reading.Use this information at your own risk. FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 2
  3. 3. CONTENTSIntroduction 4Part 1: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 5 1.1 What is SEO 6 1.2 How Search Engines Work 8 1.3 Types of SEO 11Part 2: Backlinks 28 2.1 What are Backlinks 29 2.2 Setting Up A Basic Backlink (Onsite Backlinks) 30 2.3 Offsite Backlinks 31 2.4 High PR vs. Low PR Backlinks 33 2.5 Do-Follow vs. No-Follow backlinks 36Part 3: Ways to Build Backlinks 39 3.1 Types of Backlinking Strategies 40 3.2 Your Backlink Building Tool Box 42 3.3 Press Releases 44 3.4 Adverts 48 3.5 Directory Submissions 51 3.6 Social Networks 54 3.7 Bookmarking Sites 58 3.8 Forum Profiles 60 3.9 Blog Comments 62 3.10 Article Submissions 64 3.11 Linking Web 2.0 Properties 67Part 4: Advanced Tools 70 4.1 Automation Tools 71 4.2 How to Outsource Backlinks 73Part 5: Your Website Checklist 76 FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 3
  4. 4. IntroductionThis book is intended as a guide for individuals and businesses thatwant to develop their web-based businesses or business websites. Oneimportant way a business can improve itself is to make it more visible. Inthe real or physical world, this means advertising, getting press releasesturned into newspaper or magazine articles, and exposure on television.Online this means ranking high on a search engine. This means when a random user anywhere in the world makes asearch for something related to your company, your company at the veryleast turns up on the first page of results. The best result is to get to thevery top of the search pile. With some search engines, this can bepurchased, but the best route is to set up your website so it pushes theentire search engine’s positive buttons. In this book you will learn about why it is important to optimize yourwebsite, how to do it, how to deploy backlinks and most importantly ofall, how to make your website more visible without paying for the earth. FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 4
  5. 5. Part 1: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)In this section, you will learn about: 1.1 What is SEO? 1.2 Types of SEO 1.3 How Search Engines Work FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 5
  6. 6. 1.1 What is SEO?Ever wondered why some websites rank better than the others do? It isbecause of a powerful web content technique called Search EngineOptimization, which is usually shortened to SEO. This is the art ofincreasing your site’s natural search engine ranking, so that you rankhigh in the right searches.For example, if your company sells vacuum cleaners you would expectto rank well when people look for vacuum cleaner websites. Rankingwell is important because the majority of users only click on links to siteson the first page. Furthermore, it can be argued that most only click onthe sites at the top of the page.Successful SEO depends on a variety of factors. These include suchelements outlined in section 1.3, such as keywords, titles, tags and FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 6
  7. 7. internal link structures. It also depends on how each specific searchengine operates (see section 1.2) and what their expectations are.There are, however, some safe means of ensuring your website rankswell and we will teach you how to employ those techniques. Above allthose little tricks and trades, one thing is clearly important and that isquality. Modern search engines expect sites to contain quality contentthat is useful, factually correct and not solely designed for salespurposes (except shop fronts and selling areas of course). FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 7
  8. 8. 1.2 How Search Engines WorkSearch engines need to process millions of websites and tens if nothundreds of million webpages whenever any web search is made. Thekey to mastering SEO is knowing how a search engine reads yourwebsite’s content and processes it for a relevant web search.One problem in trying to understand how a search engine works is thefact that they continuously change. At the beginning of 2011, forexample, Google took into account the size of a website, the number ofpages it had, and how many keywords were stuffed into those pages.There were complaints and within a few months, the panda updaterecalculated search results to take into account perceived quality. Thismeant a number of sites that once ranked high, now ranked a lot loweron Google. FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 8
  9. 9. The first task of a search engine is to find the websites and webpages itneeds to index. This is done using a type of software robot called aspider. For example, if you run a Wordpress-based website, you will beable to track how many spiders have latched onto your site by using aplugin such as StatPress Reloaded.Each search engine, when a user makes an enquiry, refers to the wordlists compiled by the spiders. Some search engines like AltaVista will listevery word on every page, while others, like Google, list only tags andMeta tags. Others will base their decisions on keywords.An important way a spider moves from one website to another is bylinks. When a website is linked to by another, the spider follows the linkand then records all the information on the new site. This is why thisbook extensively covers the use of backlinks when building a website(see Part 2).Once a search engine has an index it then ranks the sites and pages.This is done by looking at keyword density or it might be based on asystem of weighting. The latter varies from search engine to searchengine, but is used as a quality control filter. This means some search FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 9
  10. 10. engines might give better index ranking positions to academic sites thansay to blogs on the same subjects. Weighting can also be appliednegatively to sites that the search engine deems to be a spam site, acopy site or to sites that aim to distort their position by posting masses ofcheap, badly written content.In order to perform well, your site needs to follow the above rules onSEO techniques and the rules below on backlinks. FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 10
  11. 11. 1.3 Types of SEOThere are a number of types of SEO. They are as follows: 1.31 Keywords 1.32 Tagging 1.33 Image Search Optimization (ISO) 1.34 Internal LinkingSee Sections 2-3 for information on one of the most important elementsof SEO; backlinks. FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 11
  12. 12. 1.31 keywordsKeywords are often seen as one of the most important elements of SEO.Quite simply, a keyword is a brightly colored flag sticking out of thehaystack with the words “needle here” emblazoned on it. But at thesame time, it is pointless having such a flag if the needle is not there andespecially if there is no needle.Over the last decade or so, the importance of keywords has varied andso has the rules concerning their distribution. In the early days, searchengines would pick up all words in a text. This meant that a high-rankingsite would turn up in search results for terms mentioned in its text, butwhich were not important to the content.This changed to a system where keywords were denoted on account oftheir repetition. This meant the spiders would assess a text, removefunctional words and concentrate on repeated vocabulary.An Example of Keyword Stuffing: FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 12
  13. 13. “Vacuum cleaners clean carpets. Vacuum cleaners clean all surfaces.You need vacuum cleaners. Vacuum cleaners can be cheap orexpensive. Good deals on vacuum cleaners are really good. Youshould buy high quality vacuum cleaners at low prices. In conclusion,buy vacuum cleaners!”This led to keyword stuffing, or an attempt to make a work rank higherby filling a text with keywords above and far beyond how they would bedistributed in a normal text. Search Engine updates such as Google’sPanda in 2011, were created to equate keyword stuffing, an over naturalabundance of repeated terms, with spamming.Before you do anything, you need to know what words you want to rankfor which means finding out what words your target customers search forin the search engines. Once you know the words that relate to theproducts or services you provide, these will then become your‘keywords’. Only when you know them, can you target them. FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 13
  14. 14. Advice varies from site to site on the frequency of modern keywords andkeyword phrases, but it is generally good to have one keyword orkeyword phrase per 100 words of text and no more.Keywords can come as single words or as phrases. A keyword phrasetends to include a cluster or concentration of keyword nouns. Forexample “cheap reusable bags” or “high quality graphics.” The morespecific keyword phrases tend to work better for smaller sites than usingsingle keywords. This is because large multinational companies naturallyhave a higher rating, larger websites and so on.Your prime objective should be finding the most relevant keywords andkeyword phrases for your webpage. As this is page based, you can havedifferent keyword phrases for each page, so long as they remainrelevant.First, before you write your page, make sure you understand what thepage is about and what it is trying to say. Also, think about the title. Afunctional title means you can use the prime keyword phrase in the titleline, and then repeat it in the webpage itself.Second, write the page page’s content with the keywords in mind. Try toinclude the keywords once every two paragraphs on average. Of course,this means you can include such a phrase twice in one paragraph, solong as it is balanced. It is also advisable to try to use the phrase in youropening line if possible. FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 14
  15. 15. Warning: avoid shoehorning phrases into unnatural situations. Thismeans you may often have to use variations on the phrase. Variationsare usually used for grammatical or syntax reasons, such as changingthe tense or pluralizing a word. This is fine because the keyword phrasehas changed and represents a secondary keyword phrase.Edit your webpage and check the keyword density. If you have around430 words, then you should have around five repetitions of the keywordphrase.Another tool at your disposal is the secondary or even tertiary keywordphrase. Used less often than the primary keyword phrase and neverused in the title or the first line, the secondary keyword phrase gives youa second opportunity to highlight keywords for the spiders to find.In order to generate a secondary phrase re-read your webpage and lookfor any repeated themes or ideas. For example, a page on vacuumcleaners might often talk about certain accessories. Alternatively, if yourprimary angle of the page is the vacuum cleaner’s low cost, you mightalso repeat its power, its convenience or other features. FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 15
  16. 16. Similar rules for keywords apply to secondary keyword phrases. Theyshould not be stuffed into the text and should not be shoehorned into thewrong sentences.Before posting the webpage brainstorm any other keyword ideas thatcome to mind. English, for example, is one of those languages wherethere are many ways to say the same thing. This means it is very usefulfor you to keep a thesaurus handy because, for example, while you maywant to sell vacuum cleaners, British clients might be googling hooversand might not find your site. FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 16
  17. 17. 1.32 TaggingTagging is a way of linking certain keywords to your text without havingto use them in the text itself. The origin of this term comes from spray-paint graffiti artists who would put their name or signature on a piece,which they called tagging. The internet version, however, of taggingwebpages is not so antisocial and when done right, is not seen as ablight on society.There are several different ways of employing tags to a webpage. Thefirst type is the Meta tags, the second is the description tag and finallythere is the title tag.Meta TagsMeta tags, also called Meta elements, are contained within the HTMLcode, the code behind your page that allows web browsers to reproducehow your page looks, that helps to describe some facets of your page tosearch engines. These short notes are located within the header of theHTML code and they should not be over looked. FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 17
  18. 18. Meta tags can be used to define a number of parts of your webpage. Forexample:1) <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html" >This is used to define the header of your text. All you have to do isreplace “content type” with the header title.2) <meta name="keywords" content="wikipedia,encyclopedia" >The keywords code is used for your keywords as described previously.3) <meta name="zipcode" content="45212,45208,45218" >By entering your zip or postal code, you can add the location of yourbusiness. This is vital for location-based businesses. FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 18
  19. 19. 4) <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" >This is the Meta for basic text.In the 1990s, search engines used Meta data to categorize websites andto correctly catalogue them. Marketing companies then caught on andused the Meta data as a means of promoting the website on the sly. Inmodern times, the Meta tags are less respected by spiders and soshould be used with only the facts, no spam.Description TagThe description tag is a short informational piece that describes eitheryour webpage or your website. Description boxes turn up all over theplace from websites to page descriptions on Facebook and descriptionboxes in advert submission pages. As the picture shows you above, agood description that fits a keyword search perfectly will give you twolines of text on a Google search return. This could be the differencebetween getting a hit and getting missed. FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 19
  20. 20. There are simple rules to follow when writing a description tag: First, decide upon a single keyword or keyword phrase. Second, keep the description short and focused. Third, edit the description to make sure it uses simple sentences. Fourth, do not spam it with keywords Fifth, do not make a sales pitch, but go for accuracy instead.Title TagThe title tag is simply the title piece of your page. This should appear intwo places. First, at the top of your webpage and second, in the URL barat the top of the browser.When you create the webpage, you will need to create a place for itwithin your website. This means you need to know the title of your page FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 20
  21. 21. before you create it. Keep the title simple and functional as such titlesare easier for search engines to pick up.As the above picture demonstrates. The page title and the URL shouldbe simple and similar. Many webpages can be defined by their functionsuch as “about us” and “contact us” or “products,” while blog posts aresubject based such as “meet the vacuum 500” and so on.Some webpage creation platforms such as Wordpress will allow you tochange the URL of a given page or blog post. Furthermore, you candecide how you want the URL to be defined. This means as well asincluding the title, you can add the date the page or post was added tothe URL to help search engines place it.You will find this under permalink settings in the Settings section ofyour Wordpress dashboard at the bottom left: FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 21
  22. 22. As you can see, there are five structural options. The first is the defaultsetting which uses a random code. The second uses the day the postwas published and the name of the post, the third uses month andname, the fourth is numeric and the fifth can be customized. If you areuncomfortable with customization we suggest you use “day and name”or “month and name.” FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 22
  23. 23. 1.33 Image Search Optimization (ISO)Image Search Optimization, or ISO, is related to SEO, but is related toimage searches. Perhaps some people will wonder why searching for aphotograph, cartoon or diagram is important for your website, well, manyimage searches lead directly to people accessing the website wherefrom the image originates.First, you need to choose your images wisely. There are no set rules forchoosing images, but you have to bear in mind several factors.First, is the image suitable for your viewers? Take into considerationyour likely customer and fan base, plus rules and restrictions on content.Adult content, for example, is not for everyone.Second, check whether you have the legal right to use the image. If youare not using the image in a commercial sense, you may be ok.Google’s Advanced Image Search (for example), allows you to filter outimages that cannot be reused. If the image will be used commercially,then you can filter in only images that are labeled for commercial reuse. FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 23
  24. 24. Third, consider the story the picture is telling. Does this pictureaccurately reflect the content of your web page? Furthermore, does itlook right when compared to the background, the website’s layout andother aesthetic features?When you add an image to your page, you might be presented with abox like this (from Wordpress). ISO is far simpler than SEO. In order tooptimize your image you need to:1. Provide a link URL to your photo. The best options are either by firstputting your photo on a social photo sharing network like Flickr, or bylinking back to where you go the image from (if you did not take it/makeit yourself)2. Add a few relevant tags to the image.3. Add a brief description of the image and how it relates to the contentin the article. FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 24
  25. 25. 1.34 Internal LinkingInternal linking defines the internal structure of your website. Think of itas the tendons of your body, linking muscles to bones and vice versa, orlike the smaller internal strands of a spider web.There are several techniques for linking pages and blog posts togetherwithin your website. However, remember one thing, you do not have tolink every page to at least one other page. If you include a plugin orprogram such as Google XTML Sitemaps, you can make sure pages arefound within your site regardless of their connectivity.Techniques include:Menus are one of the most obvious forms of internal linking. Yourmenus structure depends on how many pages you have. Typically, this FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 25
  26. 26. means having a small menu at the top of the page beneath the headerand/or a sidebar menu on the left or right. These contain the titles andlinks for the main areas of your website. Larger sites will include dropdown sub-menus that link to smaller pages. Of course, it is possible tohave sub-sub-menus, but be conscious of making the site toocomplicated or labyrinthine.In-Text LinksThis is the most subtle way of linking pages and adverts into a webpage. To create an internal link or hyperlink, simply highlight a relevantword (for example the product name), right-click in a word document orclick the chain image and then paste the target URL. You can use thesewithin the main text or as a “see also” section at the end.Tags and CategoriesMany blogs and site building software programs allow the user to denotethe category of the page or post, and to add tags (as discussed in 1.22).Some platforms like Wordpress allow you to add a sidebar element(called a widget) that lists the categories and creates a tag cloud of themost popular tags. FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 26
  27. 27. SitemapsA sitemap literally provides users with a map of the whole site includingpages that are not directly linked to other ones. The easiest way to dothis is to install a program such as Google XTML Sitemaps or to askyour web designers to do this for you.The sitemap will allow users to follow a spider diagram like a blueprint.They will see how each section locks into another and how pages flowinto other pages. FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 27
  28. 28. Part 2: BacklinksIn this section, you will learn about: 2.1 What are Backlinks? 2.2 Setting up A Basic Backlink (Onsite Backlinks) 2.3 Offsite Backlinks 2.4 High PR vs. Low PR Backlinks 2.5 Do-Follow vs. No-Follow backlinks FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 28
  29. 29. 2.1 What are Backlinks?Backlinks are connections that link one website or webpage withanother. As mentioned in the previous chapter, search engines employspider programs to hop from one page to another. They do this bycrawling along links from one site to another. Backlinks, therefore, are acrucial way for you to link your website to the internet and to attractspiders.Of course, it is no longer as easy as filling your site with backlinks andsitting back as the web searches pour in. Modern search engines arecleverer than that and you will need to implement a varied approach asoutlined in section three. This section will outline the different types ofbacklinks and their value. FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 29
  30. 30. 2.2 Setting up a Basic Backlink (Onsite Backlinks)It is very easy to set up a basic backlink. When you have written apage’s worth of content or added a post to your blog, save the draft, butdo not leave the editing page.Open a second window or tab on your internet browser and find a linkedpage within your website. For example, you have just written a productupdate on your blog, so go to the product’s description page on yourwebsite’s catalog.Now highlight the URL at the top of your browser and copy it. Go back toyour edit page for your new blog post and highlight the name of yourproduct. Now you can add a hyperlink. This can be done either by right-clicking on the highlighted word or by using a hyperlink button on yourweb design program’s option menu. Paste the link in and save the page.When people access your page, they will see the name of your producthighlighted in a different color (like blue). If they click on the word, theirbrowser will take them to the product page in your catalog.This is known as an internal link or onsite backlink. This does not attachyour site to another website, but it does improve the interconnectivity ofyour website and therefore, makes it easier for spiders to find their wayaround your webpages. FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 30
  31. 31. 2.3 Offsite BacklinksOff page, SEO is basically your advanced Backlink building strategy. Ifyour site has no incoming links from other websites, your site will not beincluded in search engine indexes.The best backlinks are those that come naturally as a result of greatcontent. Your website must contain high quality, useful, timely contentthat people will actually want to link to. This occurs when a user links toyour page on their blog, on their social network or on a socialbookmarking site. Such links are considered passive and you cannotcontrol how people react to your content, but you can tailor it to meet FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 31
  32. 32. demands and to raise interest. These, however, are not the only linksyou should consider. There are many possible ways to generate links.Your primary objective should be to diversify and increase your qualifiedtraffic sources. Diversity is the name of the game with modern linkingstrategies. The simple ways to build backlinks are outlined in Section 3of this book. In short, they include web directories, advertising, blog andforum comments, content websites and social networks.Before you consider those different types of offsite backlinks, it is worthconsidering what links are good and what are not. The subsequentsections will cover some of these issues.. FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 32
  33. 33. 2.4 High PR backlinks vs. Low PR backlinksThe ranking of a backlink to your site depends on the site’s PR (PageRank) value. If a site with a PR value of five or above links to your site,then you are doing well.Keeping this in mind, it is definite that you would want to have a high PRBacklink to your site from a premium site. The effectiveness of thisBacklink definitely depends on the PR the site carries.You cannot get a strong link unless you know what establishes a strongBacklink. A strong Backlink is obtainable from PR 6 or 7 or more.Thence, if only your site has a link from a site, that has a PR 6 or 7, thenconsider yourself having a strong Backlink.How to find high PR pages to get a strong Backlink?There are various sites that have a PR of over 6. In order to find out thePR of a particular site, SEO tool come handy. They are easy to access FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 33
  34. 34. and provide guaranteed results. For instance, if you want to search aparticular keyword or perhaps key-phrases then do so on a searchengine and you will find out which pages are ranking high at themoment. Furthermore, you can compare the results from differentsearch engines.When you look for sites to get backlinks from or if you want to find outwhich sites are backlinking to you, then you can search for PR rankingsites that will let you know how various sites are performing.It is certainly possible to submit your site to sites like,, and others, but groundwork has to bedone before you top their lists or perhaps appear in their first pages.The groundwork that is referred above is the fact that you must ensurethat your website is done correctly. Your tags should be organized andappropriately chosen in order to het the Backlink for these high PR sites. FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 34
  35. 35. The advantage of having a strong Backlink from a high PR site is that itwill increase your PR in the search engines. Hence, to conclude, if youwish to rank high on search engines, your best bet is to: 1. Create your website correctly 2. Organize and appropriately choose your tags 3. Get links for a high PR site!Will Low PR Backlinks hurt your online presence?The answer is probably not. Low PR Backlinks will certainly not hurt youronline presence but it will not do you any good either. You may haveseveral low PR Backlinks yet it will not raise your PR as fast as a highPR Backlink would do.However, you must keep in mind that having too many high PRBacklinks can make search engines suspicious. Make sure you are notbeing linked to by spam websites. Your best bet is to keep your site asnatural looking as possible, hence have a mix of both high and low PRBacklink to avoid being considered spam. FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 35
  36. 36. 2.5 Do-follow vs. no-follow backlinksThere are two more ways of defining a backlink; these are "Do-follow"links and "No-follow" links.A "Do-follow" Link is a hyperlink that is in a position to tell searchengines to pass along its page rank authority to an outbound link.A "No-follow" Link is exactly the opposite. This is a hyperlink thatremoves the ability to pass on its page rank status to other sites.How do "Do-follow" and "No-follow" Links Work?In order to read a webpage and search for content, a Google Spider willvisit and read through websites. While doing so, it will regard links with a“do-follow" feature and exclude any links with a "no-follow" attribute.Therefore, your PR will get better with Bing or Yahoo if the spider likes FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 36
  37. 37. what they see on a “do-follow” site. Moreover, if they come across a “no-follow” link, they will fail to respond to it and thence harm your onlinepresence.In conclusion, search engines will improve your rank in the searchresults if you have more backlinks from high PR sites. The more the “do-follow” links to your sites, the better and higher you will rank on Googleand the other search engines.Where to Place No-follow or Do-follow Backlinks: FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 37
  38. 38. Sites, which are updated frequently, and those that have high traffic iswhere you should aim at posting. This will obtain you better searchengines status as well as a higher Page Rank. However, one key pointto remember is that your web content should match the content of thesite that you intent to post in since search engines will be on the lookoutfor related backlinks.In conclusion, when adding either no-follow or do-follow backlinks yourobjective should be to have as many quality and related backlinks toyour sites as possible to help improve your search engine rankings andyour authority status on Google!Reasons for using No-Follow LinksNo-follow links are useful if you want to link out to a site withquestionable content, adult content or employs questionable linkingtactics. You can also use no-follow links to stop spiders getting to sitesthat you feel have enough links of their own like Hacker Safe or sites youhave to pay to get their badge on your site. Such sites do not need yourlink.Also, use these links if you are creating a page that does not need awebpage ranking. This can be an internal page, a small function page ora page that is only needed by people who already know where it is. FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 38
  39. 39. Part 3: Ways to Build BacklinksIn this section, you will learn about: 3.1 Types of Backlinking Strategies 3.2 Your Backlink Building Tool Box 3.3 Press Releases 3.4 Adverts 3.5 Directory Submissions 3.6 Social Networks 3.7 Bookmarking Sites 3.8 Forum Profiles 3.9 Blog Comments 3.10 Articles and Blogs 3.11 Linking Web 2.0 Properties FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 39
  40. 40. 3.1 Types of Backlinking StrategiesThis section of the eBook outlines the various ways you can createeffective backlinks for your website. With modern backlinking, it is notjust a case of posting a link somewhere and waiting for the results. Themajority of backlinks now require a certain amount of content.The types of content can be divided into professional, social andinformational backlinking strategies. Let us look at the advantages anddisadvantages of each one in turn:Professional options include press releases, adverts and directorysubmissions. The advantage of these options is that it promotes yoursite, gets you well known and may get people writing about you. Eachstep is also essential for creating spider web pathways to get searchengines locked into your business. The disadvantages include a lack ofinteraction, a lack of non-advertising content and plain boringness.Social options lock into the buzz areas of modern internet activity. Theseavenues include social networks, bookmarking sites, blog commentingand forum profiles. These are excellent means of connecting with FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 40
  41. 41. existing and potential fans, but they are less successful in terms ofappealing to professionals and for generating news.Informational content revolves around the production of articles andblogs. These used to be done on-site, but can now be created on a widevariety of platforms. These not only generate larger numbers of pageviews, but can earn small amounts of money too. However, they are timeconsuming and may require professional writers.At the end of this section, we will also look at how Web 2.0 Propertieshelp businesses tie all the sites together in a meaningful manner.Look through the following options, which cover all three of these typesof content before deciding on your strategy. While utilizing all three isperhaps the best route to go, it depends on the amount of time you haveavailable to you and the amount of money you are willing to spend onprofessional services. FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 41
  42. 42. 3.2 Your Backlink Building ToolboxIn Part 4 of this book, you will learn how to take advantage of advancedtools. This includes employing people and companies to do the work foryou. Until that point, we are going to assume you are able to do the workyourself or have an employee ready to do this for you.The first step in developing a good network or system of backlinks tomake sure you have your toolbox available to you. This is simpler than itmay sound. You can build backlinks without having to have a vast arrayof expensive software packages. The most important pieces of softwareto have are:1. A word processor. Most people use MS Word, but there are othertypes available such as Open Office. Make sure you are comfortableusing your chosen program and that the options are set to what youneed. This typically means turning the spellchecker on and ensuring thelanguage is set to your language of choice. FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 42
  43. 43. 2. An internet browser you trust. There are dozens of options out there,but the big three are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Chrome. Youshould have the browser set up in terms of landing page, languageoptions, and privacy options. It also helps if your browser rememberspasswords to the various sites you are going to use. Chrome, forexample, will offer to remember passwords for sites and we recommendthat, if you are the sole user of this computer, that you take advantage. Ifnot, not the passwords down in a notebook or diary, but not on anelectronic file (you do not want it hacked).You might also want to prepare some bookmark folders for all the sitesyou are going to visit and set up. Most bookmark folders remember sitesin a chronological order with the most recent save at the top. You canorganize this better by creating new folders. For example, you couldhave general folders like social, professional and informational, or youcan have more specific ones like social networks, bookmarking sites,and blogs. Do what feels right for you.When setting yourself up, it is, also worth choosing which search engineyou prefer using, whether it is Bing, Google, Yahoo or some other site. Itis worth keeping a note of the various search engines as you can usethem to gage your website’s performance. For example, you can use theto see how your backlinking affects the page’s page ranking.Now you have these simple elements sorted, you can begin buildingexcellent backlinks. FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 43
  44. 44. 3.3 Press ReleasesThe internet is abounding with websites that are willing to post pressreleases on your behalf. The sites tend to divide their services into twotypes. Those that are basic and for free, and those that are moreadvanced and cost money.First, before you start lining up a long list of press release sites (and wehave 20 of them below) write a press release. This is pretty much like anadvert and a news article rolled into one. Think about what you want toadvertise be it a service or product, perhaps the launch of your website,then work through the statement until you are happy with it. Here is ahint; find an angle and stick to it.Each site requires you to create a new profile. This, at first, will feeltedious and tiring, but it is worth it in the long run. Alternatively, using a FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 44
  45. 45. hiring site such as Odesk or Elance you could outsource the creation ofthe 20+ Press Release profiles to a temporary worker for as little as $20.Create a profile for each one that reflects your company, so keep itserious and do not use any wacky pseudonyms.Here I will outline 13 such sites, but remember, there are many more outthere with similar deals. Each site has its own rules as outlined below:1. offers distribution via LexisNexis, Topix and GoogleNews, but each release costs around $75 though discounts can bemade for bulk orders and new users.2. offers you the chance to create a feed for yourpress releases, which helps gather some momentum. You can add an FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 45
  46. 46. image, three tags/keywords and links to your site. You can also publishand event calendar.3. boasts important clients such as Lloydsof London and eBay/Skype. It offers free distribution of press releases4. has offices in North America and China,and offers a free press release service. The site is simple and easy touse, a good place to start with your press releases.5. has two services. The basic serviceallows you to link to your site, send a press release and use a singlekeyword tag. If you upgrade then the press release is permanentlyarchived with the site and you get three links.6. also utilizes paid and unpaid accounts. A basic freepress release comes as a bog standard, but if you upgrade you can addgraphics making it more appealing to viewers and search engines alike.Priced package costs depend on the size of the business and thepackage being bought.7. is similar in outlook. The basic package isunadorned text with a link, while an upgraded premium package addsproduct pictures, logos and so on.8. combines a press release service with advertising servicesthat is claims is unique amongst press release firms online. Thus, thesite allows you to also set up a full company profile online. FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 46
  47. 47. 9. is based in Europe and therefore diversifies yourclient base and potential reach. Press releases can be in either Englishor German.10. offers free press releases plus unlimited releases for$299. The site also hosts a variety of writing advice articles aimed athelping users learn how to write effective press releases.11. has both free and premium packages. Thedifference here is that you can vote releases up making it more of asocial media and press release mash up.12. offers teaching advice to press release writers tohelp them. The site also offers downloadable examples.13. is a press release site that allows users to pay extra inorder for their releases to rank higher. FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 47
  48. 48. 3.4 AdvertsChances are that your company already employs a marketingdepartment or an employee in charge of generating advertising. Likeother mediums, the internet offers a wide variety of choice for advertisingyour site.This is not the place to discuss advertising strategies in terms of buyingadverts. However, it is worth noting that there are a large number of freeand low cost advertising websites that can generate a backlink for yourwebsite. FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 48
  49. 49. Each of the following sites will ask you to create a company profile andto fill in a simple form. You will often be required to input the followinginformation: * Company name * Website * The product or service you are advertising * A brief description * Costs of the servicePrepare your basic spiel before you begin setting up adverts. You cankeep the general information the same for each site, but tweak the briefdescription from advert to advert.There are literally hundreds of free and premium advertising websitesthat you can employ, but here is a selection of them:1. is one of the most well-known in North America.2. is second after Craigslist, but does include eroticcontent, so bear that in mind if such content offends you or yourperceived clientele.3. offers free adverts and submissions to websearch engines, plus pays users for expressing their opinions.4. is an advertising and review website. LikeTrafficSwarm, it offers networking and payment options.5. is a well-ranked site (according to Alexa) and alsoallows users to upgrade to premium and gold editions to get even moreexposure. FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 49
  50. 50. 6. and are UK orientated classifiedadvertisement companies.Remember the advantages of advertising include being able to promoteyour services and products, but the disadvantages may include a lack ofsocial media kudos. FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 50
  51. 51. 3.5 Directory SubmissionsWebsite directories are listing sites for webpages. Some sites act asvirtual libraries for websites, while others have tapped into the demandfor social media and interactivity and have created recommendationsites (called Social Bookmarking sites, see section 3.7), whereby auser’s interests and web searches inform the web directory of what thatperson is into.There are literally thousands of directory websites. It is difficult tomanually upload information to each site, but it can be done and it willimprove your site’s ranking. Each link will provide you with a single validbacklink. This will be a one-way link that does not fall foul of bad practiceas determined by the search engines.As there are at least 8,000 directories and as many have been accusedof link spamming, it is important to find the right company to deal with. FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 51
  52. 52. Most companies that submit to large numbers of directories hire anoutside company to do the work for them.A good backlinking company will do the following: 1. Research all the possible means of linking your site 2. Remove all sites that offer paid links and spam links 3. Provide human and not software-based linking 4. Will update and refresh links 5. Will keep up to date with changes in Search Engine algorithms.If you wish to manually submit your links, then it is worth looking at thefollowing websites: 1. – a simple and totally free linking site. 2. – an open directory project. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 52
  53. 53. The above picture demonstrates a typical directory submission page. Itincludes elements such as the title, URL, description, name, email,category and so on.Access websites such as to find more free andfee paying web directories. Study each one carefully before submittingyour site as some list gambling and adult content sites, which might notbe a good fit for you. FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 53
  54. 54. 3.6 Social NetworksSocial networks feature amongst the fastest growing and most usedsites on the web. They appeal to the modern user because they offer adegree of connectivity and choice. Users like to feel they can connectwith companies and interact with them. They also enjoy the idea oftelling their friends what they like.At the same time, your company benefits from accessing these sitesbecause by posting links to your pages on these sites you are creatingone-way backlinks.There are various types of social networking sites. For example, thereare social sights for friends like Facebook and Friendster, there areentertainment based sites like MySpace, business and professional siteslike LinkedIn. Then you can look at video sharing sites like YouTube,photo sites like Flickr and Tumblr and so on. There are a vast array of FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 54
  55. 55. new sites setting up and closing down, so it pays to pay attention to whatis going on around you.In order to create a post you need to log into the social network. Many ofthese require you to create a profile. It is best at this juncture to decidewhat kind of profile you want to create: 1. Business Profiles honestly reflect who you are and what you do, but many sites do not allow such profiles and many social network users do not like them either. 2. A fake profile will allow you to post updates on your business and use links. They also give you a modicum of privacy. However, fake profiles will find it hard to attract friends and if people find out they are fake, then they will become unpopular. FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 55
  56. 56. 3. A personal business profile will allow you to present yourself as Joe Blogs CEO without confusing the personal with the professional. This is best for sites that do not allow business profiles.When completing the profile it is important to fill in as much informationas you can. Also, remember the SEO tips and tricks we talked about inpart 1. Be concise, be realistic and not jargon-filled, be authentic and nota super salesman. Remember to pick a couple of keywords to help theprofile’s ranking. Most importantly of all, remember to paste yourwebsite’s URL into the profile. FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 56
  57. 57. Tip: If you run your blog and website on Wordpress, you can utilize aplugin called “sociable.” This plugin allows you to choose severaldirectory and social media buttons such as Facebook, Twitter andLinkedIn. In terms of directory websites, it includes Digg, StumbleUponand Delicious. This means every time you post a blog update or make anew page you can press the button at the bottom of the screen andcreate a backlink to your page/post automatically. In order for this towork, however, you will need to have a profile open for each of the sites.This might be time consuming, but will be worth it in the end.Please refer to our book on using Facebook Business Pages for moreinformation on how to maximize Facebook to your advantage. FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 57
  58. 58. 3.7 Bookmarking SitesBookmarking sites are a combination of the directory and the socialnetwork. Users get to choose what kind of content they want to see andthe website uses that information combined with past activity to makesuggestions. Popular bookmarking sites include Digg, StumbleUpon andDelicious.Also called social bookmarking, the sites work in a similar fashion to yoursocial networking sites. Instead of posting personal messages andphotographs, users recommend links to sites they have encountered. Inan ideal world, you want everyday people you do not know stumblingupon your site and you want them to dig it. This may happen, but bycreating a profile for your site, you can get the ball rolling.It is possible to access many of the social bookmarking sites using yourFacebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. If this is the case, I recommendyou access the sites in this manner. Why? Because it makes access alot simpler and easier for you. FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 58
  59. 59. If this is not the case, then create a profile in the same manner as forprevious websites. Keep the tone relaxed and informative, do not oversell the business, but put a positive spin on it. You must, must, must,include your website’s URL in your profile.Now, when you access your website find the webpage that you want topromote.Click on the URL at the top of the browser and copy it.Find the social bookmarking site’s recommend function and paste thelink into the box marked “link URL.”Fill in the rest of the information required. This will usually include thename of the site or company, some tags/keywords and a briefdescription or opinion regarding the site.Post the link within the social bookmarking site and you will now have anactive backlink. FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 59
  60. 60. 3.8 Forum ProfilesTreat forum profiles as a permanent comment facility. Follow somesimple rules and you can exploit the use of forums across the web to thegain of your website.The forum was a place in the Roman Empire where people could meet,trade goods and information, and listen to politicians on the stump.Today, internet forums are places where people discuss varioussubjects. Some forums are highly specific while others are more general.As with blog, commenting it is important that you choose your forumscarefully. As with blogs, first check out the quality of the forum before youdecide to join it. Look for the following criteria: 1. Does the Forum have recent posts? 2. How many replies are the top posts receiving? 3. Are there regular members? FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 60
  61. 61. 4. Is the content relevant to your site? 5. Are there any negative elements that you do not want to be associated with?Once you have chosen a forum to join, follow its application process.This may include submitting details about yourself and clicking on aconfirmation link via your email address. The best policy to follow whencreating a forum profile is to be honest. Create a profile that reflects you,but in no way make it into a business profile. Any promotion of your siteor products needs to be relaxed, almost passive as a super salesmanpersonality will put a lot of people off and make it seem as if you are notgenuine.You can either put the web link into your profile or include it as asignature. I recommend the latter as it allows people to see yoursignature every time you post a comment on the forum.Now, as soon as you create the profile and create the link back to yourwebsite you have created a backlink. Part of this is job done, butremember this, every time you write a decent comment on the forum andevery time someone reads and replies to your comments, you arepromoting your site.You do not have to become an obsessive member of the forum, but postregularly on topics related to your website and webpages and you will becreating additional backlinks as well as improving their quality. FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 61
  62. 62. 3.9 Blog CommentsPerhaps the simplest way to backlink your website or webpage is tocomment on other people’s blogs. You can find blogs by searching theinternet using any search engine you desire or by searching Wordpressor Blogger’s directories, using the keywords that are related to thespecific blog post or site that you want to promote.Most blogs have a capacity for leaving comments. These can be onspecific blog posts or pages. Each form varies, but they usually allowyou to post a comment, inside which you can leave a hyperlink to yoursite. Others will allow you to designate a specific URL when you postyour comment. These are better because it means that when someoneclicks on your username it automatically takes them to your page/site.In order to choose a good blog to comment on, you need to be careful inyour selection. Check the blog to make sure the content reflects your FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 62
  63. 63. interests and your style, then check how old the blog is, how often it isupdated and if possible, how many views it is getting. The higher qualitythe blog, the more the backlink is worth.When writing blog comments it is important to remember some basicrules about comments: 1. Make sure the article/post is relevant to your page. 2. Address the comment towards the content of that page 3. Offer a genuine opinion. 4. Do copy and paste formulaic comments. 5. Use clear and concise English.These are important because if you do not follow them, chances arewebmasters and blog owners will delete your comments. Believe me, if Ithink a comment is spam then I will delete it. FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 63
  64. 64. 3.10 Articles and BlogsAs you will know by now, any document can include hyperlinks to anywebsite of your choice. Indeed, it is beneficial to the SEO ranking of yoursite to include a few, but not too many, internal and external hyperlinks inany blog post or online article.The first place you should look toward posting online articles is your ownsite. As discussed in the SEO section of this eBook, the size of your siteand the number of pages help to give it a certain amount of rank.Next, you need to think about what articles can be written that you canlink back to your original site. Think about it like this, you are running abusiness that helps people find work. Part of this includes a CV/Resumewriting and editing service. This gives you a great opportunity to developbacklinks by writing articles on writing resumes and CVs. FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 64
  65. 65. Before you post your article or blog post, check it carefully. The last thingyou want to do is say to readers that your English is poor. Or worse, thatyou are outsourcing your writing to people in developing countries on thecheap. You need quality content that is either interesting or useful,preferably both.Once you have one article, it is possible to re-write, re-word and changethe angle to develop a number of similar yet different articles. Be carefulat this stage as repetition and exact copies are likely to fall foul of searchengine spamming filters.It is possible to post these articles on your website, but this does notgrant you a backlink. Instead, you need to develop a fresh directory ofarticle submission sites. Many of these allow you to create a backlinkedarticle. They have varying degrees of editing and submission guidelines.Some, but not all, offer writers a share of income generated throughadvertising (usually using Google Adsense).The top ranked article submission sites include:1. Annotum will launch in May, 2012 and replaces Google Knol as asource of academic articles. FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 65
  66. 66. 2. Squidoo allows users to build lenses of particular knowledge that youcan send back to your website.3. Hubpages acts in a similar fashion, but you can link your hubs to yourpersonal or corporate adsense account or product links without clutteringup your personal web space.4. EzineArticles allows you to post quality content and link back to yourpersonal site.5. Examiner is a site allowing users to post news articles on specificsubjects. This is a good way to post news articles about your ownbusiness.6. Technorati is similar, but concentrates on technology and business.7. ArticleBase is a directory for articles. This is a simple means ofcreating backlinks.If you have the time and patience, you can create articles, spin them intonew forms and post them to sites such as those mentioned above. It ispossible that they will generate you small amounts of money, but theprimary motive should be recognition and backlinks. It is possible to hireworkers to write and spin articles on your behalf for as little as $1 perarticle depending on your quality requirements. FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 66
  67. 67. 3.11 Linking Web 2.0 PropertiesWeb 2.0 is the term applied to a broad range of companies and websitesthat want to make information sharing and communication easier acrossthe globe.Since its inception, web developers and online marketers have lookedfor ways to exploit these open channels. The primary use of opencommunication and information sharing is the ability to direct traffic fromone of these popular sites to your business or personal site.This works because the interconnectivity of these platforms, searchengines are able to feast on the pages contained within. This explainsthe success of social networking sites and bookmarking sites for drivingtraffic. FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 67
  68. 68. Another element, which is separate from these sites and from articlesubmission sites is the use of blogging platforms. Now, many websitepackages come with a blogging platform, but ones limited to your siteonly are not interconnected enough. However, modern packages usuallyinclude direct access to essentially unlimited Wordpress platforms. Youcan also add other sites such as blogger to build your overall page rank.The best means of boosting your site’s rank, and therefore driving traffic,is to create a link wheel. Imagine this wheel as something of the above.In it you will see several of the sites you will have already have begunworking on or have thought about working on (depending whether youread the whole way through first or, like me, get stuck in from page one). FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 68
  69. 69. In order to create a basic link wheel do the following: 1. Create several articles on a similar topic. 2. Create blog posts on the same topics. 3. Submit the articles to a range of article topic sites. 4. Backlink each blog and article back to your main site. 5. Link each article or blog to one other article or blog, but do not create a reciprocal link, which is a link that goes two-ways.It is important that the links do not go back and forth, i.e. are two-waylinks, because two-way links are frowned upon by search engines,whereas one-way links are seen as having far more worth.The link wheel interlinks a whole range of blogs and media outlets toyour central website. It takes advantage of the page ranks and thesesites magnetic ability to drive traffic to them and then funnels that trafficto your website too. FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 69
  70. 70. Part 4: Advanced ToolsIn this section, you will learn about: 5.1 Automation Tools 5.2 How to Outsource Backlinks FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 70
  71. 71. 4.1 Automation ToolsSince Backlinking requires great efforts and has a rigorous process, itmakes sense to make use of Backlink automation software. There arenumerous well-designed Backlink support software available online tosimplify as well as improve the overall outcomes of your link buildingefforts.In order to computerize the creation of forum profile links certainprograms have been designed. In order to update and speed up themonotonous process of link building, these programs utilize scrapingtechnology, which automates the registration of forum accounts. This isdefinitely worth doing as they are effective for boosting your rank onsearch engines.There are three basic types of automation software: FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 71
  72. 72. 1. First, there are blog comment programs that automate the process ofblog commenting. Examples of these include Scrapebox. Bear in mindthat many blog owners are suspicious of blog comments and try toensure all blog comments are genuinely related to the subject matter.2. Second, certain programs will create automated forum profiles for you.These save a lot of time and effort in terms of manually imputing dataabout yourself. The automated program will take your data and then useit on all forum profiles.3. Finally, indexer programs allow you to maximize the performance ofyour existing backlinks. This is one of the more useful programs as theprevious two are more likely to trip the spam sensors. FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 72
  73. 73. 4.2 How to outsource backlinksInstead of doing the time consuming work of building Backlinks yourself,you can outsource the work by paying someone to build backlinks foryour business. In order to get more traffic, most internet-basedbusinessmen outsource their SEO to get more traffic and backlinks totheir website.Before you outsource you need to make sure that your website isproperly setup using good SEO strategies. Outsourcing will definitelywork wonders if you already have a list of keywords that you prefer touse. You may want to consider having some long-tail keyword phrasessince competition on the Internet increases almost frequently.If your internet business has a blog, you might want to hire a SEOexpert. They are well aware of how to write SEO friendly articles that the FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 73
  74. 74. search engines will definitely crawl. It is a strategy worth outsourcing ifyou are building a long-term Internet business.One way to outsource a variety of different tasks is to use individual andcontractor websites such as Odesk, vWorker, and Elance. You arerequired to simply post an advert with a clear description of what you doand what you require and your budget to accomplish your forecastedresults. You are bound to receive a handful of applications fromapplicants who would be willing to do your job for the budget you haveposted. FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 74
  75. 75. Alternatively, you can make use of professional SEO and backlinkcompanies. These tend to offer professional services with performanceguarantees. The upside is that staff will know what they are doing; theywill be able to outline their full list of services and options, which is greatif you do not trust your private workers to deliver. The down side is thatsuch services are far more expensive. FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 75
  76. 76. Part 5: Your Website ChecklistYou can severely shackle your search engine presence if you do notdesign and build your site in a way that is acceptable to the Searchengine software robots and spiders. This includes employing correctSEO and backlinking strategies. Outlined below is a quick summarychecklist of what you must do:1. □ Choose the right web host. You want good 24-hour support,cloud computing for larger sites, green hosting if possible and unlimitedstorage space. Also, make sure that professional services are availabletoo, this could prove invaluable.2.□ Make sure your website is well laid out. Build a sitemap and keepthings simple and logical. Make good use of menus.3. □ Ensure your site has a good range of internal links to aidcustomer convenience.4.□ Check your content so that it is relevant, well written, has a goodkeyword ratio and contains sub-keywords.5.□ Make sure you complete Meta tag data for all your images andvideos6. □ Submit your website to as many reputable web searchdirectories as possible.7.□ Write press releases for new pages, offers, products and services.Include keywords, tags and links. FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 76
  77. 77. 8. □ Do the same for adverts.9. □ Post insightful blog comments that link to your site.10. □Create forum profiles then select the most relevant and try topost once a week if possible.11. □ Join social networks, make profiles and business pages.12. □ Share new pages and posts on your social networks and addthem to social bookmarks.13. □Finally, make sure you update your website regularly andmake sure your content remains fresh, up to date and relevant. Unannounced FREE Bonus: FREE PLR PRODUCTS | GET 200,000 BACKLINKS WITH PLR 77
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