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The v c3 handbook

  1. 1. .St. James Parish Public Schools K-12 VirtualAcademyBecky Louque Connect School, community, athletics, and clubs Customize Your learning, your location, your abilityBecky LouquePrincipal Complete Grade progression, high school credits, credit recovery
  2. 2. The vC3 Handbook St. James Parish Public Schools K-12 Virtual AcademyIntroductionThis handbook gives general guidance for parents and students enrolled in the St.James Parish Public School K-12 Virtual Academy (vC3). The vC3 is a public schooland is subject to the rules and regulations of the Louisiana Department of Education.The vC3 follows St. James Parish Public Schools’ academic calendar.vC3 Mission StatementThe St. James Parish Virtual School offers accessible, computer-based, non-traditional learning opportunities for ALL students. Connect School, community, athletics, and clubs Customize Your learning, your location, your ability Complete Grade progression, high school credits, credit recoveryAdmission and Entrance RequirementsParticipating in the vC3Academy means you: are currentlyresiding in St. James Parish; are simultaneously enrolled both in the vC3and your local school in accordance to your geographic attendance zones; agree to actively participate in thevC3 virtual environment; and understandthat you must work independently and are responsible to complete assignments and tasks.vC3 reserves the right to restrict access to any student. The student will becounseled as to the best program to meet their needs.School Community ConnectionsIt is the goal of Vc3 to foster a sense of community for our families during the schoolyear. In an effort to help families build more meaningful relationships with oneanother,vC3offers both school-based connections with your local school and onlineconnections. 2
  3. 3. The vC3 Handbook St. James Parish Public Schools K-12 Virtual AcademyvC3 is delighted to provide collaboration and social networking at your local school.You will find information about these opportunities from emails by the local school,as well as announcements on the school website.Clubs and AthleticsSince vC3is an extension of the local school, students are allowed to participate in allclubs and athletics offered at the local schools. Students who wish to participate inclubs and athletics must complete an extra curricular form and submit it to thelocal school prior to the club or athletic group beginning. Once the club or athleticgroup begins, the participation will not be allowed. In addition to the activitiesbased at their local schools, students may choosefrom over 70 virtual clubs in“Event Support.”Standards of ParticipationEach student enrolled in vC3 is solely responsible for the content posted throughhis/her login and account activity. Sharing or using your username and passwordwith others or using other’s usernames and passwords is strictly prohibited.The following are strictly prohibited: posting personally identifiable information in any format other than a private message; antagonism or prejudice of any kind with respect to race, religion, gender, intelligence, age, orientation, disability, or socioeconomic status; posting material including language, photographs and videos that are inappropriate; any criminal or other illegal activity including encouraging the unlawful use, possession, manufacture or distribution of tobacco, drugs, or alcohol; illegally posting, distributing, uploading, or downloading copyrighted work (whether music, video, words, images, drawings, pictures, software or otherwise); sharing assignments, quizzes, tests, assessments, essays, term papers, questions/answers, or any other action that would violate any code of conduct, expectations or rules in regards to academic honesty; spam or unauthorized, unsolicited, commercial promotion; and disruptions of the server or host software.Failure to comply with these standards may result in temporary or permanentremoval of user access to vC3. 3
  4. 4. The vC3 Handbook St. James Parish Public Schools K-12 Virtual AcademyAttendance Policy:vC3 is designed and intended to be a virtual learning environment where studentslearn at home. However, because instruction is primarily computer-based, studentscan work anywhere there is an internet connection.vC3 requires that students work in their online courses weekly. Student progresswill be monitored closely. Although flexibility in choosing instructional times is ahuge advantage to the virtual school, students must maintain their progress in allcourses. If a student will not be working in their courses for three (3) or moreconsecutive school days, a parent should notify the vC3 office. Periods of inactivitywill generally be approved provided that student progress is satisfactory in allcourses. Extended periods of inactivity, coupled with unsatisfactory studentprogress, may be considered grounds for removal from the virtual school and/or atruancy proceeding.There are certain components of vC3 instruction that require students to come intothe vC3 Academy office, located in the Career & Technology Center at 1410 BuddyWhitney Street in Lutcher. Our offices have a student lounge where students cancome to work, study, and interact with other vC3 students. We also have aninstructional center that is staffed by St. James Parish Louisiana-certified teachersdedicated exclusively to supporting and assisting vC3 students.vC3 Academy virtual courses are comprised of assignments, quizzes, tests, and unitexams. Students are required come into the vC3 office to take their unit exams(scheduled by the student to coincide with our published office hours) under thesupervision of one of our vC3 teachers. Students must also attend an initialorientation session in the vC3 office. Finally, students are required to come in forcertain state-mandated testing, such as LEAP tests, End of Course tests, etc. For allof these mandatory attendance events, timely transportation to and from the vC3office must be provided by the parent/guardian. In the case of unsatisfactorystudent progress, our local vC3 staff will make every attempt to schedule andprovide face-to-face assistance to the student here at our office. In cases wherestudents are not taking advantage of the help offered, we reserve the right torequire a student to come in for assistance.It is our hope that you will find the environment at our academy office inviting,supportive, and helpful. Parents and students are welcome to come by during ourposted office hours to talk with our teachers and administration, visit with otherstudents and parents, or just hang out and work on their courses. In addition to theexcellent instructional support available through the on-line courses, our localteachers will offer occasional workshops for enrichment and preparation forstandardized tests, such as the ACT. 4
  5. 5. The vC3 Handbook St. James Parish Public Schools K-12 Virtual AcademyIntegrity in Scored Assignments and AssessmentsA great strength of virtual instruction is the abundance of real-time assistanceavailable to the student. We encourage help from family, friends, online teachers,our own staff, etc. However, when an assignment is scored, we expect the work tobe the student’s alone so that the score is meaningful. Scored assignments andassessments are important because they give us information about student progressand the effectiveness of instruction.All scored assignments and assessments are assumed to be the student’s originalwork, whether completed at home or in our offices. If a student is in the vc3 officeto take a supervised unit exam, all cell phones must be turned off and stored. Eachstudent is expected to honor the following guidelines while completing scoredassignments and assessments.You will: complete assignments and/or assessments alone; not copy or redistribute any part of the assignments and/or assessments in any way – electronically, verbally, or on paper; will take the assessments without any aids – meaning you may not use textbooks, references, or other materials (printed or electronic) – unless your teacher or the specific assessment otherwise instructs you; may not log in to a second course or open course related materials on another browser on another computer; and not confer with others (students, family members, teachers, or acquaintances) either in person or through electronic communication, during assessments.If a student plagiarizes, he/she will not receive credit for the plagiarized assignment.Final ExamsUnit exams and course final exams are to be taken in the vC3 office under teachersupervision. Unit exams are generally scheduled by the student to coincide with ourpublished office hours. Final course exams may be scheduled, at our discretion, inorder to accommodate everyone near the end of the term, and to protect testconfidentiality. 5
  6. 6. The vC3 Handbook St. James Parish Public Schools K-12 Virtual AcademyNotification of Grades and Student ProgressParents and students are able to review grades and percent completion of courses atall times in the Aventa K12 online courses. Therefore, the vC3 staff will not print andmail quarterly progress reports. Only the final course grades will be printed uponcompletion of each course.Grade DeterminationFinal grades will be determined based on the 100-point scoring produced by theonline Aventa K12virtual school program. Courses that have a state-mandated Endof Course (EOC) exam will have a weighted final score of 80% course work and 20%exam. Grading will follow the St. James Parish Grading Scale: A = 100 – 93 B = 92 - 85 C = 84 - 75 D = 74 - 67 F = 66 - 0Student RecordsStudent records will be maintained at the vC3 Academy office in the Career andTechnology Center, 1410 Buddy Whitney Street, Lutcher LA 70071. Final gradeswill be reported to the student’s local school.Grade Promotion and Awarding CreditCourse credit will be given to a student who earns an “A, B, C or D.” If a studentearns a failing grade of an “F” he/she will not receive credit for the course.Generally, a student may only repeat a course in which he/she received an “F.”GraduationAny student wishing to graduate and “walk” with their local school must completeall course work at least 10 days prior to graduation. All additional requirements setforth by the St. James Parish School Board and the State of Louisiana must be met. 6
  7. 7. The vC3 Handbook St. James Parish Public Schools K-12 Virtual AcademyAcademic AwardsBecause of the flexible nature of online virtual instruction, it is not practical to makehonor roll designations until courses are completed. We will use final grades todetermine honor roll and End of Year Scholars.Internet Service Provider (ISP) Reimbursement PolicyStudents enrolled in vC3, who are eligible for free/reduced lunch as determined bythe Lunch Program, are eligible to receive an ISP subsidy a month. Students mustadhere to the following requirements: participate in vC3 for sixty calendar days; enroll for the entire “school” year; participate in all required testing; and follow all guidelines in handbook.Subsidies are limited to one per family. Students enrolled prior to the 15th of eachmonth will be eligible for the subsidy for that month. Students enrolling after the15th of the month will qualify for the subsidy beginning the first day of the followingmonth. Subsidies will be mailed to the students’ parents after the end of the schoolyear.Computer LoanStudents will be provided a laptop on loan while enrolled in vC3. A technology fee of$35 will be charged yearly. This fee is not refundable. Additional assistivetechnology will be provided to students who have a current IndividualizedEducation Plan that requires additional assistive technology.Special EducationSpecial education services are available to students identified with a disability. Thisprogram is considered an inclusion program. The student’s home is the “regular”classroom. Services are provided by phone, email and online. Services offered mayinclude: adaptations and modifications to the general education curriculum,specialized instructional strategies, and adjustments in pacing. Other relatedservices would be provided at the vC3 office. 7
  8. 8. The vC3 Handbook St. James Parish Public Schools K-12 Virtual Academy504 Students504 services are available to students with Individual Assistance Plans (IAP).Services are provided by phone, email and online. Services offered may includeaccommodations. Any other services will be provided at the vC3 office. 8
  9. 9. The vC3 Handbook St. James Parish Public Schools K-12 Virtual AcademyI 9