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Blooms wheel


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Taxonomia de Bloom, Bloom's taxonomy

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Blooms wheel

  1. 1. Bloom’s Verbs and Matching Assessment Types model speech conclusion photograph implication based on idea drama diagram causal relationships skit graph summary cartoon own statement analogy story outline tape recording compare map events project match explain people restate defend forecast recordings diagram paraphrase distinguish newspapers illustration rewrite summarize give example interrelate paper that follows anmagazine articles describe express interpret outline organize solutiontelevision shows memorize illustrate extend generalizeradio recognize question dramatizetext readings identify listfilms/videos locate Comprehension prepare apply projectplays recite produce solve dramafilmstrips state choose show painting label sketch paint sculpture Knowledge Application judge criticize Evaluation Analysis compare inferconclusion support report relate analyze surveyself-evaluation evaluate survey weigh classify selectrecommendation recommend graph compare point outvaluing summarize Synthesis distinguish parts of propaganda appraise categorize court trial questionnaire consider differentiate survey argument critique plan subdivide evaluation compose design word defined create originate combine invent standard compared statement identified hypothesize role play organize standard established conclusion checked develop construct group discussion syllogism broken down produce article play invention book experiment report question game set of rules formulation of hypothesis song set of standards machine alternative course of action Remember that your verbs need to be seeable/measurable. No knew/knows, understood/understands, used/uses, or demonstrated/demonstrates. Used with permission, (c)2001 St. Edwards University Center for Teaching Excellence