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Driving business performance in the new work environment


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In today’s world of work, organizations are more challenged than ever to achieve business priorities.


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Driving business performance in the new work environment

  1. 1. BEYOND ENGAGEMENT DRIVING BUSINESS PERFORMANCE in the new work environment THE CHALLENGEs 63% The way people work has fundamentally changed. 60% report that organiza-tional 67% 57% work with colleagues in other locations. say they are working with people from different departments. coordinate with at least 10 people to complete tasks. objectives are changing more frequently compared to 3 years ago. In today’s world of work, organizations are more challenged than ever to achieve business priorities. ENGAGEMENT Employee engagement is necessary to drive business priorities, but by itself, it’s not sufficient. of highly engaged employees are not aligned with company goals. 60% increase in employee performance is required over the next 12 months to achieve business goals, according to CEOs. of engagement initiatives are not driving business outcomes. 20% 80% THE RESULT OF A BUSINESS STRATEGY'S POTENTIAL VALUE IS LOST. 40% THE SOLUTION To create and sustain a competitive advantage, the ClearAdvantage workforce survey measures 3 universal competencies that drive performance. CREATE ADVANTAGE ALIGNMENT ENGAGEM NT BUSINESS PRIORITIES E AGILITY SUSTAIN ADVANTAGE AGILITY Pride, energy, and optimism -which fuel an individual’s discretionary effort- has a direct correlation to their engagement levels. Achieving strategic alignment, the connection between employees' goals and those of the company, leads to extraordinary levels of performance. Firms with above-median agility levels, the ability to sense and respond to change, are almost 3 times as profitable as firms with below-median agility levels. ENGAGEMENT ALIGNMENT The ClearAdvantage survey ensures your workforce has the core capabilities to support common business priorities, such as: • Business Model Transformation • Continuous Improvement • Customer Centricity • Innovation • Low-Cost Leaders • Scale (Mergers and Acquisitions) • Solutions Strategy • Quality CEB’s ClearAdvantage Survey helps ensure workers are engaged and aligned with the organization's strategy, and agile enough to create and sustain advantage in an ever-changing marketplace. TO LEARN MORE ABOUT CEB’s ClearAdvantage APPROACH, VISIT