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Final (office 2003)


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Hi dearry, here you go!!! It should be okay by now :) I wish u all the best on this special day... hugss and kissess,,,, luv u!

Jhe :)

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Final (office 2003)

  1. 1. To the truest friend ever ……………
  2. 2. Thanksfor coming into my life
  3. 3. Saying goodbye is not as easy as I thought it would be. Things began to sink injust when it started to happen.
  4. 4. I never thought I would mean this wayto you and never thought you would mean much more to me either.
  5. 5. From that day I started to know you, you never failed to show me those amazing traits in you. You’re the onewho taught me thevalue of friendship and thatthere’s more to it….
  6. 6. Wherever life may lead us, one thingis for sure, I would always be keeping you in my heart and would always wish we are still together 
  7. 7. Ash, I’ve got so many things to thank you for which are really too many to mention..But first, I’m so grateful to God that once in my life, He allowed me to meet someone like you. Thank you for taking out the best in me and for appreciating me for what I am. I can say that you’re one of those significant persons in my life that have helped me realize life’s worth.
  8. 8. Thank you for the gift of friendship. Thank you for the trust. And thank you for always being around. Thank you for not getting tired of listening to all my angst in life. Thank you for those unending sensible talks. Thanks for always findingtime to unwind with me even just over a cup of coffee/pepsi with our favorite vogue.
  9. 9. You know what, I would alwayslong for those moments when all I can do is just reminisce it and wish we are still in the same place. It’ s sad how friends have to part ways in time, especiallywhen you know how much you are treasuring each other. But that’s life, we just have toaccept it and just look forward to the time when our paths cross again and still nothing change about our bond.
  10. 10. I appreciate how you taught me to enjoy life to the fullest not only by means of going out and having fun, but even by just being in the confine of our room, you let me feel contentedseeing you around. You’ve done so much to let me know myself better.
  11. 11. Our friendship means a lot to me , so I hope we won’t stop dreaming till we meet again.Let’s pursue and stick with our plan.
  12. 12. Just wanna share this quote So live each day as with you: if it’s yourLife is the hardest last, because course in this a man course, you’ll never could take…. know the exact It could only be date of our closing taken once, no ceremonies. Masteral, no Doctorate…. And once you’ve graduated, you’re done and gone….
  13. 13. You’re the one who made me realize that our happiness should not depend on the people orcircumstances around us.But rather, we should find our happiness from withinourselves, Through you, Icame to realize more that we really cannot please everyone..I really learned a lot from you in so many ways….
  14. 14. As early as now, I’m starting to look back to our happy memories, good and bad experiences, exciting and sad moments and a lot more.
  15. 15. Even in just a short while, we’ve shared enough memories to linger on and wherever I go,I’m sure that there will always be something that would make meremember and miss you more. 
  16. 16. Parting way’s so tough for me, saying goodbye sucks and I really hate that part. It’s really hard to be attached to someoneespecially when I know that she’s the only truest and closest friend I ever had..
  17. 17. Ash, thanks for always being true to me. I can say that you’re oneof those significant persons who have helped mebecome a stronger person.
  18. 18. Stay strong as you are, I’m so sure you will survive further.Different circumstances arealways around but just think that everything happens for a reason. Just encourage yourself whenever you feel down and just look up to God, ‘coz He knows what is best for you.
  19. 19. Thanks for letting me appreciate every single moment with you.I will miss our sensible talks and all those kind of experiences we’ve shared and had, how wehandled it and how we became a strength for each other.
  20. 20. Take care of yourself always, dearry and keep focus on our goals.Sometimes we may won’t have constant communication but my prayers are always with you….
  21. 21. Despite the distance between us, just always remember that our memories will always keep us together.
  22. 22. Thank you for all the years that you’ve been a reliable friend to me. Been so blessed to have you around and be your friend. I love you and will surely miss you every now and then… Til we meet again… Always, Jhe