WEXPLORE China Small Brochure


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This is a small brochure for the WELAND's project called WEXPLORE China.

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WEXPLORE China Small Brochure

  1. 1. • Do you want to network with 2000 young people from 30 different countries? • Do you want to go camping on the Great Wall in China? • Do you want to discover China in your own way? Then come to... WEXPLORE China 2010 ...an outstanding learning experience that o ers you a complete package with... • A chance to participate in Asia's largest Model UN Conference • A chance to network with 2000 young people from more than 30 different countries • A chance to experience the real China in language, business and cultural aspects “ I urge you to pursue the solutions that depend on imagination and courage, consensus and compromise. Hopefully your time at this Model United Nations will help you become the models the world needs to ful l the ideals of this indispensable organization. Ban Ki-Moon Secretary General UN Who? Students, 14-24 years old When? ” July 18th – August 15th 2010 Where? Conference in Beijing / Tour in Beijing, Shanghai & Xi’an
  2. 2. WE Model UN Conference The WE Model United Nations Conference (WEMUNC) was initiated in 2007 by WELAND International. It was the very first international Model United Nations conference in China. It aims to Model United Nations in an educate participants about civics, effective communication, globalization and multilateral diplomacy. authentic simulation of the UN Organs or other multilateral body, which • The WEMUN Conference 2010 is a global innovation and challenges. E.g. G20 meeting catapults students into the network for both delegates and MUN to play the roles of top governors discussing world of diplomacy and organizers. We are expecting more than economic revitalization, press delegation to negotation. In Model UN, 2000 delegates from over 30 countries simulate journalists from the main press and students step into the shoes news agencies in the world ; Besides, of ambassadors of UN • The WEMUN Conference enjoys a high GLOBAL VILLAGE is fun platform for member states, from academic level ensured through a delegates to understand different cultures Afghanistan to Zimbabwe to cooperation with Yale University, Boston debate issues on the University, Harvard University, University of • WEMUNC provides a creative and Organization's vast agenda. Chicago & the University of Pennsylvania stimulating environment in order to ensure a and the Model United Nations conference in high quality learning experience for the Den Hague, THIMUN. Meanwhile, experts students. In addition to the standard from government, UN organizations and committees, you will have special ones, like NGOs help the delegates to better i.e. a G20 meeting to step into the shoes of understand the issues being discussed. state leaders and discuss the revitalization of the economy. A special press delegation will • WEMUNC provides a creative and play journalists and news agents from stimulating environment to ensure a high around the world and write newspapers and quality learning experience for the students. create news programs. Different special committees bring “ Diplomacy is a di cult and time consuming process, but one that is crucial to the peace and prosperity of the entire international community. I hope many of you, building upon your experience at the WE Model UN Conference, will decide to pursue a career in this challenging and rewarding eld. Barbara Zigli Cultural Affairs Officer United States Embassy, Beijing “ We believe strongly in the concept of “stepping into the other’s shoes” and welcome this opportunity for young people from around the world to get to know each other’s ” cultural background and viewpoints. Ms. Machtelt Schelling Head of section for Culture, Education and Press Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands ”
  3. 3. WEXPLORE CHINA Study Tour The WEXPLORE China Study tour is a specially WEXPLORE CHINA consists of 3 designed program for passionate and parts: Example WEXPLORE ambitious students who would like to agenda understand the Chinese culture or get to know • WEXPLORE Beijing: Discover the beautiful – The Second Day in the opportunities China has to offer. The tour city of Beijing and its historical surroundings, Beijing will provide you with a very unique platform to i.e. camping at the Great Wall – 8 days. • 8.00-9.00 Wake up call, experience China. It takes you from the Great • WEXPLORE Shanghai: Explore the business breakfast in the 4 star Wall to the Terra Cotta Warriors, from centre of China with a population of over 20 hotel lectures about the development of China to million people. E.g. Expo 2010 – 3 days. • 9.30-11.00 Chinese a Chinese company visit. • WEXPLORE Xi’an: Travel to the most city of language class – 3 China and discover its terra cotta army – 3 different levels depending China is a world of fascinating contrasts – a days. on your previous blending of the modern and the traditional. knowledge Discovering its culture & history, as well as the • 11.00 – 12.30 Cycling in current economic and social development will Depending on how much time you have, you the ancient Chinese help you to understand the role that China is can choose only to see Beijing, or to add residence “Hutong” with playing in the world and will play in the future. Shanghai and/or Xi’an on your itinerary. a tour guide – Visit old houses, learn how to make We are looking forward to welcoming you in dumplings and have lunch WEXPLORE CHINA o ers you a China in August 2010 and we hope that this in a traditional complete CHINA experience: will simply be the first visit of many more to surrounding come. • 12.30 – 14.30 Lunch break • EXPLORING CHINA – Disocover world • 14.30-17.00 Visit the wonders and explore China in a fun and Forbidden City with a interactive way tour guide - the former • LEARNING IN CHINA – Language Classes, imperial palace workshops & presentations, on-site business • 18.00 – 20.00 Beijing Hot experience Pot Dinner • HAVING FUN IN CHINA – Outdoor, cultural • Home Stay in a Chinese & fun activities Family “ In a very short time I discovered so much about China in a very interactive and fun way. I really got a good understanding of the culture and its people. I would recommend this tour to anyone who really wants to experience China. Nicole William Horlic High School, US ”
  4. 4. When? You have the possibility to put together your own program. Depending on what tour you would like to make and when you have time, you can decide yourself if you want to join the rst or the second round and how many of the cities you want to see. First round Second round • July 18 -July 25 : The Beijing WEXPLORE Tour th th • July 25th -July 29th: WEMUNC - WE Model • July 25th -July 29th: WEMUNC - WE Model United Nations Conference in Beijing United Nations Conference in Beijing • July 29th -August 15th: The Beijing & Shanghai • July 29th -August 6th: The Shanghai & Xi'an & Xi'an WEXPLORE Tour WEXPLORE Tour How? WEMUNC FEES USD EURO School application fee per delegation* 200 140 Participation fee per delegate (coming with a delegation) 280 190 (excluding accommodation, excluding transportation, excluding meals) Participation fee per delegate including service (coming with a delegation) 420 290 (including accommodation, excluding transportation, excluding meals) Participation fee per individual delegation (coming without a delegation) 300 205 (excluding accommodation, excluding transportation, excluding meals) Participation fee per individual delegate including service (coming without a delegation) 440 300 (including accommodation, excluding transportation, excluding meals) Transportation service 40 28 * One delegation consists of at least 6-7 students; the cost for the teacher is included in this fee and he/she is therefore participating for free Packages for WEMUNC + WEXPLORE USD EURO WE Model UN Conference Participation fee including accommodation 1580 1080 + WEXPLORE Beijing ** WE Model UN Conference Participation fee including accommodation 2200 1510 + WEXPLORE Beijing, Shanghai ** WE Model UN Conference Participation fee including accommodation 2500 1715 + WEXPLORE Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an ** ** Per six/seven students, one professor is covered and therefore participating for free at both WEMUNC and WEXPLORE Application process Please apply under www.wemunc.org. For any further questions, please contact us under: WELAND International Yichan Yuan, Director of WEXPLORE China Mobile: +86-13488696159 TEL. +86-10-62636880 FAX. +86-10-82626361 Email: wexplore@wemunc.org