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SEED – Mandarin Expression


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This is a foldout for the promotion of “Mandarin Expression” Program which is hosted by SEED International (China).

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SEED – Mandarin Expression

  1. 1. Accreditation and EducationalValue of Explore ChinaGain Qualifications and Official AccreditationSEED International Programs maintain an educational standard based on our partnershipwith ASDAN Education, an official UK awarding body. Students can gain UK qualifications,the Universities Award and CoPE Level 3 (worth 70 UCAS points), recognized by the UK De-partment of Education of Ofqual. MandarinComplete the World’s Most Famous Award ProgramWe are an Independent Operator of the International Award for Young Peole, known to Expression Dear students and teachers, We would like to offer you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Mandarinmany as the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award ( Many of our programs are A new concept to study mandarin, Expression is a truly unbeatable and unique learning experience, provid-especially suited for completing the “Adventurous Journey” section of the Award, whether it specializing in Mandarin study through ing equal proportions of cultural interaction, sightseeing and languageis the Expedition, or Exploration option. Chinese cultural immersion in Beijing. immersion. Mandarin Expression is an unrivaled chance to learn Man- darin Chinese, one the world’s most important languages, while gettingInternational Baccalaureate (IB) Schools CAS requirement to know China from broader and different aspects for a diverse learningWe have worked with many IB schools in the past, and we are aware of the requirements of experience.the IB curriculum. Our Programs can help to gain the CAS requirement of the IB Diploma, inparticular the cultural programs (creativity/Action). Mandarin Expression • Mandarin Immersion, 5 days immersion in the motherland of man-Academic Learning Partners in China darin--BeijingOur program’s academic parts started partnership with Peking University, China Confucius • Chinese Culture Festival, 2 days festival to fulfill your mandarin im-Institution, Beijing Culture Heritage Protection Foundation, for designing and developing mersion experience and a grand final presentation of Chinese cul-our academic learning contents. ture Through deep interaction with the language and culture, we cultivate the key competencies of proactive learning and culture sensitivity to Continent / High Number of provide an invaluable program that will give students a strong founda- Year Country Universities Region Schools Students tion for learning Chinese and understanding China. West ASIA,  2008 – 2009 UAE, US 6 0 46 North America Europe, Asia,  Switzerland, India,  2010 13 0 330 Sincerely, North America UAE, US Foot Prints of 2011 Europe, ASIA,  North America,  Switzerland, UK, Russia,  Belgium, Germany,  18 2 520 Kimberly Zhang SEEDers Singapore, UAE, India, USA,  Academic Consultant of Mandarin Expression Program Latin America Colombia, Peru, Mexico SEED INTERNATIONAL
  2. 2. Mandarin Immersion Chinese Culture Festival Example of AgendaSpectacular Scenery Meets Fascinating Chinese Experience a Cazzling Cultural Fair Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7Traditional Culture Chinese Discover the Chinese Step into Chinese Chinese Living in Beijing The Great Wall Folk Culture Way of Thinking Imperial China Culture Festival Culture Festival Opening CeremonyHighlights Highlights and Mandarin Class Visit The Confucius Chinese Martial Art Chinese Hiking along (Kongfu) Study in the Traditional in the Traditional Institute of China the Great Wall Temple of Heaven Opera Class Chinese Culture Final• Learn each topic by immersion: To learn real spoken Chinese and • The festival will take place at Peking University, China’s top institu- Old City Competition Presentation culture we designed every activity around the day’s topic. In this tion of education Learn Paper Cutting Visit Mandarin Class in the Learning Chinese Drive to the City way, you can easily experience different aspects of Chinese culture with Folk Artist Confucian Temple Temple of Heaven Cooking • Exhibition and Final Presentation: A video documentaries or any while learning the language. Lunch with Lunch Lunch Make Dumplings Lunch other creative ways to present your learning are welcomed. In the Local Family• Learn mandarin every time in every place: Learning Chinese can end of the festival we will hold a final presentation. Visit Study Chinese Tiananmen Square Driving to Global Village happen anywhere, and in fact you can learn much faster through Capital Museum Calligraphy and the Fobiden City the Great Wall Field Research and Exhibition • Group Competition: You will be divided into teams to complete real experience rather than staying in a classroom. In this program Welcome Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner tasks one by one. The tasks are related to different aspects of Chi- your Chinese teacher is your team leader, friend and advisor, Try Local Snacks Traditional Tea Camping at nese culture (e.g. learn Chinese Martial from a Kongfu master, etc). Acrobatics Show Party in a Folk Art Street Ceremony the Great Wall and in small groups you will learn while visiting interesting sights The competition also has a general knowledge quiz and perfor- around Beijing. mance and the winning group will be awarded with a prize.• Standing at the center of Chinese Culture: Beijing is China’s edu- cational centre. You will visit the Confucius Institute and Peking Uni- • Global Village: This event is an international party where students can wear their national clothes, serve the most famous dishes and Program Duration versity. also bring their country’s traditions to others by decorating their • Mandarin Immersion: Jul. 20th – 24th, 2012• Immerse yourself in Chinese art: Visit artists and professors, study own stall. At the same time, you may visit other counties’ stalls to • Chinese Culture Festival: Jul. 25th – 26th, 2012 Chinese Calligraphy, Paper Cutting, Chinese Martial Arts (Kongfu) feel the experience from different countries! and Beijing Traditional Opera. Above are the suggested packages, but customized service can be pro- vided, contact us for further information on bespoke program time.• Learn Chinese cooking: The local cuisine is a key part of the culture.• Tian’anmen Square, Forbidden City and Traditional Hutongs: Discover the extraordinary history of Beijing. SEED INTERNATIONAL No. 1807, Building C3, Tianchang Yuan, Olympic Me- dia Center, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China Learning • Competencies: Proactive Learning and Cultural Sensitivity Contact Us Tel. +86-10-8482-8941/42 Outcomes • Learn Mandarin in an enjoyable way Fax. +86-10-8482-8941 – 8011 • Gain a deep understanding of the culture behind the language. Email. • Enrich your resume with academic credit for Mandarin Study from Universities in China Web.