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Resume - realfish


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Published in: Design, Education
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Resume - realfish

  1. 1. E S . 2006 B.Sc., Micro-electronics, T J . 2010 EECS, Peking University F S . 2010 M.Sc. (Candidate), Micro-electronics, T P Reliable-Comp Lab, Peking University S F J . 2007 Vice-director of Publicity Department, T J . 2008 Peking University Student Union F A . 2008 Manager-assistant of Landscape & Design Department,realfish QIAN F T M . 2008 Beijing 2008 Olympic Volunteer Program S .2008 Chief Director & President (& Permanent Honorary Chairman), Male, July 1987 Shenzhen, P.R.China T A . 2009 Peking University PI Design Association F M . 2010 Advisor of Association Leadership, S S T O . 2010 Communist Youth League China of Peking University Graphic Design I Anime, Architecture, Photography W L C Chinese, English, Japanese F 2008 Freelance, T P Graphic Design S P 2008 – 2009 Visual Identity System, WE Model United Nations (WEMUN) 2009 Visual Identity System, Asian International Model United Nations (AIMUN ) 2009 – 2010 Visual Identity System, Harvard Model United Nations China (HMUN China) 2010 Opening Ceremony Exhibition, “Compass Plan”—National Culture Relics Roving Exhibitions 2010 Visual Identity System, Global Sustainable Leaders Forum 2010 2011 Visual Identity System, TP (Tianpu) Solar, International Program 2011 Photography Exhibition, “Four Cities”, Pingyao International Photography Festival 2011 C M +86-1871-867-3500 E W P P