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Peking University Sustainable Campus Update


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This is a brochure for the visit to Japan Hokkaido University for the workshop on Sustainable (Green) Campus, which including the visitor, the President of Peking University, Zhou Qifeng.

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Peking University Sustainable Campus Update

  1. 1. To Integrate Environmental Protection To Establish A Discipline Into Campus System of Environmental Culture Sciences To promote cutting-edge researches on important environmental issues P B eking University began its and complicated situation, and in order to in the studies of the wild pandas’ social dealing with the water pollution in the greatly to the region’s environmental earthquake which took place in Sichuan esides courses and professional Peking University now has six student Toyota Environmental Protection Aid Program environmental studies and researches take full advantage of the multidisciplinary structure, behavior patterns, surviving Shenzhen River and Xiangjiang River, the protection. Professor Fang Jingyun worked Province in 2008, faculties and students of training, Peking University pays special environmental clubs, besides other sixteen for China's Youth, which was handed out A as early as 1970s. In 1982, the research, the university in 2007 set up the strategies and so on. He also made impressive Institute of Environmental Engineering of on the spatiotemporal configuration and Peking University went to do field study attention to bringing environmental clubs continually involved in activities of jointly by the Central Committee of the Youth s the world’s largest developing country, China, while enjoying knowledge structure, and has established a course system of university’s interdisciplinary center of College of Urban and Environmental Sciences progress in studying and protecting Peking University provided useful scientific mechanism of China’s terrestrial carbon in Wolong natural reserve in Sichuan, and protection and sustainable development into environmental protection. In 2006, the League of China and the All-China Youth its impressive economic boom, is faced with serious challenges environmental protection, which covers a wide range of subjects environmental sciences was established. and the College of Environmental Sciences endangered wild animals including the consultation in environmental evaluation, sources/sink, providing the basis for the their work covered the site selection of the students’ campus life, and this has proved Environmental Education Base for Chinese Federation. The Base conducted a lot of in fields such as energy resources, environment, and climate with the salient feature of interdisciplinary study. The university has and Engineering. white-headed leaf-monkey and the Indo- supervision and examination and also in the country’s policy making on carbon dioxide reconstruction, the layout of urban and rural very effective. University Students was established. It won scientific innovation, “green campus” activities, changes. opened up forty or so courses, which are closely connected with In the year of 2006, ten top universities Pacific hump-backed dolphin. In the projects region’s aggregate planning, contributing emission. After the catastrophic Wenchuan areas and also development plans of villages the 2007 Toyota Special Award of the second educational promotion and international environmental education and sustainable development, in up to around the world including Peking University After more than thirty years of assiduous and towns. The Strategic Research Report exchange. For this reason, the Report to the Seventeenth National Congress eleven disciplines. “Society and its Sustainable Development” has jointly established the International Alliance efforts and exploration, Peking University has of the Reconstruction after the Wenchuan of the Communist Party of China and the outlines of the country’s been taken as one of the central topics of the university’s selective of Research Universities (IARU), with the aim set up a fairly integrated discipline system of Earthquake in Sichuan presided by Professor Roughly estimated, in the recent five years, eleventh Five-Year Plan place a stress on the necessity of building a courses. Every year more than 700 students select courses related to of enhancing the multilateral cooperation environmental sciences. Apart from providing Lui Bin was highly regarded by the central every year there have been more than 120 resource-conserving and environment-friendly society guided by the the topic, taking up about 1/5 of the freshmen. On the other hand, in research and education. The building basic education and conducting forefront government. The research carried out by eco-environmental activities held in Peking Scientific Outlook on Development. every year the university matriculates more than 200 undergraduates of a green sustainable campus is one of researches of environmental sciences, this Professor Zhu Tong on the solution and University. Lots of faculties and students have and graduates in environmental studies, whose knowledge the Alliance’s most important topics and system also serves to meet the demand of policy concerning the control of air pollution been participants of these activities, which In order to achieve this goal, not only are needed the government’s and experience will make great contribution to China’s cause of also a long-term focus. The Alliance has set society and support the administrative policy in Beijing and surrounding regions greatly have become widely influential. promotion and regulation and the extensive application of new environmental protection. up a research workshop to discuss issues making on environmental issues. Many helped to guarantee the air quality during technological achievements, but a repository of professional talents including environmental protection and achievements have been made in fields like the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Apart from in eco-environmental protection, whose scientific accomplishments • 11 subjects, 40 courses relating to the environmental education energy resources, which has greatly promoted wild life protection, bio-diversity study, new all these achievements, Peking University and humanistic concern are highly valuable. and sustainable development. exchange among the universities concerning energy resources, global climate changes and launched many other successful researches in the study of such issues. bioremediation. fields such as solar energy, wind energy and Peking University boasts of its abundant teaching resources. In • Social and Sustainable Development as the basic field for General biomass energy. building a “green campus”, the university always lays emphasis on Education Elective in PKU Considering that the environment problems Through his long-time fieldwork, Professor the comprehensiveness of knowledge teaching and the students’ bear on comprehensive and long-term efforts Pan Wenshi made significant breakthroughs Course Major Campus T To Establish A Course System of Sustainable Development Environmental Science he university widely uses green installed, which helps save 400 thousand in the Guidelines of the Administration and reduction which are in concert with the And the university has nurtured a large group energy resources in the campus cubic meters of natural gas and 1600 tons Technology for the Energy-saving Campus university’s circumstances. of students who are well equipped with Environmental Ecology Science Physics Planning Eco-environmental Sciences construction. Two geothermal wells of coal every year. To save electricity, since Construction of Colleges and Universities environmental awareness and knowledge. Environment and International Political Science International Policy were constructed in the university to make the end of 2005, lighting electricity savers, issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban- We can see from Peking University’s efforts use of the geothermal energy for heating. of which the average electricity saving Rural Development and the Ministry of to build a “green campus” that, through Human Beings and Environment Urban and Environmental Science To further save energy and reduce emission, rate is higher than 20%, have been used in Education, the departments concerned are untiring scientific research, the university Environmental Law Law Implementing energy-saving and emission-reduction the university has made more investments to improve its energy-saving facilities. A central some of the student dormitory buildings, classrooms and the streetlight system. now carrying out a project survey of the university’s sustainable development and at has contributed a lot to society’s sustainable development by providing plenty of scientific To arouse students’ eco-environmental awareness and to cultivate Environmental Problems Environmental Science and Engineering measures heating supervisory control system has been Moreover, according to the requirements the same time are setting goals of emission and technological basis for policy-making. professional talents International Environmental Problems Environmental Science and Engineering
  2. 2. O n PKU campus, different bodies of water Zhou Qifeng President of Peking University To build a sustainable campus, the stress should be laid on • Scientific research and achievement on Green Campus Website • form a natural water system. The green area ratio is as high as 40%. Eighteen lakes and ponds of different sizes and features are linked by meandering brooks. In spite of environmental science and ecology the vicissitudes of a long history, the layout of Finding A Way Suitable for PKU • Professional training on environmental protection the ancient royal gardens in the university has been fortunately well preserved. These gardens, 1. To establish a discipline system of environmental sciences and to promote cutting- • Environmental awareness in campus culture together with naturally grown woods, shrubs edge researches on important environmental issues. and wetlands, make Yan Yuan a rare secondary • Calling on the whole society to participate in 2. To establish a course system of eco-environmental sciences, so as to arouse students’ forest and wetland ecosystem—in Beijing. The environmental protection eco-environmental awareness and cultivate professional talents. ecosystem consisting of Peking University and • implementing energy-saving and emission- the green areas in the vicinity has become the 3. To integrate environmental protection into campus culture. habitat of varieties of birds, insects and small reduction in PKU campus 4. To improve campus planning, and to implementing energy-saving and emission- mammals and therefore an important part of reduction measures. the whole layout of Beijing’s urban landscape Sustainable Campus Planning and ecological security. of PKU • Master Campus Planning of Peking University, PKU 2004-2014 • Site Impact Traffic Evaluation on Master Campus Planning of Peking University, 2005 • Cultural Relics Conservation Planning of Peking University, 2006 Office of Campus Planning and Sustainable Development Add: Room 1103, Red Mansion No.1 Peking University, No.5 Master Plan of PKU Campus is home to Sampus Yiheyuan Road Haidian District, Beijing, P.R.China 100871 ustainable Tel: (86)10-62753567 Fax: (86)10-62755484 E-mail:, Peking University • 135 species of birds, and over 30 birds have C breeding populations, including national protected species • 11 mammals • 385 higher plants • Over 20 fishes in the lake