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This is a brochure for the CSP 2011.

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  1. 1. China SummerProgram 2011Walk ten thousand miles,read ten thousand books.
  2. 2. 01Contents 01 About China Summer Program SYSU About China Summer Program SYSU 01 Mission Statement 01 China Summer Program 01 Sun Yat-Sen University 02 Guangzhou 03 Introduction to the Program 03 Eligibility for Admission 04 Required Documents 04 Certificate and Transcript 04 Receiving Academic Credits Mission Statement Sun Yat-Sen University 04 Awards To promote education and culture exchange between China and Sun Yat-Sen University (SYSU) was founded in 1924 by Dr. Sun 05 Professors and Courses the world through shared academic and traveling experiences in Yat-Sen, the father of modern china. The University is located 05 Professors and Courses 09 Chinese Language Courses — The CSP Advantage China. in Guangdong Province, an area neighboring Hong Kong and 10 Class Schedule Macao. China Summer Program 11 Application and Fees As one of the leading post-secondary institutions in China, SYSU 11 Important Dates 12 Application Procedure and Payment Methods China Summer Program (CSP) is dedicated to providing liberal is a comprehensive multi-disciplinary research university with 13 Payment Methods arts curriculum with Chinese studies focus. Besides providing highly reputable programs in the medical sciences. 14 Change of Application and Refund Policy world class teaching faculty and localized Chinese culture expe- 14 Travel and Accommodation rience, CSP allows students to earn academic credits for up to At present, SYSU has 4 campuses, around 1000 full professors, 16 Cultural Experience Program the equivalence of a full semester, save tuitions and accelerate as well as 30,000 and 20,000 undergraduate and graduate 17 Xi’an Tour their undergraduate education. students respectively. SYSU has long term collaborations with 18 Guilin Tour US institutions such as Princeton University, Columbia Univer- 19 Guangdong Tour sity, and Miami University in a variety of language and cultural 20 Shanghai-Beijing Tour exchange courses. 21 Frequently Asked Questions
  3. 3. 02 03 Introduction to the Program Guangzhou Eligibility for Admission Proficiency in English One of the following English proficiency test scores above cut- Guangzhou, the capital city of Guangdong province, enjoys over Students have to satisfy each of the following requirements to off: 2,300 years of history and it is now the largest city in southern apply for CSP: English Proficiency Test CSP Cut-off Score China. SAT Verbal Section 500 Levels and Prerequisite TOEFL iBT 79 Originated from Guangzhou, the Cantonese culture, including Enrollment in a college/university with at least one semester of distinct forms of language, art, and cuisine, has become one of attendance OR being a rising senior in high school. IELTS 5.5 the most globally influential Chinese regional cultures. Starting from the 15th Century and until present day, Guangzhou has GPA Requirement * Note that English proficiency test scores are waived for become one of the major seaports enabling trading between Minimum GPA equivalent of 2.0/4.0 students who are currently enrolled in a college/university/high China and Europe, the Mid-East and the rest of Asia. school where English is the primary language of instruction. Traditional Cantonese and European architectural styles inter- Overload mingle in the streets of Guangzhou, reflecting the city’s histori- CSP allows each student to take a maximum of two courses. If cal harmony between East and West. you wish to take three courses (Overload), proof of 3.0/4.0 GPA or above is required.
  4. 4. 04 05 Required Documents Professors and official study abroad partner of the home institution. Students who want to transfer CSP credits are required to consult with Courses For college level students who wish to sign-up for 1-2 courses, their Study Abroad Office and/or academic advisors in their there are no required documents. home institutions in advance. The academic advisors decide if a CSP course can contribute to students’ major, minor, or distribu- For college level students who wish to sign-up for 3 courses tion requirements. Students should first download the relevant (overload) and for all high school students, the following docu- courses syllabi from the CSP website and bring to their home ments are required. institution to determine credit transfer qualifications. (1) Digital copy of English proficiency test results (if applicable). (2) Digital copy of most recent unofficial academic transcript. Awards Professors and Courses * Although we do not require students to provide official docu- ments to prove their English proficiency and GPA, once a student CSP Excellence Award The 2011 CSP is proud to present 6 visiting professors from is found of providing fraudulent information in his/her applica- China Summer Program offers CSP Excellence Award of 5000 distinguished U.S. universities and colleges, including Ameri- tion, he/she will be dismissed from the program immediately. RMB to each student scoring in the top 5% (based on average can University, Drexel University, Emory University, Franklin & GPA of all courses completed) of the Program. All students wish Marshall College, Indiana University, and University of Dubuque. Certificate and Transcript to qualify for this award is required to complete, on the Online Together they will be teaching 11 content courses in English. The Application Form, Optional Essay 1: Why do you want to join CSP Chinese Studies focus of this program is represented by a total The official transcript will be mailed to students within one this summer? Award recipients will be notified with the release of 7 courses, two courses in each of the following disciplines: month of completion of the program. The transcript, issued by of the official transcript. Chinese/Asian linguistics, Chinese literature, and Sociology with Sun Yat-Sen University, contains the courses studied, name of a China focus, plus one course in the area of Chinese Art. In ad- instructors, final grades and the credits earned. Transcripts are CSP Cultural Experience Award dition, two mathematics and two statistics courses will also be printed in English and Chinese. A program certificate will be sent CSP also offers one Cultural Experience Award that provides full taught. to students with the transcript. coverage of Guangzhou local Tour to the applicant with the best Optional Essay 2 which can be found on the Online Application Moreover, three levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced) of Receiving Academic Credits Form: What does “Walk ten thousand miles, read ten thousand Chinese language courses will be taught by experienced Chinese books” mean to you? language instructors from SYSU. It is generally easy to transfer the credits even if CSP is not an
  5. 5. 06 07 Prof. Jun Lu Prof. Menggang Yu Prof. Yu Li Prof. Rebecca Clothey American University Indiana University Emory University Drexel University Ph.D. University of Missouri-Columbia Ph.D. University of Michigan Ph.D. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh Email: lu@american.edu Email: meyu@iupui.edu Email: yu.li@emory.edu Email: rac52@drexel.edu Courses Offering: Courses Offering: Courses Offering: Chinese Writing Systems in Asia; Courses Offering: Reform and Resistance: Social Issues in Introduction to Statistics; Calculus II Mathematics of Saving and Investing; Calculus I Chinese Arts, Culture, and Society through Calligraphy Contemporary China; 21st Century Beijing Jun Lu got his Bachelor’s degree in statistics from East China Menggang Yu, PhD, is an Associate Professor from the Indiana Dr. Yu Li has received her BA in English Language and Literature Dr. Rebecca Clothey obtained her PhD in Administrative and Normal University in Shanghai, China, his hometown. He then University School of Medicine. He is a member of the Indiana from Peking University in 2000, MA in Linguistics from Peking Policy Studies from University of Pittsburgh. Her research went to University of Missouri-Columbia, from where he received University Simon Cancer Center and the Biostatistics Director of University in 2002, and PhD in Linguistics from the University interests include higher education access and equity, expanding his Ph.D. in 2004. Since then, he has been a faculty member at the Hoosier Oncology Group, Indianapolis, USA. Dr. Yu obtained of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2007. She joined Emory in access through technology, Chinese linguistic minorities and American University. Jun has taught varies statistics courses his BA in Computational Mathematics from Fudan University, 2007. Her research interests include language acquisition and education policy, and diversity and higher education. She is cur- since he was in graduate school. These courses cover a wide Shanghai, China and his PhD in Biostatistics from the University the brain, Chinese linguistics, Chinese language pedagogy, and rently a professor in the School of Education, Drexel University, variety of topics at different levels; ranging from the basic of Michigan. Dr. Yu currently serves as lead statistician for over Technology in language and culture education. in Philadelphia. statistics courses, to the applied statistical methods courses 30 oncology clinical trials. He also serves as co-investigator for (Linear regression, Design of experiments, Time series, and Data 8 NIH-funded grants. His main research area includes clinical trial analysis), and the advanced theoretical courses (Generalized lin- design and analysis, survival analysis, cost-efficient statistical ear model, Stochastic processes). All courses involve the use of methods, and biomarker studies. statistical software such as StatCrunch, SPSS, SAS, Splus and R.
  6. 6. 08 09 Prof. Nathan Faries Prof. Richard Kent University of Dubuque Franklin & Marshall College Ph.D. Penn State University Ph.D. Princeton University Email: NFaries@dbq.edu Email: rick.kent@fandm.edu Courses Offering: Course Offering: Chinese Language Courses — The CSP Chinese I- Elementary Modern Chinese Classical Chinese Literature; Religion in Chinese Literature Intriguing Sites/Sights: Topics in Chinese Art and Archaeology Advantage This course is intended for students with 0-1 semester of Chi- nese language studies. This course is an intensive introduction Professor Nathan Faries obtained his PhD in English and Compar- Richard K. Kent is professor of art history at Franklin & Marshall China Summer Program provides three levels of intensive to modern standard (Mandarin) Chinese pronunciation, grammar, ative Literature from Penn State University in 2005. His research College, where he teaches courses on East Asian art and the his- Chinese Language courses. All Chinese language courses are conversation, reading, and writing. interests include Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature, tory of photography. He has published articles on various facets taught by full-time Language Instructors from the SYSU Confu- Religion in Literature, Asian Literature, and Spanish Literature. of Chinese painting. Current research, which he has presented at cius Institute. All students enrolled in any one of the language Chinese II- Intermediate modern Chinese Professor Faries has taught for nearly 15 years in the U.S., in international conferences, concerns early 20th-century Chinese courses have the added benefit of having a language exchange This course is intended for students with 2-4 semesters of Beijing, and in Hong Kong. He is currently an Associate Professor photography; and he is publishing a series of articles on this partner and/or roommate with a native Chinese speaking stu- Chinese language studies. This course provides students with of English in University of Dubuque in Iowa. topic. dent (a senior Chinese high school student). advanced beginners in Chinese with advancement in modern texts, conversation, reading, and composition. Note that all language course applicants will receive a Chi- nese proficiency assessment upon arrival at SYSU. Therefore Chinese III – Advanced conversational Chinese although you should choose the appropriate level according to This course is intended for students with more than 4 semes- the course descriptions below, your course assignment will not ters of Chinese language studies. This course is for students be final until the first day of class. with significant listening and speaking background. The course focuses on the further development of spoken Chinese for advanced students.
  7. 7. 10 11 Application and Fees Class Schedule Important Dates All classes are taught from Monday to Thursday. Event Date Application Opens March 1st 09:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Application Closes June 1st Calculus I; Calculus II; Reform and Resistance: Social Issues in Last Day to Claim Early Bird Reward May 1st Contemporary China; Intriguing Sites/Sights: Topics in Chinese Art and Archaeology Last Day to Receive Decision Letter June 3rd Course Registration Deadline June 3rd 12:30 p.m. to 03:00 p.m. Program Start Date July 17th Introduction to Statistics; Mathematics of Saving and Investing; Program End Date August 14th Chinese Writing Systems in Asia; Classical Chinese Literature * Please note that all the deadlines are at midnight, US Eastern 03:30 p.m. to 06:00 p.m. Time. Chinese Arts, Culture, and Society through Calligraphy; 21st Century Beijing; Religion in Chinese Literature
  8. 8. 12 13 Application Procedure and Payment ments. Please note that any transaction fee occurred is the applicants will be required to pay an extra late application fee of Payment Methods Methods responsibility of the applicant. Up to a 3.5% convenience fee USD 150 (or RMB 990). may be added to your total bill. We provide 3 payment methods: Application Procedure Housing (1) Sign up for a CSP Account and you may edit your Online Application Fee and Tuition Fee Sun Yat-Sen University provide three different types of housing (1) Online Credit Card: Application Form any time before you decide to submit, or Students pay a flat fee for the program. In other words, no mat- on campus, including the International House, Graduate Student You will be redirect to our payment page.. until the application deadline is reached. ter a student choose one, two, or three courses, the student House and regular Apartment, which are all located at the center pays the same tuition. For example, if a student chooses 3 of Sun Yat-Sen University. This allows the international students * Please be noted that Application Fee will only be accepted via (2) Complete and submit the Online Application Form. courses to study, and transfers 12 credits back to his/her home to enjoy living at the heart of the college community. The hous- online payment. institution; each credit equals to USD 254. For a student who ing price is between RMB 900 and RMB 3500 per month per (3) After you have registered and completed the application for chooses 2 courses and transfers 8 credits, each credit equals to person. On-campus housing is guaranteed for 100 CSP students (2) International Wire Transfer (T/T): enrollment, please pay the application fee $50 online. USD 381. on a first-come, first-served basis. Please remit the fund by T/T to: Mandatory fees USD RMB Optional fees (per month) USD RMB JP Morgan Chase Bank, National Association, (4) Your application decision will be notified through email. If New York City, NY Application Fee (Non-refundable) 50 330 International House (double room) 303 2000 you are admitted, please log in to your personal manage- SWIFT Address: CHASUS33 Tuition 3050 20,130 International House (single room) 455 3000 ment system and go to the payment section. Total 3100 20,460 Graduate Student House (double room) 136 900 For credit to: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (5) Pay the Tuition, Housing Fees and all other remaining fees. Apartment (double room) 530 3500 Beijing Municipal Branch, Beijing, PRC Early Bird Reward Apartment (triple room) 409 2700 A/C No.: 001043718 (6) Complete the Online Course Registration. If you paid for the full tuition and all mandatory fees before or SWIFT Address: ICBKCNBJBJM Off-campus Hotel (double room) 535 3500 on the May 1st, RMB 2,000 (USD 303) will be deducted from Airport Pick-up (One Way) TBD TBD (7) Follow Visa and Air Ticket purchasing instructions (Optional). your tuition & fees. For further credit to Beneficiary: A/C No.: 0200 0045 0920 1029001 (8) Come to CSP and enjoy your meaningful summer! Late Application Name: Beijing Panorama Education and Technology Co., Ltd. After the application deadline (June 1st), late applications will Address: 3-702 Core Plaza, 1 Shanyuan St. Haidian District, Summer China accepts both USD and RMB this year. Exchange still be accepted and admission will be given on a rolling basis, Beijing 100080, PRC rate from USD to RMB is fixed at 1:6.6 for all CSP related pay- however, depending on availability of remaining spots.. All late Telephone: +86-10-62416772
  9. 9. 14 15 3) Western Union/MoneyGram: Travel and Accommodation a 3 hour drive to Guangzhou. CSP will arrange airport shuttles take a taxi to campus. Coach Services from Hong Kong Interna- Receiver’s Information: between Hong Kong International Airport and Sun Yat-Sen tional Airport run from 7:00am to 23:59pm. Yan Yan Visa University on July 16th and August 14th. Otherwise, public Coach 3-702 Core Plaza, 1 Shanyuan St. Haidian District It is each student’s responsibility to obtain a tourist Visa (L-type Services between the Hong Kong International Airport and Miscellaneous Beijing 100080, P.R. China Visa) at the Chinese Embassy or Consular office. Obtaining a Guangzhou are available every day. • Phone Calls +86-10-62416772 Visa can be time-consuming and we encourage all students to Students can purchase pre-paid SIM card for their cell phones prepare in advance, apply early and/or use travel agencies/visa Students with a valid Chinese Visa (regardless of the Passport at many locations in China. However, please contact your home Please provide information containing sender’s name, student’s service websites to submit Visa applications. issuing country) do not need a separate visa to enter Hong Kong. wireless provider such as AT&T and T-Mobile, in advance, to un- name and DOB, amount sent, and MTCN/Reference #. Send the lock your cell phone before coming to China. International phone above information to finance@bolelama.com. Since the duration of CSP is 30 days, a 60-day tourism visa is Students are encouraged to use our certified travel agency, Tril- calls can be made by using international phone cards, which are ideal. If you are staying beyond the 60-day period, you may need lion International Travel, to book air tickets. Trillion International also sold at many locations on campus. Change of Application and Refund to get Visa extension in Hong Kong before your first Visa is Travel is dedicated to plan the best itinerary for CSP students, Policy expired. and please mention CSP to receive the CSP discount. To receive • Food Services a quote, please call 718-808-5166 or write an email containing There are numerous restaurants and snack shops on and around Students can change their application at any time before submit. Students need to provide an application form, a photo, and your full name, departure date, departure city, return date, and campus, offering inexpensive and diverse dining choices, both Students can also receive refund before the program starts, and passport for Visa application. Please visit the official Chinese return city to csp.trillion@gmail.com. local and international. please refer the table below about the exact amount can be Embassy website to receive the most updated information. refunded and restrictions. Arrival • Money and Expenses Before May 2nd – July 11th – July 18th International Traveling • Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport Students can bring U.S. dollars and/or Traveler’s Cheques to Tuition & Fees May 1st July 10th July 17th and after Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is one of the largest Students can take a taxi to campus for approximately RMB 130 China and exchange it for RMB at any local bank. Using cash Application Fee No refund No refund No refund No refund airports in Asia; however, there is only one route flying from or take a shuttle to Rosedale Hotel (Bo Li Jiu Dian) for RMB 30, is one of the most convenient ways to pay in China; however, the U.S. China Southern Airlines operates a daily flight from Los and then take a taxi to campus. major credit cards are accepted at many places. Tuition Fee Full refund 75% refund 50% refund No refund Angles to Guangzhou. Housing Full refund Full refund 50% refund No refund • Hong Kong International Airport • Insurance Airport pick-up Full refund Full refund No refund No refund Students can book a CSP shuttle to campus if arriving on July Traveling insurance will be purchased by CSP and there is at no Alternatively, students can choose to fly from various loca- tions in the U.S. to Hong Kong International Airport, where it is 16th; otherwise, students should use Coach Services from Hong extra charge for students. Health insurance is highly recom- Kong International Airport to Guangzhou (RMB 180-250), then mended for students who wish to avoid unexpected expenses.
  10. 10. 16 17 Cultural Experience Program From Guangzhou, experiencing the must-see sites and regional cultures in China is both convenient and inexpensive. To com- plete your summer with SYSU, 2011 CSP has carefully designed 4 Cultural Experience Tours. Departing from campus each week- end (the Shanghai-Beijing Tour begins after examination time), these tours will fit perfectly into your CSP schedule. Please be noted that all CSP Cultural Experience Tours are designed to Xi’an Tour maximize your cultural experience, therefore unlike most other (3 days) local tours, no mandatory shopping time or any extra expenses will incur. Wherever possible, these tours will provide you the With more than 3100 years of history, the chance to participate in local activities yourself, such as take a ancient political center of Xi’an is one of lesson of Kung Fu where Bruce Lee’s teacher did. Please take the oldest cities in China. Xi’an is world some time to read about the Tours below. famous as the eastern terminus of the Silk Road and home of the Terracotta Warriors. This tour will take you on a journey back in time to explore the ancient city walls, tombs with the Terracotta Warriors, pago- das, and various museums.
  11. 11. 18 19 Guilin Tour (3 days) Situated on the west bank of the Li River, Guilin is the home of six ethnic minority populations backdropped by unique moun- tainous scenery. You might have already gotten a sneak peek of Guilin’s beauty, as the landscape of planet Kashyyyk, Guangdong Tour (3 days) in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Standing between mountain peaks, The province of Guangdong is enriched with a plethora of sub-regional cultures, such as the Cantonese, Cha- cruising along the Li River, tasting the oshan and Hakka cultures. Each culture still holds its unique styles of art, cuisine, medicinal practices, and archi- local spices and rice wine, and do not be tecture. On this tour, you will also pay homage to the birth place of Wing Chun (the style of Kung Fu practiced by surprised if you are offered horse meat. Bruce Lee and Yip Man) and take some lessons yourself.
  12. 12. 20 21 Shanghai-Beijing Tour (6 days) Frequently Asked Questions In Shanghai, take a walk in the world’s fastest growing financial district, gaze across the Huangpu River, taste the original soup-filled dumplings near Chenghuang Temple, witness the modern transformation of the ancient residen- tial district of Tianzifang, and take a rest in the 400 year old Yu Garden. In Beijing, visit Tiananmen Square, Forbidden Palace, the Great Wall (not the over-crowded section) and the Summer Palace, paddle cab through the Hutongs, and shop on the ancient street of Nan Luo Gu Xiang. Q: How should students prepare for CSP courses? non-refundable application fee by May 1st, the students are A: Students have the full responsibility to prepare for their eligible to receive RMB 2,000 tuition discount. selected course materials. Please refer to the course syllabi in our website to prepare for class materials before arrival. If text- Q: How many courses can each student take? books and/or other reading materials are required for a course, A: Each student can choose to take either 1or 2 courses in the students are responsible to purchase the reading materials prior CSP program. Students with GPA above 3.0 on a 4.0 scale to their arrival on campus. Students may contact professors may take up to 3 courses (upon approval by the CSP admission directly regarding additional course materials needed for the CSP office). CSP charges a fixed tuition, which means the tuition courses. remains the same regardless the number of courses taken. Q: When should I apply? Q: When is the payment deadline? A: Students should apply as early as possible, which will allow A: The payment deadline is June 10th, 2011. Please pay all fees ample time for traveling and housing arrangements to be made. by the date. The online application system is available at the beginning of March. Q: What if I cannot arrive until classes already started? A: All students are expected to be present for the first day of Q: What kinds of tuition discounts are available? class given the intensity and short length of our program. If you A: If students submit the online application form and pay the cannot arrive for the first day of class you should notify your
  13. 13. 22 professors immediately and asking for exemptions for your late admission office and the winner will be notified via email. arrival. The professors’ contact information is available under the Courses pages on the CSP website. Q: What kinds of extracurricular programs are available at CSP? www.summerchina.org Q: What types of Financial Aid/Scholarships/Awards am A: There are Culture Experience Programs available. Please see I eligible for? Cultural Experience pages on the CSP website. +86-10-62416772 A: China Summer Program does not offer any need-based finan- info@summerchina.org cial aid or merit-based scholarship. CSP offers CSP Excellence Q: Are meals included in the housing fee? Award (5000RMB tuition refund for 5% of the student body). A: No. Meal plans are not included in the housing fee. Many Evaluations are based on program GPA and Optional Essay 1: inexpensive and diverse dining choices are available both on and Why do you want to join CSP this summer? CSP also offers one around campus. Cultural Experience Award that provides full coverage of a local Guangzhou Tour to the applicant with the best Optional Essay 2: What does “Walk ten thousand miles, read ten thousand books” mean to you? Both Essays can be submitted as parts of the Online Applica- tion Form. The Essays will be judged by 5 members of the CSP