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Walking with Hipster Dinosaurs: How to Make a Transmedia Production


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Jurassic Park Slope is a film and an app and an education curriculum to show how to create a guerrilla, no-budget film on multiple platforms. This short presentation was given on the project at the Tribeca Film Institute Interactive Day, 2012. For more information visit

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Walking with Hipster Dinosaurs: How to Make a Transmedia Production

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  2. 2. Transmedia NarrativeConveying messages, concepts andthemes to a mass audienceA process where elements of a story aresystematically told across multiple deliverychannels for the creation of alarger, coordinated experience.
  3. 3. Nothing ruins a good party like a Velociraptor attack, and when a group of Hipsters gets caught up in a whirlwind of Mesozoic fury,itll take more than PBR and vinyl to get them out of Brooklyn alive.
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