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iPads in the Classroom presentation - UPenn IT Staff Convention 2012


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Published in: Education
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iPads in the Classroom presentation - UPenn IT Staff Convention 2012

  1. 1. iPads & Tablets in the ClassroomMobile devices are now ubiquitous in classrooms across Penn. This session will present data from the Library’s “iPads in the Classroom” pilot and the Graduate School of Education’s large-scale iPad distribution, and then discuss those programs and the future of mobile computing in education.We will be joined by colleagues from the Wharton School.Presenters:  Anu Vedantham Michael Herzog Olaino HardawayCaitlin Shanley
  2. 2. iPads @ Penn LibrariesAnu VedanthamCaitlin ShanleyWeigle Information Commons  
  3. 3. WIC iPads engage multiple, different users  in a course-specific contextunder faculty supervision.
  4. 4. Policies and procedures  
  5. 5. Examples of WIC iPad usage includeintegrated studies, critical writing,digital literacies,music in urban spaces,copyright in culture,productivity for faculty physicians,urban studies andstaff exploration.
  6. 6. Most classes that participated in the pilot project used the iPads for multimedia creation or writing projects.
  7. 7. We have to find a balance between using the iPad as a personal device, and using it as a classroom device.
  8. 8. “ Please list five words that come to mind when you think of an iPad 2.”
  9. 9. before participating  afterparticipating  
  10. 10. “ Students found the interface very easy to learn and use, requiring little or no instruction on my part.”
  11. 11. “ My students were most endeared by the media elements of the iPad, such as the camera and sound recorder.”
  12. 12. “ Make sure it’s actually a good tool for the project and not just trying to shoehorn iPads into everything.”
  13. 13. iPads @ GSE Michael Herzog  
  14. 14. iPads @ WhartonOlaino Hardaway
  15. 15. Q:How might iPads and tablets make students more creative?
  16. 16. Q:Are iPads and tablets so fundamentally different from laptops that learning outcomes are improved?
  17. 17. Q:What helps faculty to incorporate iPads and tablets into their classroom activities?
  18. 18. Anu Vedantham Michael Herzog Olaino HardawayCaitlin Shanley Thank you!  Image credits:WIC images from cart image adapted from  Vector graphics adapted from clouds created using