Ready or not script


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Ready or not script

  1. 1. Ready or Not By Kate, Caitlin & Sian
  2. 2. CAST Olivia Holden - Lucy Caitlin Donnelly - Alex Abbie Concannon - Fran Becka Tyas - Rosie Callum Johnston - Mysterious Man / Mervin SCENE 1 Alex, Lucy and Fran have just moved into their new house for university. While unpacking things they have a conversation about their new house. Alex [Putting down boxes] I’m so glad we have finally moved out of that horrible dorm. Lucy [Whilst passing a box to Alex] I know. We are going to have so much more freedom now. Fran Also much more peace and quiet and no loud students. Alex Speak for yourself! *everyone laughs* Lucy [Observing the room] There’s a weird feeling in here, don’t you think? Fran You’re only saying that because it’s an old house. It’s not like it’s haunted or anything!
  3. 3. Alex Yeah Lucy, it’s just weird because we’ve never been here before but we’ll settle in soon, you’ll see. Lucy [Unconvinced] I guess… The girls continue unpacking to settle into their new home. Lucy moves towards the window with boxes to put some items away. As she looks up through the window, she can see a figure of a mysterious man on the other side of the road staring into the house. She is speechless but carries on looking back at him, fearful. The other girls continue unpacking. Someone knocks on the door startling Lucy and forcing her to look away from the window and away from the man. By the time she looks back through the window, he is gone. As Lucy walks towards the door, she walks past the window. Unknown to her, the mysterious man is right against the window watching Lucy as she walks away. She gets to the door, meeting Alex and Fran there. They open the door to find Rosie, a next-door neighbour. Lucy runs out and starts looking around for the man. Rosie Aww, hi! I’m Rosie, I live next door. I just wanted to welcome you to the house. Fran I’m Fran, this is Lucy and Alex. We just moved here today. Lucy [Looking around] Where is he? Alex [Confused] Who? Lucy That man. He right over there [points in the direction of the man]. I saw him. He was looking right at me!
  4. 4. Fran Lucy, there’s no one there. What are you going on about? Lucy [Confused] B-but I saw him! Fran and Alex look at each other with confused expressions because of what Lucy is saying. Rosie walks over to Lucy and puts her hand on her shoulder. Lucy jumps. Rosie Are you okay? Lucy turns around to look at Rosie but sees the mysterious figure over Rosie’s shoulder. She screams. The screen goes to black.