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  • Entries are added to the D2L ePortfolio each semester and shared with their academic advisor. The reflective entries respond to different guiding questions each semester. These guiding questions are disseminated to the students on a semesterly basis by the program chair with a specified due date.
  • MGH IHP ELPT ePortfolio

    1. 1. ELPTePortfolioMay 1, 2013Caitlin Fitzgerald DPT MS
    2. 2. ELPT ePortfolio Goals• Design and implementePortfolio project for usein ELPT program• Connect students withacademic advisors• Facilitate developmentof reflection skills instudents
    3. 3. ePortfolio Resources Used• PT ePortfolio task force– Caitlin Fitzgerald– Kelly Macauley– Erin Riley• ePortfolio Help Section on D2L• IT Department (Mike Monteiro)• ePortfolio literature/texts• Faculty Collaboration: Lynn Foord,Mary Knab, Pam Levangie
    4. 4. ELPT Program ePortfolio Structure• Year 1: students will performguided self-assessment andself-reflection• Year 2: students will makeconnections between self,curriculum, clinic, and career• Year 3: students willshowcase their resume andbody of work for professionalpurposes.
    5. 5. Year 1Model: Structured ePortfolioPredefined organizationexists for work that is yet tobe created
    6. 6. Advising Questions: Year 1• Summer Question: Create a Wordle using a cadre ofwords that best describe you. See fora template and assistance to create your Wordle.• Fall Semester Question: Describe a scenario or situationthat made you feel uncomfortable either in theclassroom or the clinic (no limit to the timeframe).What, in retrospect, did you learn about yourself in thissituation? How will what you learned about yourselfaffect a similar situation in the future?• Spring Semester Question: Add to your ePortfolio 2artifacts from your first year of PT school that aremeaningful to you. This can include any reflection(other than your ePortfolio reflection from the Fall),assignments from class, in-services presented, etc. An“artifact” needs to be a file (Word, Excel, PowerPoint,PDF, image or movie clip) that you can upload. Writea reflection about why these items are meaningful toyou. Keep in mind that meaningful doesnt need toimply your best work or highest grade.
    7. 7. Year 2Model: Learning ePortfolioOrganization of the workevolves as the work iscreated
    8. 8. Advising Questions: Year 2• Fall Semester Question: Think of a situation inwhich you received some feedback that youfeel had either a positive or negative impacton you. This can be from any aspect of yourlife- work, school, team, family, etc. Describethe situation, your response in the momentand then later on. As you look back on thatencounter now, what did you learn from it?• Spring Question: Think about a situationwhere you were collaborating with anotherperson or a group in the clinic or classroom.Describe: (1) what you brought to thecollaboration, (2) how you felt or respondedin the moment, and (3) how you maychoose to modify your response or role in thefuture base on your reflection.
    9. 9. Year 3Model: Showcase ePortfolioOrganization occurs afterwork has been created
    10. 10. Advising Questions: Year 3• Summer Semester Question: In preparation foryour internship and interviews, answer one of thefollowing questions. Prepare an “elevator pitch”response, which should be less than 1 minute inlength (~150 words) and succinctly describesyour thoughts.• Identify one personal goal for your internship yearthat is going to be a reach for you. Describe whyyou picked this goal, why you think it might beachievable and what strategies or resources willyou use to get there.• Select one place that you are thinking aboutapplying for your internship, how would youdifferentiate yourself from other applicants atthat particular site?• Describe how your unique personalcharacteristic(s) contributed to improving thecare of a patient.
    11. 11. Faculty Responsibility• Read shared ePortfolios eachsemester from advisee• Provide comments/feedbackon each submission• Assist student with selfreflection, making connections,self-promotion• Meet with student in person ifePortfolio is not sufficient tobuild rapport or raises concerns
    12. 12. ePortfolio AccessD2L Homepage
    13. 13. What does a reflection look like?
    14. 14. How will faculty comments appear to thestudent?
    15. 15. What does a portfolio look like?
    16. 16. References• Greenberg, G. (July/August 2004).The DigitalConvergence: Extending the Portfolio Model.Educause Review. Retrieved from• Jafari, A. Kaufman, C. (2006). Handbook ofResearch on ePortfolios. Retrieved (from on-campus IPaddress only).
    17. 17. Web Resources• Long Island University - Presentation ofePortfolio Use in a DPT program• Northeastern University - Resource Pageon ePortfolio• CUNY - PTA ePortfolios• Laguardia Community College - PTAFaculty Slideshow on EPortfolio• Example of ePortfolio from Ithaca College• Example of ePortfolio from ClemsonUniversity