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Research and Planning - Task 7


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Task 7 of Research and Planning - Research into publishers.

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Research and Planning - Task 7

  1. 1. Publishing my magazine Caitlin Hulse
  2. 2. Possible publisher - Intermedia Vibe Holdings LLC Throughout these tasks, I’ve been interested in the magazine VIBE as its very similar to the RnB magazine that I want to create and therefore whoever publishes it may be a possible publisher for mine.“Intermedia Vibe Holdings LLC publishes magazines and digitalcontent related to R&B/hip-hop generation. The company offersnews, music, movies/TV shows, photos, videos, and blogs relatedto this genre. Its publications provide urban music, entertainment,culture, and lifestyle content for aspiring people ageing from 18 to34. The company was founded in 1993 and is based in New York,New York.”
  3. 3. Plus points about publishing with Intermedia Vibe Holdings LLC• It publishes specifically RnB and Hip Hop and therefore my magazine will be in good hands as they know a lot about this genre.• It has a vast content that it deals with such as photos, movies, videos and blogs etc, not just music.• It has a similar age range that its audience is aimed at to my magazine, just a bit older.• Its based in New York, America which means my magazine wont just be based in the UK but could become global.
  4. 4. Minus points about publishing with Intermedia Vibe Holdings LLC• It doesnt publish any other magazines apart from VIBE, this means that its very unlikely they will take on my magazine.• Because VIBE is a huge and well known magazine, its very unlikely that they would publish another in the same genre if they already have one thats doing incredibly well.• Our audience is near enough the same and it doesnt make sense to create a new magazine aimed at the same people.
  5. 5. Another possible publisher – Bauer Media• Bauer Media is Europe’s largest privately owned publishing Group and is a worldwide media empire offering over 300 magazines in 15 countries, as well as online, TV and radio stations.• Bauer Media is a multi-platform UK-based media Group based around two main parts – magazine and radio.• Their magazine heritage goes back to 1953 with the launch of Angling Times and Motor Cycle News in 1956, which are still iconic magazines today.• There first radio achievement was in 1990 when they acquired London dance station Kiss FM. They then acquired Melody FM which is now the market-leading Magic 105.4.
  6. 6. ...• In 1994, the company bought a small magazine called For Him Magazine which is now a best-selling international brand FHM.• In 1996 they acquired digital music TV channel The Box which has grown into Box Television, a seven channel joint TV business with Channel 4.• Continuing its magazine history, Closer was launched in 2002 and Grazia, Britains first weekly glossy magazine was launched in 2005.• Bauer Media spans over 80 popular brand names covering a vast range of interests including heat, a popular weekly celebrity gossip magazine, Parkers, MATCH!, CAR and Yours.
  7. 7. Why Bauer Media is best• I think that Bauer Media is the best publisher for my magazine.• They are well known and have a vast umbrella of interests that they have magazines about, some of these include magazines under the title; Women, Men, Engine, Gardening, Pets etc as the list goes on.• They are also based in the UK which means my magazine will be the first UK RnB/Hip Hop magazine under the publishing name of Bauer Media, which will be a huge achievement for them especially if my magazine sells well.
  8. 8. ...• They have only three music magazines, Smash hits, Kerrang and Q as shown below, from their website. •This means theres a huge gap in the market for a new, trendy and unique RnB/Hip Hop magazine.
  9. 9. What my magazine can bring to Bauer Media• I think that my magazine can bring a fresh and new flavour to Bauer Media.• Its targeted at an audience that they have little magazines targeted at already which means that by introducing my magazine in their company, it opens a whole new audience for them.• When my magazine does well this new audience now introduced to them allows them to possibly create more magazines for that target audience, meaning more money.