Questionnaire results final


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Questionnaire results final

  1. 1. Questionnaire Results Caitlin Hulse
  2. 2. Are you interested in a new RnB magazine? Out of the fifteen people I asked, eleven of them said yes they were interested in a new Rnb/Hip Hop magazine, this means that I know I will be able to find a suitable and available gap in the market for a new RnB magazine because people would be interested in one coming out.
  3. 3. Who are your favourite Artists? As you can see from the chart, five of the fifteen people asked said Rihanna was their favourite artist and then Drake, Chris Brown and Beyonce all had three people each say they were their favourite. This gives me an idea of the sort of person I will be using as my main image and smaller images on my own music magazine as I will model them in the style of Rihanna, Drake, Chris Brown and Beyonce. This means my magazine will be more interesting and eye catching.
  4. 4. What do you look for most in a magazine? This graph shows that five of the fifteen people asked would like interviews in a magazine, followed by being able to win or receive stuff and then secrets or gossip of celebrities. This gives me a idea of what I will put in my magazine.
  5. 5. Would you rather have more pictures or more information on the front cover? This chart shows that nearly three quarters of the people asked would prefer to have more pictures on the front cover than words. This means that my magazine will be mainly based on pictures than information as this is what is preferred by my target audience.
  6. 6. What colours would you like the magazine to be based around? This graph shows that four of the people asked would like the colour green to be a main colour, followed by blue and yellow. This gives me an idea into the colours I will use for my magazine.
  7. 7. When would you like to buy the magazine? From this graph its clear that the majority of people asked would want a weekly magazine.
  8. 8. Would you prefer several images or one main image? From this chart, ten of the people asked wanted several images rather than just one main one.
  9. 9. Would you prefer a simple or more interesting font? As you can see from this chart, it was very close as eight people said they would prefer a simple font and 7 said they would prefer a more elaborate one. I think this is a good decision especially as in a previous question my target audience decided they would prefer to have more images than just one and therefore a elaborate font and several images may make the page to crowded.
  10. 10. Would you prefer a large font? From my results, its clear to see that my future readers would want a large font rather than a small one and this is what I shall do.
  11. 11. What items would you like to win/get free? Out of the fifteen people asked, nine of them suggested that they would like to get or win tickets to a concert or gig. Three of them suggested that they would like to win or receive merchandise from a band or artist. Then a further three suggested they would like to get/win a music player or signed items such as an autograph. I will most likely create a competition in my magazine where the prize will be concert or gig tickets as this is what my future readers want.
  12. 12. Is there anything that I have not mentioned that you would like to see in the magazine? From the fifteen people I asked, ten of them said that they were happy with everything already in the magazine, although four of the asked people suggested embarrassing pictures of Artists and horoscopes. Seen as the majority said ‘No’, I feel that my magazine includes enough already and I don’t need to add anything extra.
  13. 13. How much would you like to spend on the magazine? Fourteen of the people I asked said that they would prefer to spend £1 on my magazine and one person said they would spend £1.50-£2. Because the vast majority said £1, my magazine will cost this amount if it means that people will buy my magazine.