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+ Analying 6 music videos

  2. 2. Genre: Alternative Director: Naor Aloni
  3. 3. I think this video is illustrate, the meaning of the video links to the songs. Through the video there are many hidden meanings to being hurt and loosing this thing, linking to the song For example the bullet in the floor, this is a connotation of being hurt by someone else. The bullet is a video motif , its a symbol that adds to the story THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN LYRICS AND VISUAL In this scene these people look like there looking for something, this links in with the lyric ‘the things we lost’ The man is standing with his hands up and behind there are small flashing light this gives the impression to us of being shot as his arms are poised in the police style again linking in with the lyrics In this scene the lyrics say ‘the futures in our hands’ the words are matching the action by the artist having an effect on the audience, we think that there future are in there hands having a deeper meaning on us.
  4. 4. RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN MUSIC AND VISUALS This scene is before any music has started because of the setting and the fact there I no music it sets the scene for us it makes it very eyrie Throughout the video the cuts between the scene cut when there's a powerful drum during the song. By linking these two together it has a powerful effect on the audience At the beginning of the song the beat the slow the scene match this. This helps the audience keep up with the pace of the song
  5. 5. GENRE CHARACTERISTICS The genre of the band is alternative , from an alternative song you expect it to be quite different to mainstream music for example pop. In this video its very dark and moody compared to pop song which would be bright and colourful. This also links in with the theme on the song of heartbreak It is typical for a music video to show the band, however them being alternative they haven't gone for every band member in every scene. The band only fully get together during one scene and through out the rest they have just used one guy, the main singer The mise en scene of the video fits the genre there is no dancing round, something you would typically find in a pop music video
  6. 6. Through out the video there are many close up of the main singer of the band however there is none where he makes direct eye contact with the camera this creates a distance from the artist and the audience, making us feel like we are watching him and our story instead of us feeling like he id singing to us. Eye contact is something you would typically find in pop music video however because this song is alternative they haven't stuck to the convention . Bastille are signed to virgin records, the company knows that the music is different and will appeal to a certain type of people as the genre is alternative, this video fits this and so do many others of bastille's music videos
  7. 7. Through out the video the band never give eye contact to the camera because of this it gives a sense of voyeurism however its not over sexualised by dancing or outfits compared to other videos for example the genre pop. The video tells a story about the song however there is no Intertextuality reference. There is both narrative and concept through out
  8. 8. Lighting Throughout the music video there is a lot of dark lighting, I think this reflects on the genre of the band and song. The genre is alternative and conventionally low lighting is used in this genre and I think they have followed this to show to the audience the genre. The dark lighting also helps create an atmosphere and this fits in not with the genre but the storyline of the music video
  9. 9. Location Conventionally in a music video there are many different locations throughout this video has stuck to this as I think it is an important part of a music video as it keeps it interesting There are many different locations throughout however in many of them there is one thing that links them all together. In this case it the car, this helps the audience associate between them all and also fits with the music video storyline
  10. 10. Editing At the begging when the song is starting and is slow the editing reflects this, the cuts are slow and fit in with the song. This is a very common convention to all genre in music video and following it make the music video very effective in the song at this point there is a drum that hits, the cut between the next scene cuts at the same time. This makes both the song and the editing cut more powerful and effective Throughout the music video the cuts between scenes are slow and stay slow throughout. It is common to see slow cuts at the start but normally when the song picks up pace so does the editing, they haven't followed this convention however I don’t think it takes away from the video
  11. 11. JAY Z FT JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE – HOLY GRAIL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AIdXisPqHc Genre: pop/rap Director: Anthony Mandler
  12. 12. GENRE CHARACTERISTICS Stereotypically with a rap video they do a lot of showing off. At the start of the video with jay z rapping he fits in with this characteristic. He’s wearing a big expensive gold chain and gold watch. This fits in with john Stewarts theory how mise en scene can create an aspirational lifestyle. There is a short scene featuring guns being shot. This links to the genre of rap and typically peoples views on rap can relate to crime. This short clip shows us a huge pile of money and what could be drugs on the table. This supports some peoples views on rap and how people who listen to it are in gangs. The cash also links in with john Stewarts theory of a aspirational lifestyle. For both artist there is a lot of mid shots and close up shots, this is an example of john Stewarts theory of making sure the focus is on them Here jay z is swearing this also fits in with certain peoples views on wrap and how sometimes it can be very rude and offensive
  13. 13. RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN LYRICS AND VISUAL When the artist is standing here there are flashing lights, camera sound effects and many light around this appears while he is saying ‘caught up in theses lights and cameras’ this helps the audience create a link between the two. His rap mentions ‘tyson’ and in the video jay z is watching a mike tyson boxing match. The match has a meaning to the song, the lyrics are about ups and downs of loving someone and a match fits in with this. Through out the section with Justin Timberlake the setting looks like a church, linking in with the name of ‘holy grail’ in this scene it looks like we are looking through a confession box they have in certain churches this gives the feeling of us spying on them or listening to their confessions I think this video is illustrated as there is a theme that runs through however its not amplified to the viewer
  14. 14. RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN MUSIC AND VISUAL During the rap scenes the cuts are very quick this fits in with the genre of the music, rap as normally its is very quick. By this happening it adds more to the video as it adds a pace to the scenes Through out Justin Timberlake part there is a lot of high lighting and low angles like is the screen shot, this creates a power and gives the ‘godly’ impression linking to the title of the song, ‘holy grail’ During the pop section the beat is far slower than the rap section and the cuts between scenes are much slower keeping the audience up with the beat
  15. 15. There are a lot of close up and mid shots of both artists putting the main focus of them two. There is no eye contact from both artist disconnecting them and the artists, this gives a sense of voyeurism however it is not over sexualized by there costumes or dancing, I think this is because they are both males. I would say that the video is mostly concept and narrative based Both artists are signed to different record labels, Justin Timberlake is signed tot jive and jay z has his own record label, roc nation. The two are very big stars so the label what to create a lot of excitement for the record Particularly jay z his videos are also very similar with the constant link to the lyrics and visuals and low lighting. Justin Timberlake has had many video and some do have similar features in
  16. 16. INTERTEXTUALITY Through out the video there is a clear theme, which is god or Jesus. This theme relates to the title. There is a constant reference to the last dinner of Jesus. This looks similar to the confession box in some churches This looks like the table in the last dinner chapter in the bible This is a reference to the red wine at the last dinner however it looks a lot like blood The setting looks like a church and the high lighting and low angles help make him look very powerful
  17. 17. Lighting There is many scenes with low lighting however there is always one bright light that contracts this and shines through and you can see the light rays. I think that these rays has some meaning to the song. The song Is called ‘Holy Grail’ and through out the video that are many references to god and I think the light rays is another Intertextuality to the reference of religion
  18. 18. Location In this music video they have followed conventions in varying the locations making it interesting for the audience of the video however they haven't made it much different, all the locations are inside and look very similar making them look like they are in the same place
  19. 19. Editing The editing near the begging varies and sometimes goes from slow to fast depending on the part of the song. When the artist says ‘cameras’ there is flashing lights, the editing cuts very fast between this section making the audience feel like there is camera taking pictures There are many slow motion parts in the song and when this happens the editing reflects this and slows right down. This is a very common convention that happens in music video and it make the song and the effect on the audience more powerful
  20. 20. Muse – Supremacy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avM_UsVo0IA Genre: rock
  21. 21. GENRE CHARACTERISTICS It is very typical of a rock music video to have the band on display and play through most of the video and in this video they have followed this convention, it gives a sense of performance and makes the audience feel like there watching them Typically in a rock video there is low lighting making it dark creating an atmosphere this happens only at the start of the music video However through out the rest of the music video there is high lighting they have gone against the typical convention, however it think the high lighting is there because of their setting
  22. 22. Relationship between lyric and visual The first lyric in the song is ‘wake to see’ at the start there is a pan shot of the setting and you can see the sun rising there is a clear link between the two. As this clip shows the lyrics says ‘ fantasy’ while the shot is underwater with the sunlight shinning down it gives a sense of a fantasy or a dream There is much lyric to visual link as there is a message in the video that doesn't have that much of a link to the song
  23. 23. The relationship between music and visual At the start there isn’t music playing there is just a few Foley sounds such as the sea. The silence helps the build up of the song, it creates an atmosphere and once the beat kicks in its more powerful As the drummer hits the drums there is also flashing that’s that are timed perfectly to when he hits they flash, this makes the sound more powerful as the audience have a visual as well There are many scenes throughout where there is a instrumental part in the song, as this part of the song plays there are shots of the band playing, this give a sense of the band performing as if we are watching them
  24. 24. Near the start the scenes have been slowed down and the cuts between shots are very slow. All this fits in with the beat and pace of the song at the time As the video carries on and the beat of the song is very strong and fats the cuts begin to change they start to become more quick fitting in with the song
  25. 25. Close ups and moifs There is a few shots of the band together but there only flashes they don’t stay on our screens however this could be that because they are a big well known band that don’t Many scenes in the video there are close ups to the viewer information for example like this shot is shows the face paint off to the audience Many of muse’s videos are similar with the storyline and the video also featuring the band. The band or the others aren't sexualised in anyway this is because stereotypically that’s not what this genre is about its more about the performance, the clothes are all ‘normal’ and aren’t putting them on display and there is no dancing just acting
  26. 26. Intertextuality One of the members of muse said that the music video has links with the environment, we see scenes of mankind loosing there supremacy over the earth and they show this through shots like this of massive waves crashing and they say they added this because of the issue of rising sea levels. Due to this it makes the music video narrative based.
  27. 27. Lighting At the start of the music video the lighting starts out low which is stereotypical for a rock genre, them following the conventions of their genre at the beginning lets the audience know what the genre is After the dark there is high lighting this isn't a convention for a rock genre however their music video carries a strong message and story and the lighting plays a key role in this
  28. 28. Location the location for this music video is very important as they have a very strong storyline about the environment so shot of the location in key. The music video is mainly filmed in one location however there still is many different shots of different parts of the same location, keeping it interesting for the audience
  29. 29. Editing There are multiple slow motion parts in the filming of the music video and the pace of the editing matches this as it slows down as well The editing of the video is very clever when there is a instrumental part of the song the editing matches and also the hand banging from the band members
  30. 30. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=My2FRPA3Gf8 Miley Cyrus – Wrecking ball Genre: Pop/Charted Director: Terry Richardson
  31. 31. Relationship with visual and lyrics When you see the walls falling and breaking the lyrics goes ‘ All I wanted was to break your walls’ this amplifies the meaning of the song As this plays the lyrics matching by saying ‘wrecking ball’ this is another example of the video amplifying the meaning of the song and it continues with this link many times through out the song The lyric that is sang when this visual is showing is ‘I’ve never hit so hard’ this again amplifies the meaning and help the audience make the link
  32. 32. Relationship with music and visual The start of the song is very slow and the visuals and the pace of the editing fits this, helping the flow of the video As the chorus beat hits it cuts in time to the other shot making the hit more powerful After the chorus the beat goes slow again and the speed of the scene is slow too
  33. 33. Close ups of artist and star image motifs The record label is trying to sell sex, this video is very sexy with a purpose the video is meant to controversial because of recent event surrounding the artist such as her VMA performance and the move from an Disney star as previously her videos have been miles from what they are now, it was made to make people talk about it.
  34. 34. Reference to the notion of looking Through out the music video Miley is on sexual display, the outfits reflect this, they are either minimal or non at all, linking with the male gaze theory as we see her is they eye of a heterosexual male which we aren't use to from her previous music videos
  35. 35. Lighting The lighting throughout the music video is very much the same and doesn’t change throughout, this is the same with her outfit, make up and hair. This isn't a convention of her genre of ‘pop’ as normally there are many costumes however by doing this it put the artist as the main attraction
  36. 36. Location Conventionally in the genre of ‘pop’ there are many different locations that the artist appears in. however in this music video this doesn’t happen, she doesn't have different settings but they are still fairly similar. The artist ‘Miley Cyrus’ is know recently for breaking rules and being somewhat of a rebel I think her video not following these conventions fits with her current behavior
  37. 37. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KCg_QEHtkY&list=ALHT d1VmZQRNqphtUf7gZEFu6zUS6wzWeN Mumford and sons – winter winds Genre: Folk/Alternative
  38. 38. Relationship with visual and lyric The lyric says ‘we’ll be washed...’ and then follow the scene of rain. In the scene where the feather are blowing t the band this link with the lyrics as they are talking about a struggle in love and there showing a physical struggle allowing the audience to make the link Because the genre is alternative/folk this means the video doesn’t follow certain conventions of a music video meaning in this video they are not amplifying the meaning of the song meaning there aren't many examples.
  39. 39. Relationship with music and visuals Here one of the band members is holding a guitar this is very stereotypical of a folk music video, sticking to conventions, helping the viewer identify the genre of the song. The band is all singing at the same time but in the song its only the main guy( man on right) that actually sings this shows us that there a band. During instrumental bits of the song it shows them playing their instruments, this gives it a personal feel as we get to see how they perform and it also follows the conventions of folk music
  40. 40. Close ups of the artist and star image motifs The band is not sexualized at all that wouldn’t fit in with the conventions of the genre, the music video isn't amplifying the meaning making the audience think, as the genre is alternative so is the music video
  41. 41. Reference to the notion There outfits do reflect their genre of folk, its what you would stereotypically think of when you think of the genre, the costumes look a lot like there own clothing, something they would wear, compared to other music videos by other artists
  42. 42. Lighting The lighting in the same throughout and it is fairly high lighting. I have followed a convention where normally a music video will only have I certain type of lighting and stick with it throughout, however the genre of the band and song is alternative, I would of thought that the lighting would have been low however I do think it reflects the song well
  43. 43. Location There are many shot of the band in a field and there is a lot of low shot slow the wheat , grass and plants in the fields, this relates back to the bands genre of alternative/folk music and follows a stereotype of the genre
  44. 44. Editing The pace of the editing and the cuts between scene stays the same throughout the music video which normally isn’t a convention as when the song speeds up so does the editing however they editing they have used fits in with the song and therefore making it more powerful.
  45. 45. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9QGpHScGug Afterglow - Wilkinson Genre: Drum and Bass Director: Rémy Cayuela
  46. 46. Relationship with visual and lyrics The music video has no relevance to the song, this follows the convention of the genre because its drum base and it appeals to a certain type of audience they can add certain risky things in
  47. 47. Relationship with music and visuals The introduction to the music video there is slow music and the pace is slow helping the audience focus on the video and grab the attention. When there are shots of the gun are fired it is timed perfectly with drums in the background making the meaning more powerful When the beat kicks in the become fastest the fast pace dancing scene appear, fitting in with the song
  48. 48. Close ups of the artist and star image motifs In the music video you do not see the artist, these are models, this disconnects the audience from the artist and just focus their attention the song and the video, amplifying the meaning. With the two models you don’t get the sense of sexualisation or a theory like male gaze because they are in a relationship
  49. 49. Lighting The lighting throughout the music video changes, and fits with certain parts of the song. By the lighting constantly changing to fit in with the setting helps tell the story to the audience, for example the screen shot in the middle wouldn’t be the same if it was high lighting as they are meant to be a concert, it makes it more realistic and their for the audience can connect with the story better
  50. 50. Location Conventionally in music videos you see a few location changes however there are loads in this music video which isn’t a convention however it is a key part of the narrative. All of the locations and Mise en scene are very realistic, this helps the audience connect and believe in the story that the music video is showing
  51. 51. Editing The pace of the music video starts out slow at the beginning fitting with the pace of the song The rest of the song the editing pace stays the same and steady throughout, this also fits in with the song as it is upbeat throughout