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Quick Fire 2: Store floor plan


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Quick Fire 2: Store floor plan

  1. 1. Name___________________________ Due: April 7 th B ClassQ uick Fire #2: Com m ercial Floor Plan April 11 th D ClassOver the next few weeks you will be creating a scale model in class. To make sure you are stillpracticing interior design out of class you will be given several out of class Quick Fire Challengeswith floor plans and elevation drawings.TASK: Create a finished floor plan for a retail space in a strip mall that sells objects of yourchoice: measuring between 2000 square feet and 5000 square feet. Apply everything that youknow about creating floor plans.DIRECTIONS: Create a floor plan for a store that measures ¼”: 1’ scale, using your rulers andtriangles as well as the furniture templates located on the cart.-Your retail space can sell whatever you wish: clothing; jewelry; sporting goods; etc.-You must have space within your floor plan to: -Sell your product -Checkout -Display your objects attractively to customers -Stock objects out of customer’s sight -Office for manager -Bathroom -Space for a break room for employees -Space to receive shipments of new products -Areas for traffic for customers to walkOther considerations: -Security from shoplifters -Window displays -Changing rooms if selling clothingREQUIREMENTS: -Inked floor plan using thin Sharpie pens and rulers for utmost neatness and professionalism -Professionally titled with Name of the Store Floor Plan Your Name Date -Name of area of the floor plan drawn in the space it occupies in capital letters -Area of each space of the floor plan calculated and written in the space it occupies on the graph paper in square feet -Total square footage of the space -Walls drawn to 1/3’ thickness -All doors, windows, built-in’s, furniture, etc. drawn in appropriate scale with appropriate symbols -All lines created with rulers