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Burlap wreaths


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Burlap Wreath tutorial for YMCA Workshop

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Burlap wreaths

  1. 1. If using wide burlap – fold in half widthwise
  2. 2. Fold the edge of your burlap through the innermost ring on the wreath form.
  3. 3. Tie the end of the burlap onto the wire or use a twist tie to secure it onto the form.
  4. 4. Form a loop of burlap. Give it a twist to make it more secure.
  5. 5. Shove the twisted loop through the second space on the wire form.
  6. 6. Make another loop of burlap with a twist and shove that through the third space on the wire form.
  7. 7. Continue the loop, twist and shove process back and forth across the wreath form.
  8. 8. Push your loops together to make the wreath fuller and fill in with burlap as needed. Use your fingers to make the loops fuller. Step back often to examine your work.
  9. 9. When finished, use a twist tie or knot the end of your burlap onto the form on the back side of the wreath.
  10. 10. Embellish with accessories such as pinecones, buttons, ribbons,letters, etc. Use twist ties to change out the décor for the seasons or hot glue if you want to keep your accessories on it permanently.
  11. 11. Make a burlap ribbon: 1. 2. 3. Trim knot and fluff bow