Evaluation question 4


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AS Media Coursework Evaluation Question 4 - Who Would Be Your Audience For Your Media Product?

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Evaluation question 4

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 4 Who would be your audience for your media product?
  2. 2. The target audience of our film is both boys and girls aged 15 – 20. we have decided that 15 is a suitable minimum age as many horror films include some sort of violence/blood which may not be appropriate for children under the age of 15. As we set the age rating as 15 we had to ensure that the contentwas appropriate so we did not show the character actually being killed, instead showed the rope around her neck and her feet hanging from the tree.
  3. 3. We have teenage characters in our film which helps the audience relate to them in some way. We have a jock and 2 popular girls, the audience may not directly relate with these but will have knowledge of the stereotype and therefore may know what is in store for each character during the film.
  4. 4. Some of the audience may relate with the jock as she puts on a front of being tough and nothing bothers her when in fact she gets paranoid and anxious just like everyone else.
  5. 5. Our characters are of school age as the establishing shot in the opening of the film shows them leaving school. This will appeal to the teenage audience as they are of the same age. If our characters were older it may not appeal as much to the 15 – 20 year old audience but instead to an older audience.
  6. 6. Whilst planning the opening to our film our group found it easier to think of the film as a whole and which characters may be in the following scenes. We decided to have the jock’s death first which leaves characters like the ‘nerd’, the ‘loner’ and the final girl open in the rest of the film.
  7. 7. We decided to film at a school as it would attract the teenage audience as they will be at school too. The establishing shot immediately identifies the setting to the audience and they can relate to the characters.
  8. 8. From our questionnaire it shows that most people didn’t mind the gender of the lead however themost popular out ofmale and female was female. This is why we decided to go with 3 female characters in the opening scene.