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  1. 1. 21 April 2011Angel Investors Tampa- St. Petersburg- ClearwaterDear Prospective Investors,You are receiving this letter at your request to inform you on up-and-coming business ventures in the Tampa bay area. This particular business venture is being projected to be open for operations in the summer of 2012. However in preparation we require your financial help to get planning underway started.The vision is to develop a chain of music venues and cafes unique to each region of the Tampa bay area. The purpose of these venues will be to enrich and promote the local culture of music and dining in what we hope will become local “hot spots” for regulars, college students and tourists.To begin our first venue we will are hoping to gain the investment of $1 million collectively from prospective business investors for the stability purposes of the first 3 years of operation. As an investor you will receive back your investment and an additional percentage on that investment annually for time to be later specified. As the CEO of this LLC, I plan on working 60-70 hour weeks (more if need be) receiving $45,000 for living expenses and necessities only. If you are interested in this venture and would like to arrange a personal meeting, please call me at (813) 480-0164 or e-mail me at Thank you so much for your time and consideration.Sincerely,Caitlin De BoerCaitlin DeBoerMontreat CollegeCaitlin B. De Boer<br />(813) 480 - 0164908 W Lutz Lake Fern Rd.Lutz, FL 33548E:mail:<br />Education:Montreat College, Montreat, NC<br />Bachelor of Arts in Music Business December 2011<br />Concentration: Vocal Performance <br />Academic Awards: Dean’s List Fall 2008, Spring 2009, <br />Spring 2010<br />Relevant Courses: Survey of Music Business, <br />Seminar in Music Performance, Applied Voice, Music Business Seminar, Guitar Ensemble, Technology In The Church, Principles of Accounting, Music Theory, Principles of Marketing, Audio Recording Techniques, Principles of Management, Macroeconomics, Business Ethics, Advanced Music Business, Business Law<br />Related Experience:Show Promoter (June 2006-Present)<br /><ul><li>Advertised shows in Tampa- St.Pete- Clearwater, Florida- Black Mountain/Asheville, NC
  2. 2. Montreat College’s 1st Annual Battle of the Bands</li></ul>Professional Recording Artist- <br /><ul><li>Self-Produced Album Summer 2008“Melee Revolution: A Musical Tale (28 tracks)”
  3. 3. Studio Work for Stone Table Media (2010)</li></ul>Public Performances 2004-present<br />Other Entrepreneurial Ventures:<br />Established Record Label in 2008<br />Work Experience:Target (Summer 2006)- Cashier -Floor help<br />Cold Stone Creamery 2006-2007 -Ice cream prepn-Cashier-ServerResidence Assistant Fall 2009-May 2011<br />-Schedule dorm socials, convocations and meetings with faculty staff-Manage hall relationships<br />LOT Ministry (homeless ministry) Fall 2008-present<br />-Set up-Food prep-Breakfast Cook<br />Social And Technical Skills:-Fluent in American Sign Language-<br /><ul><li>Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access -Web and Website development savvy
  4. 4. Garage Band and Pro Tools Recording Software Engineer Live Sound Engineering
  5. 5. Instruments: Voice, Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums, Harmonica, Flute