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Emotional disturbance


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Emotional disturbance

  1. 1. depression What is * A tendency to Resources & Emotional develop physical Support symptoms or fears • Positive Behavioral Disturban associated Interventions & with personal or Supports ( ce? school problems, o Provides school assistance for identifying, adapting, andA condition exhibiting sustainingone or more of the disciplinary 4 practicesfollowing 5 I • Anxiety & Depressioncharacteristics over a Association oflong period of time: America (www.adaa.orR o Provides * An inability to learn information and that cannot helpful services be explained by available. intellectual, o Information sensory, or health separated into factors categories (military, * An inability to build women, college, or maintain teens, children) satisfactory • National Eating Disorders interpersonal Association relationships with (www.nationaleastingdis peers and orders.orK) teachers o Supports * Inappropriate types individuals and of behavior families affected or feelings under by eating normal disorders o Serves for circumstances prevention, * A general cures, and access pervasive mood to quality care of • National Alliance on unhappiness or Mental Illness
  2. 2. ( o Iniprmatio n Disturb available, provides programs ance Emot and services, online support groups, and advocacy ionalDefinition from IDEA By Mikayla and MichelleAnxiety Disorder Bipolar Disorder Characteristics W h e nEating Disorder a pExamples of er sPsychotic Disorder
  3. 3. ons physical, Learning social, or Strategies:cognitive skills • Family therapy are affected Training strategies for » Hyperactivity {short parents attention span, impulsiveness) Training in problem- Aggression/self- solving injury for child {acting out, fighting) » Community-based • Withdrawal {not socially services Psychotherapy or interacting, excessive counseling fear/anxiety) * Immaturity Diet {inappropriate Medication crying, Positive behavioral temper tantrums) support * Learning difficulties in the school {academically below environment grade level) Reward appropriate behaviors Its funny ; you think everything l& okay simply because
  4. 4. Obsessive- Conduct DisorderCompulsive