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Uniting Individual Action Through Social Media for Global Change


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Globally we are becoming aware of how the individual choices we make affect the collective wellbeing of the 7 billion who coexist on the planet. Individuals want their decisions to act positively towards the end of inequality and are ready to work with those that help them achieve this. Organizations in both the nonprofit and for profit industries are beginning to capitalize on this desire for meaningful action. Social media is a tool for change, creating upheaval in industries from music to marketing and recently, the way individuals are involved in global change. Used in conjunction, social media and gamification could give individuals a platform to connect all of their actions for change and partner with organizations that are giving them social options for action towards global human rights goals.

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Uniting Individual Action Through Social Media for Global Change

  1. 1. Uniting Individual ActionThrough Social Media forGlobal Change Caitlin Fader Candidate for Graduation Spring 2012
  2. 2. Current State of Social Media as a Tool Individual Action for Changefor Global Change Gamifying Social Good Action for the United Nations
  3. 3. Current State of IndividualAction for Global Change
  4. 4. Philanthropy Voluntary Giving Voluntary Service Voluntary Association Bequests 8% Foundatio “in certain economic ns 14% situations, individuals will widen their space of strategies, including Corporati decreased from elements able to promote ons 5% 26.8 percent to cooperation, to overcome dead-ends, created by Individuals 73% 26.3 percent over individualistic behaviors” the last year “many 8.1 billion hours individuals, corporations, and foundations cut back on giving as their income, profits, and endowments fell”(The Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University ii), (Corporation for National and Community Service ), (Caparros, Pereau and Tazdait 104)
  5. 5. Economic Action• Creating New Demand• Shaping Current Demand
  6. 6. Creating New Demand $180 million raised Involved a community of 2.3 million + ((RED) ) Over 1 million shoes sold and given Involved a community of 2.7 million+ Sold over 50,000 whistles Founder named Forbes 30 under 30 Law and Policy (Falling Whistles)(TOMS)
  7. 7. Shaping Current Demand (Slavery Footprint)Slavery Footprint attempts to “use the free market to free people” by “allowing consumer to visualize how their consumption habits are connected to modern-day slavery” (Slavery Footprint)
  8. 8. The New Consumer They are looking to brands and People Want to Act companies to help them do thisglobally there has been a rise in the amount of people 71% of consumers “believe brands and consumers couldwho think “people like me” should be doing the most to do more to support good causes by working together” support good causes (Edleman) (Edleman) This will affect their purchasing decisions They’ve already started acting80% of people indicated they were likely to switch brands 41% of consumers bought a cause product or service in for one that supported a cause over one that did not the past 12 months (Cone) (Cone)
  9. 9. The Blurring Lines “not social responsibility, philanthropy or even sustainability, but anew way to achieve economic success … capability to lead socialprogress in ways that even the best-intentioned governmental and social sector organizations can rarely match” (Porter and Kramer, Creating Shared Value 17). Societal Value
  10. 10. Social Media as a Tool forChange
  11. 11. Tool for Change (Peters)(Andersen)
  12. 12. Individual Social Good “digital technology is a game-changer in the world of positive socialchange … laying a foundation for individuals to empower themselves and create positive social change” (Walden University 5) People are Participating Digitally 47% of people said they had expressed an opinion on a Not Just a Fad social change issue on a blog or website while 43% had 65% of adults do not believe that using social media tojoined or created a group on a social networking site that get involved is just a fad (Walden University 11) as dedicated to an issue (Cone)
  13. 13. Kony 2012 Most “viral” video ever created reaching 100 million views in just 6 days (Wasserman).(ONeill) ?
  14. 14. Gamifying Social Good
  15. 15. WeTopia• 800,000 active users in 6 months who have contributed to • Building two schools • Donating 1 million gallons of water, 650,000 meals, 2,000 multi-vitamin doses, 2,500 shoes and 4,000 coats (Hernandez)(Sojo Studios)
  16. 16. Gamification 15 million users, 1 billion check-ins, 500,000 businesses using merchant platforms(Foursquare)
  17. 17. Common Goals(United Nations )
  18. 18. My Development Dashboard
  19. 19. (United Nations )
  20. 20. Partnering for Change Partnership allowed for more than 800,000 children previously out of school in the 500 villages in Uttar Pradesh to attend primary school (United Nations Global Compact 62)(IKEA)
  21. 21. Action for the United Nations
  22. 22. Goal 1: Supporting Individual Action
  23. 23. Goal 2: Brand RevitalizationStrategy 1: RebrandWith the goal of sustaining the MDG campaignmoving forward, the United Nations shouldexamine their current brand to create acohesive message for the future.Tactic 1: Brand PurposeTactic 2: Redesign of Logo (United Nations )Strategy 2: ConsolidationTactic 1: Brand Property Survey andConsolidation (Facebook)
  24. 24. Goal 3: Awareness and EngagementStrategy 1: Interactive DisplaysTactic 1: Major City, College Main Square, andMall Interactive DisplaysStrategy 2: Utilize partnerships to increasereach and awareness of message.Tactic 1: Product WrappingStrategy 3: Large Event TakeoverTactic 1: Media InvolvementTactic 2: Player Engagement
  25. 25. Goal 4: Commitment to EducationStrategy 1: Educational MaterialsTactic 1: Media Partnership Calls to ActionTactic 2: Livestream Lectures
  26. 26. Goal 5: Sustained EngagementStrategy 1: Sustained awareness throughongoing programmingTactic 1: The UN Development Goal ShowStrategy 2: Award Celebration
  27. 27. Conclusion
  28. 28. Works Cited
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