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Cairn India is committed to conducting its operations in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. This commitment is fundamental to the long term success and focus on creating value and making a difference where Cairn India operates through various community development initiative in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Sri Lanka. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is therefore an integral part of Cairn India’s business strategy. Cairn India’s success is guided by the CSR vision, which is encapsulated in the 3 Rs – Respect, Relationships and Responsibility.

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Striding Ahead March 2012

  1. 1. A Cairn India CSR MagazineMarch 2012 Issue Striding Ahead
  2. 2. ContentsAbout RavvaBringing Social Responsibilty to RavvaEconomic DevelopmentHealthEducationInfrastructureStrides We TookTransforming LivesConceptualised, designed and developed by theCommunication and Design department of Cairn India Ltd.Disclaimer: The information provided in this magazinehas been gathered from actual incidents and experiences.The content is sole property of Cairn India Ltd. and mustnot be misused. To post your queries/ questions, write© Cairn India Ltd.2012
  3. 3. Ravva Cairn India has been at the forefront of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives in the villages in and around Ravva since 2005.Over the years, the number of initiatives have increased, intensified and benefited the marginalised community in a positive manner. The CSR initiatives at Ravva are a combined effort of all our partners - ONGC, Videocon, Ravva Oil and Cairn, hence its called Ravva Joint Venture (Ravva JV).
  4. 4. Striding Ahead I 5T his issue of Striding Ahead establishing the infrastructure of provides insight into the the village. A number of initiatives extensive CSR initiatives taken to enhance education and womenup at Ravva for the benefit of the empowerment were undertakenrural community, under the 3Rs along with various opportunities ofCSR vision of Respect, Relationship market linkage which were providedand Responsibility. Cairn India has to ensure economic stability. Onealways reached out to the community, such key initiative was the Micro-since the time it initiated business Vendor programme which receivedoperations at Ravva. The 3Rs vision an award from TERI. As part of itswas best demonstrated at the village health-related initiatives, Ravva JVof Surasaniyanam in Ravva. operates a village health clinic where over 100 community members todayThe CSR team worked hard on the seek consultation and medication.four pillars of infrastructure, economicdevelopment, health and education Read more about these programmesto bring out a drastic change in the being executed at Ravva in this Roads for the entirecommunity, offices for the panchayatand District Adminstration, schoolsfor the children have been a part in
  5. 5. 6 I March 2012 Issue 3About RavvaRavva, one of Cairn’s active assets, is king’s name from which the city derived its Since the time Cairn began its operationslocated in a village called Surasaniyanam. ancient name – ‘Rajamhendravaram’. The in the area, various kinds of benefitsAlso known as S’yanam ,it belongs to the new archaeological evidence suggests that were extended for the benefit of the localEast Godavari District in Andhra Pradesh. the city may have existed even before the community. Considering this marginalisedDeveloped in partnership with ONGC, Chalukyas. sector needed support with respect toVideocon and Ravva Oil, Cairn became the infrastructure, health and sanitation,operating partner of this plant in the year In addition, the remains of 11th century education and employment, Cairn in1996. Spread over 225 acres, the onshore palaces and fort walls still exist. Being partnership with Ravva JV reached out toprocessing facility at S’yanam is owned by one of the biggest cities in Southern India them in every manner.the Ravva JV partners. The plant processes until the 19th century, Rajahmundrynatural gas and crude oil from was also the hotbed for various “The Ravvathe Ravva field. freedom struggles. onshore terminalThe Ravva field was recognised as one of It was during the British rule in India operates tothe most efficient field operators when that Rajamhendravaram was renamedbenchmarked against 25 of its peers in July Rajahmundry.The British rulers established internationally2005. Ravva JV has maintained its low-cost headquarters of the Godavari District at recognisedoperating model by focusing on life-cycle Rajahmundry at the time when the entireplanning, continuous monitoring and control district was split into East and West. environmental &of operational costs, and the innovative Rajahmundry is also the place of origin of the Safety standards –application of operating technologies. great language – Telugu.A beautiful drive from Rajahmudry, via ISO 14001 &Amlapuram, brings you to S’yanam where Situated amidst lush green landscapes, OHSAS 18001 – andthe Ravva off-shore plant of Cairn is located. coconut trees and the sea; Ravva presents aRajahmundry is a city in Andhra Pradesh, picturesque sight. The locals at S’yanam are has the capacityIndia, with a rich historical background. depended on aqua-culture and agriculture to handle 70,000The origin of this city can be traced back for their survival. However, the communityto the times of the Chalukya king Rajaraja stands divided in terms of caste and suffered barrels of oil perNarendra. It is believed that it was the from poor living conditions. day (bopd). “
  6. 6. Striding Ahead I 7
  7. 7. 8 I March 2012 Issue 3Bringing ‘Social Responsibility’to RavvaKeeping in view the CSR vision of 3Rs – RESPECT RELATIONSHIPS RESPONSIBILTYRespect, Relationship and Responsibility,Cairn values community members across People are Cairn India’s The success of the Cairn India is operatingits operational areas as key assets and an key asset and critical company would in many areas that faceintegral part of its business development.Building and sustaining relationships with to the business. The not have been economic, social andstakeholders, understanding and responding entrepreneurial spirit is possible without the environmental the socio-economic requirement and underpinned by a depth consistent support We have a responsibilityoperating responsibility towards the of knowledge and a of all stakeholders, to understand theseenvironmental challenges in the areas ofCairn’s operations are some of the key strong set of cultural governments, challenges, identifyresponsibilities. core values including regulators and JV the potential impact integrity, social partners, to the local of our activities and,At Ravva too, Cairn India envisaged a and environmental communities and the through engaging withholistic and sustainable approach towardsthe upliftment and transformation of the responsibility, team- administration of the stakeholders, look formarginalised community at S’yanam. Prime work and the nurturing regions where Cairn opportunitieswherefocus was laid on economic growth and of individuals. India operates. mutual benefit is secured.development of human capital.
  8. 8. Striding Ahead I 9
  9. 9. 10 I March 2012 Issue 3Economic community. While some micro-vendors socks and uniform for school children. continued to work at Cairn, many others benefited from the skills learnt at Cairn and In order to open market opportunities for moved ahead to work with companies in these women, Cairn collaborated with ‘Godavari Delta Lace Artisan CottageDevelopment Andhra Pradesh. Industry, Narsapur’ and organised a lace Ravva JV made an impact by stabilising the training programme for women in S’yanam. economic condition of the rural people at This programme was highly appreciated as S’yanam and plans to empower women of new techniques and methods were shared the village were put in place. with the women. Close to 100 women were trained for 6 months after which they beganDeveloping Micro Vendors successfully by the micro-vendors included Women Empowerment operating from home as appropriate market Rig Movement to Chirayanam. It was linkage was also provided.At the end of 2005, the Ravva asset in realised that many micro-vendors lacked Cairn drove attention towards incomeAndhra Pradesh launched its first CSR quality, safety and environmental knowledge generation programmes for women. The Further initiatives towards womeninitiative to develop the local micro-vendor to meet Cairn India’s requirements. This aim was to bring about socio-economic empowerment included establishmentbase around its production site. The aim resulted in a training and supervision independence amongst women of S’yanam of a coir unit by Cairn in 2006. ‘Coconutof this initiative was to provide more programme to enhance skills and upgrade and surrounding areas. In order to meet the by-Product Society, Uppalaguptam’ wasopportunity for vendors on the doorstep knowledge amongst their vendors. The objective, women were enrolled into training engaged and partnered for this initiative.of Cairn India’s production activity. It was programmes included detailed instruction workshops for lace and rope making. A well They were propagated to provide necessaryensured that local contractors benefited on the required work, specific training equipped tailoring centre was established in assistance to the rural women of S’yanam.from Ravva JV operations in the area. At identified by quality engineers, inspection November 2004 and a trainer was engaged The Society supplied raw materials andthe end of 2006, close to 30 micro-vendors and certification of the work and much more. to conduct training programmes. took finished products, thereby adding towere registered to provide services such The training helped create a pool of vendors the economic stability of the women minor civil, electrical and mechanical and contractors and contracts worth close Appropriate infrastructure and more than The coir unit has been beneficial to thework, gardening, waste management, sand to US$ 1 million were awarded to about 80 10 sewing machines were procured for the households which had hitherto dependedblasting and painting. micro-vendors at Ravva. centre. Women from the village benefitted only on agriculture. economically and socially through this skillOne of the most critical jobs undertaken by Micro vendors have since then been enhancement programme. A Self Helpthe micro-vendors was the construction of motivated to take up challenging jobs for Group (SHG) of women was formed inthe Irrigation Canal. Ravva JV supported Ravva JV were awarded the transport & October 2005 and ever since, Ravva JVthe construction work financially and logistics contracts for Ravva. The entire has been supporting the association bytechnically. Some of the other tasks managed initiative positively impacted the local encouraging women to stitch coveralls, wind
  10. 10. Striding Ahead I 11 Economic DevelopmentIt is people who make a difference to the business on a daily basis but it isexternal relationships and partnerships that push it further.We aim to make a difference for local communities — wherever we operate.
  11. 11. Dormitories for the Students DisciplineHands—on with Machinery Training of Mind Body Soul Hands—on with Machinery Discipline Learning Hand Experience Resiing Mess Facility Experience Mess Facility Mess Facility Mess Facility Experience Mess Facility Learning Yoga A day at GMRV Foundation for Experience the Residential Training students from S’yanam Mess Facility Yoga Mess Facility yrenihcaM htiw no—sdnaH Residential Training Experience Mess Facility Experience Practical Lessons Mess Facility Hands—on with Machinery Experience Mess Facility Mess FacilityMess Facility Experience Experience Training of Mind Body SoulExperienceMess Facility Yoga Yoga
  12. 12. Striding Ahead I 13Skill Training Programme were trained at GMRVF, Hyderabad for three months. The students attained training • Uses sustainable skill development and vocational trainingIt was realised that economic independence in automobile repair and mobile repair. initiatives.would not be sustainable until the youth Ravva also invested in training rural youth • Bridges skill gaps across service sectors.were trained intensively and counselled in the subject of Retail Management with • Creates gainful employment opportunities for rural belowappropriately. Focus was drawn towards support from IL&FSES. A key feature ofthe youth of S’yanam and building their the programme is the linkage with industry poverty line youth.capabilities. Special programmes were with companies such as Hero Moto Corp, • Supplements the nation’s economic growth rate.designed keeping in mind the ultimate Spar Retail, Ashok Leyland and Big C.objective of ‘skill based employment’ Counselling sessions continue to happenfor the youth. till date, benefiting close to 200 local youth every session. About GMR Varalakshmi recreation rooms, seminar halls, etc, allIn the first phase, trained counsellors were under one roof.hired to counsel the rural unemployed Foundationyouth. These counsellors belonged to highly About IL&FS ES Some of the courses offered here include:acclaimed institutions like IL&FSES (IL&FS The GMR Varalakshmi Foundation was electrical house wiring, refrigerator andEducational Services) and GMRVF (GMR IL&FS Education Services is the social developed with an objective to help develop air conditioning repair, advanced weldingVaralakshmi Foundation). Representatives infrastructure initiative of IL&FS India. social infrastructure and improve the training, basic computers, mobile repair, etc.from these institutions briefed the The Skills Initiatives Group within IL&FS quality of life for the rural and marginalised Students who enrol at the GMR Varalakshmiparticipants about vocational opportunities Education facilitates and manages large scale communities. The areas of focus at the GMR centre for empowerment & livelihood areand courses conducted in Hyderabad, skills training and placement programmes Varalakshmi foundation are that related not only provided education pertaining toVijayawada and Vishakapatnam. with an aim to eradicate poverty in rural to education, health, empowerment & their course but also taken through soft skills areas. The ultimate objective remains to livelihood, community development and training sessions, yoga, shramdan (voluntaryThe aim was to bring them face-to-face with connect industries in need of skilled workers much more. service to the society) and cultural & sportsreality and ways to overcome poverty and with trained personnel and to address activities.unemployment. The counsellors conducted employability issues. At the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport,surveys to find the interests, capabilities Hyderabad, Cairn has tied up with one of Economic Developmentand skill-sets of each youth. Post this, one- Supported by Ministry of Rural their arms:- GMR Varalakshmi centre foron-one sessions took place with the youth Development, IL&FS Education has empowerment & livelihood. The centrewhere each one was directed towards successfully trained and placed more than has been established to provide qualityachieving his goal. Ravva JV offered to one lakh youth across industries such as vocational training and placement facilities toprovide sponsorships to candidates and apparel, leather, service sector, engineering the youth. It is a residential centre equippedthe first batch youth from S’yanam village and construction. with classrooms, worksheds, mess, library,
  13. 13. 14 I March 2012 Issue 3Health“It is health that is the real wealth and not (d) First Aid Trainingpieces of gold and silver”, said Mahatma To ensure that any needy local personGandhi. Catering to the basic health and receives first aid at the right time, Cairnmedical requirements, Ravva JV set up a local conducted a training session for thehealth clinic at the S’yanam village. The clinic community members and taught themoperates for 2 hours every day where a Cairn the ways to provide first aid to anyappointed doctor along with a nurse extend suffering person.their services to the needy. Medication andconsultation are provided free of cost to the Apart from curative healthcare emphasis isvillagers and today more than 150 villagers also laid on preventive healthcare in ordervisit the health clinic daily. The initiative has to brining sustainable health improvementhelped in improving the health standards for the S’yanam community. Regular healthand awareness amongst the community awareness programmes are organisedmembers. Various programmes under taken through various mediums of folk mediawith the help of the health clinic include: like Kala Jatha (street theater), folk songs,a) Eye camp for the community puppet shows etc. In these awarenessCairn has been sponsoring spectacles and programmes various issues like importancecataract surgery for those in need of these of hygiene, immunization, balanced diet, (b) School Health Programme etc are discussed.As a CSR initiative, CairnCairn has been reaching out to the school has also been extending support towards COMING SOONstudents and instilling awareness about the handicapped persons in the village bydiseases, ways to prevent diseases and providing pension (monetary support) for A 12 bed hospital has been constructed by Ravva JV inhygiene practices in day-to-day living. close to 70 handicapped persons in the Surasaniyanam. Very soon, the hospital will be inaugurated(c) Dental & Oral Hygiene community. In addition to this, the Red Cross and bring about a transformational change in the lives ofCairn has been educating the community Society has also been getting immense the villagers who will benefit from this immensely.members on benefits of dental and oral support from Cairn with respect to financialhygiene. bearing.
  14. 14. Striding Ahead I 15Catering to the health requirements of the local community at thevillage health clininc run by Cairn India Health
  15. 15. 16 I March 2012 Issue 3EducationWhile the health of the community was ensured that necessary equipment andimproving, Cairn began to focus on furniture was provided in order to create a Solar Lighting COMMUNITY BENEFITS TO THEenhancing education for the youth of the better learning environment for the students. Ravva JV conducted an assessment survey to understand ‘streetvillage. The agenda was to consistently lighting’ requirement at S’yanam. Keeping in mind the sensitivity of the area towards natural calamities, it was decided to install solarcontribute towards primary education for Over the years Ravva JV formed a lights in the village. Today villagers benefit from the solar streetstudents at S’yanam. Cairn realised that Scholarship Programme for the children lamps installed and provided by Ravva achieve this, the school infrastructure at S’yanam, encouraging them towardsneeded to be improved; uniforms, school academic success. On a merit and need Green Beltbooks and bags were to be provided and basis, scholarships have been provided to Keeping in mind the need to maintain ecological balance around thesupport towards government schemes like students. Special attention was given to area of operations, Cairn decided to build a Green Belt at S’yanam in 1996. As per the Cairn CSR objective of being responsible, thismid-day meals was needed. ‘education of girl child’ especially those who step was taken to help land reuse and regeneration and mitigation dropped out after matriculation. In addition of adverse impacts on environment. Also, the Green Belt helps toAll these objectives were met by Cairn and to this, bus passes have been provided to mitigate environmental damage and era of ‘learning and spreading knowledge’ students travelling outside S’yanam to attendbegan. A step ahead was taken and Ravva colleges or other educational institutes in The belt is spread over an area of 229 acres around the terminal, village roads and the beach. There are about 25 species of treesJV built classrooms in schools and sponsored Amalapuram and nearby areas. in the green belt, dominated largely by casuarinas and mangroves.teachers. The teachers were interviewed Currently, a micro-vendor has been contracted for its maintenancefrom Amlapuram and Rajahmundry and Keeping in mind overall development of the and the focus is on consolidating the existing green belt area.hired on contract in order to positively students, a children’s park was built in theimpact the school going students. village. Apart from this, attention was drawnThis was an effort towards improving the towards ‘adult education’ too. ensure that children of the village attain activities and prizes. These occasions haveliteracy rate of the region thereby increasing standard education and support for overall also been used as platforms to conductthe employability opportunity of the youth The programme proved to be a success and development. As part of micro-interventions, special sessions with the students suchand economic stability for the community helped some of the contract workmen at Cairn collaborates with the school authorities as: eye screening camp, dental camp,as a whole. To make education practical and terminals to enroll for higher education and during special occasions like Republic Day, counselling sessions etc.up to date, Ravva JV introduced a computer thereby aim at better employment options. Independence Day, Teachers Day, Children’scenter and a science laboratory in the Ravva Till date, Cairn continues to take up Day, etc. Cairn has been extending supportJV sponsored school at S’yanam. It was measures from time to time in order to by conducting and sponsoring sports
  16. 16. Striding Ahead I 17Educating the local rural youth Education
  17. 17. 18 I March 2012 Issue 3Infrastructure touched the lives of over 35,000 villagers. USD was spent from 2007-2009 in enablingConstruction Ravva JV continued to provide major and this comfort for the villagers. The housing minor infrastructure support towards the toilets came across as a better option for theUnder the Indira Awaas Yojana, Ravva JV community. A cyclone shelter, bus stand rural women who were otherwise dependedsupported the construction of over 200 and a children’s park was constructed for on sun-down time and had to walk longhouses for the marginalised community better living conditions of the community. In distances.members at Ravva. In addition to this, order to address to the medical requirementsclassroom construction and establishment of of the villagers, a health clinic was also Another significant step taken towardscomputer learning centres were also initiated constructed. better living standards for the marginalisedkeeping in mind the emphasis Cairn CSR community members was ‘providinggives towards education. The support functions did not stop here. clean and safe drinking water’. Cairn built Ravva JV endeavoured to understand storage tanks for storing drinking water forThe local community was hugely impacted community requirements and accordingly, consumption by the villagers. It was ensuredby these initiatives. Ravva JV thereby various efforts to improve the sanitation of that drinking water pipelines were laid in allwas able to win their support helping the the area were put to action. streets so that every household could getbusiness to continue smoothly. In addition, access to clean and safe drinking was also extended towardsconstructing internal roads at S’yanam, Sanitation Though the health status of the entirebuilding a boundary wall and establishing community was impacted positively due topanchayat offices in the village. Sanitation refers to the provision of facilities this initiative, Cairn remained committed and services for safe disposal of human to bring primary healthcare services at theVillages like Challapalli, Kamarajupeta, excrement and inadequate sanitation is a doorstep of the community members andKithenchuruvu, Singayya Cheruvu, major cause of disease world-wide. hence various developments took place inUppalaguptam, Gopavaram, Badugupeta, The first step that Cairn took in partnership the segment.Pedagavalli Colony, and B.V. Ramanayya with Ravva JV was towards constructingNagar amongst many other, benefited over 600 housing toilets with a shed andimmensely from the action taken up by Cairn door. This helped villagers learn and adapton constructing roads. These initiatives to clean and hygienic living. Around 285,000
  18. 18. Striding Ahead I 19 InfrastructureDeveloping infrastructure for the benefit of local community at S’yanam
  19. 19. 20 I March 2012 Issue 3Strides we took In 2008, the prestigious TERI (The Energy Research Institute) CSR Award was presented to Cairn India for its highly impactful ‘Micro-Vendor Programme’ successfully initiated at Ravva. Cairn India for the first time participated in the ‘Oil Industry Safety Awards’ for the year 2010-2011 and Ravva Asset emerged as the Winner of under ‘offshore production platforms’ category. Youth from S’yanam were enrolled in Boosting economic stability for the community at S’yanam, Cairn created a skill based trainings The sanitation status at pool of micro vendors who were awarded contracts worth US$ 1 million. programmes and today S’yanam was poor, prompting they earn close to Cairn India to take up the INR 7500 per month; initiative of constructing which helps them toilets. Today over 600 support their families housing toilets have been and bring about built, ensuring hygienic living economic stability in conditions for the community the community. members.
  20. 20. Sanitation & Development Of Providing Better Women Contract Worth 1 Skill Training Attending To Over 150Construction Micro-Vendors Education For Empowerment Million US $ For The Programmes For The Patients Everyday AtFor Better From The Village The Students Through Sewing Local Micro-Vendors Local Youth, Enabling The Village Health ClinicInfrastructure By Sponsoring Training, Coir, Rope Them To Earn. (Today Operated By Cairn India Additional Teachers And Lace Making Youth From S’yanam And Opening A With Market Linkage Are Placed In Computer Centre. For The Same Companies Like Spar Retail, Hero Honda And Big C)
  21. 21. 22 I March 2012 Issue 3TransformingLivesEmployment For The but soon Rao was a regular attendee at the daily sessions. The one month long courseLocal Youth Through Skill included technical training and soft skillsDevelopment Training required to pursue a successful career in the BPO or retail sector. Apart from regular practical training, IL&FS also impartedEswara Rao, a 20 year old youth from English speaking, yoga and personalS’yanam is the only brother to his three development training which Eswara saysyounger sisters and the only hope of survival helped him improve his attitude and broughtin old age for his parents. A family of six about positive thinking.Little did Rao knowmembers has to fight for a living at S’yanam that reaching Vijayawada from S’yanam wasif they stay wholly dependent on agriculture. not the end of his journey, rather it was justHaving realised this through one of the the beginning.counseling sessions conducted by Cairn, Raochose to know more about the skill training Today, comparing himself to his friends,programmes. He attended a full-fledged Rao confidently states that he is gladcounseling workshop held by Jana Kalyan he underwent this training as now he isWelfare Society at S’yanam and his eyes employed by one of the largest retail chainsopened to the opportunities available in the in the country, SPAR, and working in amarket to make a sustainable living. metropolitan city where he gets to live a lifeHe joined a batch of trainees sent to IL&FS which he had only seen on television. Rao’sfor retail training on 3rd January 2012. family is proud of him and they look up to him for financial support. Eswara dream of aLeaving home, Rao carried with himself gainful employment which would allow hisfaith, hope, dreams and aspirations. Leaving family to live unfettered of financial woes hasbehind a family of five was not easy at first now been achieved.
  22. 22. Striding Ahead I 23“Although he misses home, he assures us He knew that his family would need him to small soda-making unit which would barelythat he will keep visiting us often. After all, be financially sound in order to help them all provide enough for him and his family. He PARTNERS IN OURmy brother can afford travelling by bus” says survive comfortably and therefore, Sridhar dreamt of being a civil contractor but did not SUCCESSRao’s proud little sister. began to study hard at the GMR Centre. He have either the guidance nor the financial was trained on mobile repairing techniques wherewithal to fulfil his dreams. It was at the and was also taken through soft skills training time when Pettamdar was facing his worst Jana Kalyan Welfare SocietyBuilding Confidence & which is essential in today’s professional financial crisis that Cairn India introduced theFuture Plans scenario. ‘micro-vendor development programme’ at GMR Varalakshmi Foundation Ravva. The programme aimed at bringingLike any other teenager, Badugu Sridhar After the two month course, Sridhar was a economic stability within the community and ILFSES (IL&FS Educationalfrom S’yanam had dreams about a life of changed man. The yoga sessions helped him benefiting locals.comforts. Sridhar dreamt of running his keep a positive attitude towards his goal and Services)own successful business and supporting the training sessions had helped him gain Pettamdar got to know about this initiativehis family. But there were few opportunities all the necessary practical and theoretical and grabbed the opportunity Cairn had to ALEAPin the village and his parents were not know-how to either join a firm or start his offer. “The moment I got to know that Cairnsufficiently aware to be able to guide him in own business. India was issuing contracts to local vendors, State Health Department,the right direction. I established ‘Sri Bhakta Engineering’ and Government of Andhra Determined as he was, Sridhar is on his way registered it. In 2005 we got the contractsIn 2011, Sridhar came to know about Cairn to launching his own shop to catering to of the company on tender basis. I had PradeshIndia’s initiative of sending students from mobile repairing services. As compared to experience in handling hydra equipments inS’yanam for education and skill based his friends he feels way more independent agriculture, so I participated in the tender of Nehru Yuva Kendra (Ministrytrainings which could help him open up his and proud of himself. Sridhar and his family hydra equipments supply contract. of Youth Affairs)own business someday. Sridhar had just are thankful to Cairn for this transformationturned 19 when he attended one of the in their lives. I presented a quote and got the contract Amalapuram Governmentcounseling sessions conducted by Cairn for the three years. I have built my ownand here he chose to learn more about portfolio of products and am looking at other Hospital‘Mobile Repairing’. From here there was Enhancing Economic contracts as well”, Pettamdar was quoted asno looking back and soon Sridhar was saying. “From a small soda maker, now I am District Administrationsponsored by Cairn to gain knowledge and Stability a contractor. I have grown step-by-step with (East Godavari District, Transforming Livesover all development at the GMR Centre, the help and guidance given by Cairn India. Government of AndhraHyderabad. Leaving behind parents and a Pettamdar, a resident of S’yanam, was Now I am settled and I happy that I achieved Pradesh)younger brother was not easy but this young one of the many people suffering from what I wanted to be,” said Pettamdar.boy was determined and kept faith in Cairn. economic hardships in the area. He ran a
  23. 23. 24 I March 2012 Issue 3