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Cairn India is committed to conducting its operations in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. This commitment is fundamental to the long term success and focus on creating value and making a difference where Cairn India operates through various community development initiative in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Sri Lanka. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is therefore an integral part of Cairn India’s business strategy. Cairn India’s success is guided by the CSR vision, which is encapsulated in the 3 Rs – Respect, Relationships and Responsibility.

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Striding Ahead

  1. 1. A Cairn India CSR Magazine Striding Ahead I 1January 2012 Issue Striding Ahead
  2. 2. 2 I January 2012 Issue
  3. 3. Striding Ahead I 3 Covered FeaturesEducation Health Economic Development Infrastructure These are the four pillars on which Cairn India’s values are enriched. They form a 360O approach towards the betterment of the community and rural people. It is for these rural communities that Cairn strives to improve their living standards, health & hygiene, literacy level, economic independence and much more.
  4. 4. 4 I January 2012 IssueContentsIntroduction 2Strides We Took 4Education 6Health 8Economic Development 12Infrastructure 16Transforming Lives 20Conceptualised, designed and developed by theCommunication and Design department of Cairn India Ltd.Disclaimer: The information provided in this magazinehas been gathered from actual incidents and experiences.The content is sole property of Cairn India Ltd. and mustnot be misused. To post your queries/ questions, write© Cairn India Ltd.2011
  5. 5. Striding Ahead I 5 Striding Ahead I 5Cairn India is committed at maintaining bring about in our business developmentthe highest standards of Corporate activities and we are proud of what weSocial Responsibility (CSR) in its business have achieved – and continue to achieve –activities and aims to make an impact wherever we are operational.wherever it operates. Cairn India stronglyendorses and believes that its CSR Responsibility – Cairn India is operatingcommitment of Respect, Relationships and in many areas that face economic, socialResponsibility for the communities cannot and environmental challenges. It has thebe restricted and limited within regulatory responsibility to understand these CSRrequirements. By Respect, Relationships challenges, identify the potential impactand Responsibility we mean the following: of its activities and, through engaging with stakeholders, look for opportunities forRespect – People are Cairn India’s key mutual benefit.asset and the attitude of the Cairn teamis critical to its business culture. Cairn’s The CSR team has strived to ensure longentrepreneurial spirit is underpinned by term socio-economic and environmentala depth of knowledge and a strong set of sustainability of the communities across allcultural core values, including integrity, its areas of and environmental responsibility,teamwork, nurturing of individual Cairn CSR programmes are embeddedcreativity, risk management and developing within the four thematic areas namelyalliances with key partners. Health, Education, Infrastructure and Economic Development. TheseRelationships – These are the key programmes are directly impactingto developing any business and Cairn thousands of community members. TheIndia’s success in the region for more programmes are in sync with Governmentthan a decade would not have been programmes and partner agenciespossible without the consistent support working towards similar goals. In thisof all stakeholders, from Governments, issue of Striding Ahead, you will readregulators and JV partners to the people about the inception to sustenance of theseliving near our sites. The level of support programmes.and understanding on the ground issomething we have worked hard to
  6. 6. 6 I January 2012 IssueIntroductionIndia is united by diversity spread across Cairn India, a significant player in thea population of about 1.2 billion people Indian energy sector has consistentlycomposed of several ethnic groups, leveraged social responsibility towards thespeaking more than 1,000 languages and communities and rural people in areas of itsfollowing varied religions. With an annual operations. As a committed corporate, Cairnpopulation growth rate of 1.4 per cent, India has been sensitive towards the situation offaces many challenges primarily in the rural the marginalised sectors and has buckledsectors. India ranks in the bottom few on the up to transforming the lives of people acrossUnited Nations Development Programme’s its operational areas. Focus has been laid2011 Human Development Index – a on areas which needed enhancement andcomparative measure of life expectancy, consistent efforts are being made everydayliteracy, education and standards of livingfor countries worldwide. Close to 75 per to enrich the livelihood of people. Cairn India CSR initiatives and programmes In 2007, in S’Yanam village close to 100 micro vendors were developed by Cairn “Cairn India, acent of India’s population lives in rural areas aim at fostering inclusive growth in the India. Today the same micro vendors are significant player in theof which more than 10 per cent of rural communities around its operational area. drawing orders of close to INR 22.5 crore. A Indian energy sector hashouseholds are reported to be landless. Today Cairn has emerged as one of the student from Suvali who benefitted from theThe sector constitutes of day wage earners most responsible corporates in the country education initiatives went on to achieving consistently leveragedas labours, farmers and casual workers. because of its honest commitment to the greater heights in academics and Cairn India social responsibilityWithin these communities its women who society. sponsored his higher education in IIT in theare further more deprived due to tradition, year 2010. Such has been the momentum towards the communitiescaste, society and other constraints. It was in the year 2006 when Barmer, a of consistent and genuine community and rural people in areasTaking this into consideration, many drought-prone area in Rajasthan witnessed engagement at Cairn India. Even today CairnGovernment programmes and welfare floods; the villages were under 25 feet is effectively disseminating needed support of its operations.initiatives have mushroomed in various water; Cairn India plunged in to help the in form of initiatives for better education,marginalised areas of India. However, community in every possible way. The health and economic independence for thethe scenario is not rosy and a lot needs relief operations were lead by Cairn India marginalised section of the society not just into be done by corporate companies and officials and representatives from the Barmer but also in areas of Gujarat, Andhraindividuals. armed forces and district administration. Pradesh and Sri Lanka.
  7. 7. Striding Ahead I 7Encouraging education for the girl child
  8. 8. 8 I January 2012 IssueStrides we took HelpAge Silver Plate Award in 2010 for impacting over 25 Lac community people through the health initiatives. Golden Peacock Award for Corporate Social Responsibility 2011. CMO Asia Award for Best Overall Corporate Social Responsibility Practice in 2011 in Singapore. The Science on WheelsCairn India was able to add value to van has touched theapproximately 80% of the trainees from lives of more thanCairn Enterprise Centre as they started 16000 students acrosstheir own enterprises after going through schools in Barmer andrigid training sessions under supervision Bhogat areas.of specialised trainers.
  9. 9. Striding Ahead I 9The Cairn Enterprise Centre has been The Dairy Developmentinstrumental in bringing about economic Programme hasstability for the women by imparting successfully strengthenedtrainings in handicrafts, thereby making the economic status ofway for business prospects for women. the rural community as the milk production has increased 108% from time of inception. This is due to various factors such as better veterinarian facilities, improved fodder, regular fat measurement and much more. The Room to Read, Library Project has been taken beyond borders. Students in Monaragala district in Sri Lanka are being benefitted from the resources and knowledge being imparted through these libraries. Construction and repairing of around 1350 Tanka Tankli (Water Harvesting Structures) in 19 villages of Barmer, Rajashthan. The total project cost was Rs. 131.4 Lacs.
  10. 10. 10 I January 2012 Issue EducationEducation is a tool that helps combat the availability of good books and learning benefit from the library resources. This is in • Facilitation of learning programmes thatcut-throat competition in today’s times. At aids etc have been realised by Cairn India background of the belief that by enabling equip students with the necessary skills.every juncture in a man’s life, its ‘Education’ and constant efforts are being made in these resources an environment will be • Experience of joyous learning andthat makes the difference as it is the 4th this direction. Programmes like Theater created which will further help the students thereby enriching student’s intellectual,highest necessity after food, clothing and in Education (TiE), Science on Wheels and community members to develop aesthetic, cultural and emotional growth.shelter. India has been constantly striving to (SoW) and Room to Read Libraries are and create reading as a culture in the • Access to a wide range of materials,improve the quality of education and aim at instrumental in achieving the objective of community. fiction and non-fiction, print, audio, videoincreasing the literacy rate of the country. Cairn’s education initiatives. and digital. Development of rural school libraries is • Opportunity to adapt to learningCairn India has joined the efforts and is Library Programme one of the key projects that Cairn has programmes which integrate informationcommitted to creating an environment for implemented in the education portfolio resources and technologies.children and young people to develop and Room to Read is a non-profit organisation across various operational areas. Theevolve as responsible citizens. Through founded on the belief that World Change initiative has been instrumental in Theater in Educationthe education initiatives, Cairn focuses Starts With Educated Children. The inculcating reading habit in children whichon accessibility, equity and quality of organisation focuses on literacy and in turn has helped them in improving overall Cairn India started Theatre in Educationeducation. gender equality in education and works academic results. (TiE) programme in partnership with in collaboration with local communities, BNKVS (Bharatiya Natya Kala VikasThe importance of appropriate partner organisations and governments. Libraries have shown to have a positive Sansthan) at Barmer to introduce innovativeinfrastructure, skilled teachers, innovative Room to Read is a global organisation impact on reading skills as they provides way of teaching and learning. The aimteaching methodology and curriculum, dedicated to promoting and enabling access to supplemental reading materials, of the initiative was to provide quality education through various programmes which support extended vocabularies, education through a process of interactive and believes that all children, regardless creative thinking, enrichment of class learning for the marginalised students. The of gender or background, have a right to materials, and encourage independent attributes of the programme also aim at education. access to information and arouse the slashing monotony of classroom teaching, interest of students in matters beyond the improving teacher-student interactions, Cairn India partnered with Room to Read curriculum. making learning interactive and joyful, to magnify its own education initiatives and increasing power of expressions and to envisage a learning process wherein Some of the benefits of school libraries can imparting theatrical training to teachers as the children and community members be summarised as: teaching aids.
  11. 11. Striding Ahead I 11 and Jalore districts. In Barmer itself the programme has reached schools in 4 blocks (Baitu, Barmer, Bhadka and Dhorimana). Science on Wheels In order to transform and stimulate the thinking of rural children and teachers, Cairn India in collaboration with Agastya International Foundation introduced theClose to 40 percent of India’s population Science on Wheels (SoW) programme inis illiterate and schools in rural areas are and around Cairn operational areas.not completely equipped to solve thisproblem alone. Education for girl child, child The Science on Wheels vans are driven tomarriage and unemployment are only some schools in rural areas and two instructorsof the hindrances in way of attaining higher along with an array of around 100literacy rate. Due to this, the enrollment experiments teach the students in theselevels are low in rural schools. In order to schools. The models and experiments areboost the literacy levels of Government demonstrated to the students so that theyschools in Barmer district it was proposed to get hands-on-experience and retain interestextend support for an interactive mode of in the subject of science.learning for children in the district schools • Government of India KEY PARTNERSas well through the programme - Theatre in The Agastya instructors teach scientific the ‘entire solar system’.This initiative has • Government of RajasthanEducation (TiE). concepts through simple experiments in been instrumental in improving the overall • SURE (Society to Uplift sessions that emphasise interaction and academic result of the students in the Rural Economy)The programme has also been endorsed questioning. Most of the experiments regions where it operates. • Local Panchayatsby the Chief Minister of Rajasthan. Cairn are simple in nature and use indigenous • District AdministrationIndia has demonstrated running of the material.The SoW van is also equippedprogramme in 34 schools in Barmer with models to show complex workings like
  12. 12. 12 I January 2012 Issue HealthRecognising the importance of good health Cairn India is dedicated to enhancing health around Cairn India’s operational area like Other districts and villages like Suvali,is the first step towards improving the seeking behaviour of communities with Viramgam, Radhanpur, Barmer, Ravva, and Ravva, Banaskantha, etc., dealt with thisquality of life of the people. A synergistic respect to various issues such as: child and Suvali amongst others, have easy access problem too.approach is all that it takes to inculcate maternal health, nutrition and diet, diseases to quality healthcare facilities provided bygood health and hygiene habits in the of poverty, life threatening diseases (HIV/ Cairn. Lack of health facilities in the vicinity,community as the first step to ensure AIDS / TB/ Cancer) etc. It has been unavailability of female doctors and lackhealthy living. ensured that community members living As a responsible corporate, Cairn India has of awareness on health issues pertaining been complementing and supplementing especially to women and children have the government health system for effective been the problems prevailing in the region. primary healthcare. The scope of work for Cairn includes, working with Panchayats to Moreover, the rural population is not aware catalyse health governance through micro about different diseases and Government level strategising and planning. health schemes for the community. As Cairn India has been instrumental in the villages are scattered, the community empowering communities to take people have to travel long distances to actions to address various health access healthcare services. requirements in collaboration with Cairn India’s CSR programmes. Keeping in view the challenges of access and availability of quality healthcare service Mobile Health Van options, Cairn India in partnership with HelpAge India started the Mobile Health Remote districts in the country and their Van (MHV) project in the rural areas in and difficult terrain pose many challenges in around Cairn operational areas. providing access to healthcare services. The MHV not only aims at the curative Instances have been recorded when healthcare services but also focuses on there were only 10 doctors catering to preventive healthcare services which are a population of 2 million in and around done through awareness programmes, Barmer. health camps and much more.
  13. 13. Striding Ahead I 13Catering to the community’s medical requirements at their door step
  14. 14. 14 I January 2012 Issue The project has been successful as there has been active participation from the community and the local leaders who have played an important role in communicating the benefits of this health initiative run by Cairn India. Over the last three years the MHV programme of Cairn India has been regularly sighted in the local newspapers. Today the Mobile Health Van has become a lifeline for the villagers as they look forward to the provision of medical services. The villagers have also been extremely active and supportive in running this project. A fleet of volunteers have played a significant role in mobilising the villagers towards the MHV and other health awareness programmes. services of the MHV. Role of volunteers in the success of the • Volunteers helped in conducting programme: sessions on virtually any subject ranging from proper hygiene to • Volunteers focused on assisting sessions on life threatening diseases. patients to properly use the healthcare system in terms of making the patient As a responsible corporate, Cairn India cards, helping the elderly patients, etc. caters to raising awareness on healthcare • Volunteers encourage appropriate within the community and has been immunisation levels in case of instrumental in providing the necessary vaccination for children; provide support to the government health translation to people in their local initiatives. This has helped achieve the language. This helped the patients objective of making available primary Providing necessary medical assistance for maternal healthcare in navigating the health system and healthcare facilities in the community, for encouraged them to optimally utilise the community.
  15. 15. Striding Ahead I 15 AIDS awareness campaign • SURE (Society to Uplift KEY PARTNERSGeneral Health Awareness Camps The advisors and counselors at the camps Rural Economy) strive to encourage the rural community • IL&FSThough the Mobile Health Van caters to optimally utilise the available facilities • NIITto the medical requirements of the provided by Cairn India. • LiQVidcommunity, Cairn India accelerated the • Thomson Reutersprocess of generating optimum health The process is carried out in consultation • Multi Commodityawareness through regular camps. with the block level officials, village Exchange (MCX) • Rajasthan Mission onThese camps are organised for the sarpanch, key community members, Livelihood (RMoL)underprivileged section of the community school teachers and anganwadi workers to • GMR Varalakshmiin association with HelpAge India. The create magnified impact of the initiative. In Foundationprime agenda of the general health addition to generating awareness through • ALEAPawareness camps is to propagate the camps, added initiatives like door to door • Jana Kalyan Welfare Societyimportance of health and hygiene amongst counselling and distribution of nutritionalmen, women and children. food are carried out.
  16. 16. 16 I January 2012 IssueEconomic climatic conditions. Majority of the milk As this sector becomes more remunerative, produced is retained by the communities there will be an increase in self for their own use. The widespread hostile employment and independence amongst terrain offers limited opportunities for the community members. This programme selling the surplus milk and, to add to this, has been groundbreaking in cutting acrossDevelopment the milk from the marginalised community cultural barriers and providing a new sense is not accepted by the upper castes. of independence and empowerment Most of the collection is localised and amongst the women of Barmer. Women largely managed by private vendors. The have begun SHG’s, started internal traditional milk fat analysis system ensured loaning, started saving thereby placing that the communities were unable to derive themselves in the forefront of their familiesDairy Development Programme society in rural areas with limited or no full benefits out of the milk that they sold. as productive, indispensable members. land resources. Rajasthan has one ofLivestock breeding has been the traditional the highest livestock populations in the Looking at the scenario Cairn India in July Through increased spending power;subsistence strategy in Western Rajasthan country. Despite this, the milk production 2007, decided to support an intensive women have exerted their independencefor the marginalised sections of the in Rajasthan is very low due to the extreme community based dairy development by resisting traditional societal pressures, programme with an aim to improve the economic condition of the rural poor. The Cairn India Dairy Development HIGHLIGHTS Programme aims to: The programme was initiated in Barmer. The thrust was to identify and collectivise • Establish a bulk collection and the local community as potential milk distribution network of milk in the villages and link the small dairy farmers suppliers, ensure price discovery system to an assured and remunerative outlet for the milk suppliers, create an assured for their milk produce base, organise the untapped milk pockets • Organise rural households in Self Help and enhance the economic status of dairy Groups (SHGs) and enable capacity farmers. The programme was designed building • Increase the quality and quantity of in a manner that it targeted women to milk production through technical help them uplift their economic status assistance to SHG farmers on improved in the community. Over time, the local livestock care, veterinary services, community experienced increased income breed improvement and fodder which empowered them to form Self development. • Establish linkages with banks and Help Groups (SHG’s) and explore other financial institution to access of loans livelihood options. for livestock
  17. 17. Striding Ahead I 17 • Trade skill exposure and enhanced • Key Partners “Touching the lives of over ten thousand KEY PARTNERSOBJECTIVES employability for communities in the Barmer Development Area • SURE (Society to Uplift local community members. Rural Economy) thereby developing micro, small • IL&FS and medium enterprises (MSMEs). • NIIT • Facilitating access to finance for • LiQVid gained control of their finances and Over the years, through the programme SMEs and micro-entrepreneurs to developed immense self reliance. SMS subscriptions were sold to several establish and expand businesses. • Thomson Reuters • Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) Traditionally members of different castes hundred thousand farmers. • Collection and dissemination of information on employment • Rajasthan Mission on Livelihood would never be seen in the same room, opportunities, enterprise (RMoL) and now due to this programme, caste The subscriptions are sold as an easy-to- development, government • GMR Varalakshmi Foundation is no longer a distinction as people are use card in thousands of retail outlets in schemes and upcoming contracts • ALEAP working together without discrimination. rural India. Each farmer can choose his and tenders. • Jana Kalyan Welfare Society The programme is currently running in choice of content, which is delivered to 14 villages of Barmer, Rajasthan. The big him in his locallanguage over his mobile strides in milk production from 196,873 phone. The service is delivered as SMSes litres to 2,195,424 litres made in the last that fit in the daily workflow of the farmer, four years (2007 – 2011) under Dairy in 8 local languages, across 13 states Programme, have catapulted Cairn and over any operator or mobile phone. India’s Dairy Development programme as The service helps the farmer with timely a catalyst for social and economic change information on calamities, demand – in Barmer, Rajasthan. supply rate in markets, etc. Programme on Agri Advisory to Right of Use (RoU) farmers have shown Farmers through SMS their willingness for continuation of services from RML programme and have Cairn India has partnered with Thomson requested for its renewal. It is evident that Reuters to implement the programme on the SMS services have improved livelihood agri advisory through SMS for the farming for the farmers. community living across the Cairn pipeline This initiative of Cairn India has been route. instrumental in empowering the farmers, leading to direct financial benefit to The programme offers a highly their incomes. personalised micro-information service over mobile phones to the farming community that is changing their lives.
  18. 18. 18 I January 2012 IssueSkill based training for the local youth
  19. 19. Striding Ahead I 19Cairn Enterprise Centre “7000 people including landIn order to cope with problems of contributing families haveunemployment, lack of opportunity been trained at the Cairnand business possibility, Cairn India Enterprise Centre in variousconceptualised an ‘Enterprise Centre’which would focus on cutting edge training skills from mobile phonesolutions that have an industry linkage, repairing to masonry andthereby increasing the chances of greater electric wiring. It also has aemployability for the students. centre to help small and microThe aim of the Cairn Enterprise Centre business start-ups with skillsis “to improve the quality of life through like preparing business planseconomic empowerment of communities,and development of community owned and designing websites tosustainable businesses by building local market themselves. As partcapacities and entrepreneurial talents”. of training schedule, moreUsing specialised training patterns and than 1500 women have beenmethodology from facilities at ITI, Barmer ‘trained in handicrafts makingalong with specialised instructors and and business skills.“trainers; the Cairn Enterprise Centrepresents a modular approach and deliversmodules that are highly focused.Some of the trainings being held at the • Advanced Welding Training for ITICairn Enterprise Centre include: Students • Two Wheeler Repairing Training• Mobile Phone Repairing Training • Spoken English Course• Genset Repairing Training • Basic Computer Training Dairy Development Programme
  20. 20. 20 I January 2012 Issue Infrastructure was propelled and sponsored by Cairn ones, however, those with existing but India. This initiative directly impacted close damaged were provided with support to 10,000 people in the area. The expertise for repair. and equipment used for all these structures was up to date including 30 high degree • Government of India KEY PARTNERS submersible pumps, control panels, spares • Government of and leak detection technology. Rajasthan The beneficiaries were selected through • SURE (Society to Uplift a process of conducting surveys Rural Economy) followed by village-level deliberations • Local Panchayats and suggestions. Selected families with • District Administration no existing structures were provided newRajasthan developing the infrastructure across its Number of Tankas / Tankis operational areas. (Water Harvesting StructuresA 3% dip in agriculture production triggersa threefold rise in essential commodity To provide enriching experience toprices. Such is the contribution made by the rural people, Cairn understood theour farmers, who live in rural areas and need of the community and supported itcontribute approximately the fifth of India’s accordingly. In the areas of Thar, water is aGDP. The villages where these farmers live, precious commodity and rarely available.lack basic infrastructure like roads, homesmade of brick and mortar, hospitals and Access to clean drinking water or waterschools; indeed, much of what we take for agricultural purposes has been an age for granted in urban areas! Cairn has old problem. Construction of around 1350cared to this cause and looked into water harvesting and storage structures
  21. 21. Striding Ahead I 21Inculcating best hygiene practices in the community
  22. 22. 22 I January 2012 Issue village. Today, the Panchayat has takenRavva responsibility of water supply to individual homes and street taps.Cairn has been instrumental in developingthe infrastructure around its operation Cairn India is sensitive towards nature andareas in Ravva. Many initiatives have eco systems and maintains high standardsbeen planned based on the needs of the of operational efficiency to mitigatecommunity. Sanitation facility was provided environmental damage and villages in Ravva and more than 465 Keeping this in mind, a ‘Green Belt’ hasindividual toilets across households were been developed in S’Yanam with an aim toconstructed. This initiative helped prevent protect the environment.various kinds of diseases in the community.Cairn India also took the ownership of Today the belt is spread over an area ofensuring safe drinking water for the 229 acres around the Ravva terminal,community. village roads and the beach. There are various species of trees in the Green Belt,Since the water table, in coastal Andhra dominated largely by Casuarinas andPradesh is at the surface level, it is Mangroves. Cairn has been contributingcontaminated with sewage and agricultural to the community in the field of Educationrunoff which is the prime cause of water through various programmes, however,borne diseases. at S’Yanam special focus was laid at the school infrastructure. Cairn has beenThe first step Cairn took was by supplying supporting various Government schemeswater through tankers for the community like mid-day meal, provision of utensils,in S’ Yaman village. Thereafter, a reservoir, uniforms, school bags and books.sand filters, overhead storage tank anda distribution system for a population of The most impactful contribution has been4500 was put in place. In response to the the learning experience gained by thedemand generated at the community level students at the science laboratory set up inand voiced by the Village Development schools by Cairn. Along with this requiredCommittee of the village, Cairn initiated number of computers, furniture and otheran extensive water distribution system by equipment to create a better learninglaying pipelines in all the segments of the environment for children was ensured by
  23. 23. Striding Ahead I 23Cairn. In addition to this, many solar lights animal husbandry as the main occupationhave been installed in the village for the of the local population, hence, Cairn Indiabenefit of the local community. has built a pond for the animals. Suvali village has always faced acute waterCB/OS-2 shortage. Villagers worked miles to fetchThe coastal area of Hazira Industrial Belt drinking water. To ensure safe drinkingis an economically backward area, which water for the community in Suvali, Cairnrequires infrastructural development for has taken several initiatives. In the firstbenefit of local population. Suvali village stage in 2005, and overhead as well asis one of the backward villages of the area. underground tanks were constructed. TheThe Surat-Hazira road has witnessed overhead tank has a capacity of 1 lac litresmany severe accidents and many more and the water sump has a capacity of 2 lacnear misses. litres’. To supply this water pump houses were also constructed. In 2006, CairnTherefore, as part of Cairn’s commitment constructed RO pumps to add to its earlierto the development of the community, it efforts. These pumps were later handedwas essential to construct proper roads for over to the Panchayat for managementthis area. A road joining Hazira and Suvali and other nearby villages was constructedby Cairn for the benefit of both Suvali and As part of another initiative, Cairn investedJunagam village population. Cairn India has in the construction of pipelines whichalso taken a step further and installed street helped in facilitating drinking water to thelights for the villagers. The street lights households. A total of 1200 villagers havehave been set-up on the road from the been benefited by this initiative.onshore terminal to the village. The lights the Suvali village school. Further support equipments and computers. In addition,ensure safety for the villagers traveling in To support the education system, and has been provided by supplying basic Cairn provides support for computerthe late hours. to ensure continuous education for the utilities like furniture, green boards, and teachers of Suvali Primary School by children, Cairn has taken some measures. cupboards. The school has also been helping out with their salaries. StudentsAnother step taken for the convenience To address the dropout rates, Cairn had receiving power for fans and lights. To pursuing higher studies are also supportedand community building is construction initially upgraded the infrastructural enhance the education experience, Cairn through award of scholarships.of the cattle pond. Since Suvali thrives on facilities, which included toilet blocks in has contributed towards the laboratory
  24. 24. 24 I January 2012 IssueTransforming LivesCairn’s Agri Advisory conditions which ruined his crops several possible way and he was able to enhanceProgramme times. The little that he made from the his income from farming. repairing workshop barely sufficed theRamesh Kumar Prajapati from Sinad Village family of four. Prajapati recalls “Once on receiving afrom District Patan in Gujarat was working message of a predicted storm and heavyas a farmer and as a part time at a repairing One fine day, Prajapati got to know about rain, I and my brother warned the otherworkshop to make a living. 36 years old, the RML services and was keen to try villagers. The message helped us beingPrajapati had four members to look after it for better yielding of his crops. With prepared for the worst situation.”Prajapatiand feed in his family. He often lost a lot information ranging from weather forecasts received his messages in English languageof money due to unforeseen weather to crop rates, it benefited him in every even though he was not well versed with the language. His sons Sunil and Nikul helped him sometimes and this way Prajapati was learning a new language as well. equipped to handle calamities and other Though Cairn has ensured that RML troubles. services include messages in local languages, Prajapati was determined to It makes one believe that Cairn India has learn English through this initiative. “I want given not just door step counseling and to learn English so that I can communicate opportunities but is slowly embedding the directly with everyone, overlooking roots of confidence in various individuals. ‘language’ as a barrier” he said. Mobile Health Van He is determined to enroll other famers for RML services as he believes that Cairn Damma Ram from village Dunda Kawas in India initiative of bringing this boon to him Rajasthan was always perceived as one of has improved his livelihood. As a farmer the most active and energetic member in he is more prepared, acquainted and the community. He is the first to take part in
  25. 25. Striding Ahead I 25 realise his dreams can come true. He came with the purpose to learn English as he wanted to start his own real estate business in Hyderabad. Being a student of bachelors of art, Vinod was never able to learn English and gain fluency in the language. He joined the first batch of spoken English course at the Cairn Enterprise Centre and began learning through instructor led training modules. With the help of class participation, software support and appropriate guidance from the trainer, Vinod learnt the language effectively. The course helped him understand the dynamics of the language and the ways to address formal meetings, informal conversations and much more.all the development initiatives at his village, the health of Damma. He had almost given again. A regular at the MHV for his timely Vinod emerged as a hard working,always volunteering to help the needy etc. up hope of survival till he was told about medication, Damma now plays the role successful student who completed his the ‘Mobile Health Van’ (MHV) Programme of spreading awareness about facilities of course with dedication and commitment.However life changed when Damma Ram initiated by Cairn. Villagers told Damma Cairn’s MHVs and how the villagers canwas almost paralysed by arthritis. His Ram and his son about the MHV which benefit from the same. Damma Ram’s Today, Vinod is based at Hyderabad andmovement was ceased by the disease and would provide medicines and free health ‘good soul’ tag is back and he continues to is successfully executing his Real Estatehe was unable to perform his daily chores. check up to ensure healthy living for take care of his fellow villagers. business as he can fluently speak andOnly one of his four sons stayed with him community members. write in English. This course helped himwho worked as a daily wage labourer Spoken English Course - CEC deal with foreign customers easily andleaving nobody to take care of Damma In his first visit to the MHV, Damma Ram effectively. He has maintained contactRam at home. was thoroughly checked by the doctor and With dreams packed in a bag, Vinod Puro with representatives from Cairn Enterprise was provided free medicines for arthritis. from Langera village in Rajasthan came to Centre and continues to share his dailyThe father and son could not afford The medicines soon proved to be magical Cairn Enterprise Centre (CEC). Located 12 experiences.treatment and the disease was hampering as after a few months Damma could walk Kms away from Barmer, Vinod travelled to