Ravva Green Belt


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Ravva - Cairn’s first development success story has been the bedrock of innovation, and the foundation of our success story in the country and the region. Ravva, which in Sanskrit and Telegu means “diamond” showcases the journey of growth that Cairn has been able to achieve in its business. Incidentally, Ravva is the only field in India to get such a unique name indicating the belief of the nation in it.

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Ravva Green Belt

  1. 1.               RAVVA Celebrating 16 Years of Technical Excellence HSE | Green Belt
  2. 2. Ravva | HSEGreen BeltOn commissioning of the Ravva plant in 1996, the ‘Consent to Operate’ conditions issued by AndhraPradesh Pollution Control Board (APPCB) stipulated the requirement for planting and maintaining trees inthe vacant premises of the terminal. According to the directive, the planted area should be 4 times thebuilt-up area. Thus, activities were initiated to start developing a green belt around the terminal.A green belt can be crucial to the ecosystem of an area in terms of land reuse and regeneration andmitigation of adverse impacts on the environment. This is particularly important for the oil and gasindustry, which is required to maintain high standards of operational efficiency to mitigate environmentaldamage and destruction.The green belt in Ravva has been developed in five phases. The first phase was initiated in 1996. Thebelt is spread over an area of 229 acres around the terminal, village roads and the beach. There are about25 species of trees in the green belt, dominated largely by Casuarinas and mangroves.A large variety of salt tolerant species have been chosen and planted. The Casuarina plantation almost envelops the 6 km (approx) stretch from Chiriyanam to Vasalthippa along the beach. This appears as a green carpet from an aerial view. These Casuarina trees were planted in the phase beginning from September 2004 to November 2005. The clone plants were sourced from the Forest Department. An expert was engaged for the development of the green belt at the time of conception. Thereafter,micro-vendors from the local village have been contracted for its maintenance. Currently, the focus is onconsolidating the existing green belt area.Development of the green belt has enabled Cairn to comply with statutory requirements and alsocontribute to the ecological conservation of the area. The Casuarinas green belt acts as a natural acousticmoderator and barrier to the noise created by the sea waves.It also protects the coastline against erosion. The green belt has been contributing to the sustainabledevelopment of the area and the community.