Ravva Crude Wash Tank


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Ravva - Cairn’s first development success story has been the bedrock of innovation, and the foundation of our success story in the country and the region. Ravva, which in Sanskrit and Telegu means “diamond” showcases the journey of growth that Cairn has been able to achieve in its business. Incidentally, Ravva is the only field in India to get such a unique name indicating the belief of the nation in it.

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Ravva Crude Wash Tank

  1. 1.               RAVVA Celebrating 16 Years of Technical Excellence Operation | Crude Wash Tank
  2. 2. Ravva | ProductionOperationCrude Wash TankImproper separation and entry of produced water in thetanks is the foremost reason for internal failure andpipeline corrosion. This occurs due to less residencetime after breaking the emulsion, and the water in thecrude does not get completely separated in theprocessing plant and thus gets carried over to the crudestorage tank. Also, a substantial volume in the maincrude storage tank gets occupied by produced water.As Ravva is a mature asset, produced water in the fieldis expected to increase substantially in the coming years. The unwanted water presence results in theneed for manual draining and also corrosion of tanks and pipelines. An intermediate tank to removeunsettled water prior to the main tank could solve the problem. Thus, a crude wash tank was installed inthe Ravva processing plant to address the problem.The tank functions as a wash tank based on the following principle: while crude oil bubbles up throughwater, the oil is water washed, which causes coalescence of smaller water particles in the crude oil intolarger particles. The incoming oil water mixture will bubble through water and oil starts building above interface level and water starts to separate from the bottom of the tank. The separated oil is pumped back to the oil storage tank and the water is drained off for further processing A crude wash tank aims for the complete separation of produced water from the crude oil before it reaches the storage tanks. Thus, not only corrosion of storage tanks and pipelines is averted but also problems related to emulsion and other subsequent problems are avoided. Addition of crude wash tank has also resulted in operational flexibility.The operation and design details of the crude wash tank at Ravva are as follows:  Operating pressure Atmospheric  Operating temperature 42o C  Design temperature 65o C  Dimension 12m Internal Diameter x10m Height  Total rated capacity 1000 m3