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Rajasthan Rain Water Harvesting


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Cairn India is committed to conducting its operations in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. This commitment is fundamental to the long term success and focus on creating value and making a difference where Cairn India operates through various community development initiative in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Sri Lanka. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is therefore an integral part of Cairn India’s business strategy. Cairn India’s success is guided by the CSR vision, which is encapsulated in the 3 Rs – Respect, Relationships and Responsibility.

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Rajasthan Rain Water Harvesting

  1. 1.   Corporate Social Responsibility Respect | Relationships | Responsibility Rajasthan | Rain Water Harvesting
  2. 2. Cairn India – CSR InitiativesRespect | Relationships | Responsibility Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes strike a balance between addressing the unique needs of various communities while partnering the state and central agencies to help strive for the betterment of the social indicators of the regions. This journey from micro to macro makes the CSR initiatives more effective and sustainable. For every life touched there is a larger story of the community and the village.
  3. 3. Cairn India – CSR InitiativesRespect | Relationships | Responsibility
  4. 4. Cairn India – CSR InitiativesRespect | Relationships | Responsibility
  5. 5. Cairn India – CSR InitiativesRespect | Relationships | Responsibility
  6. 6. Cairn India – CSR InitiativesRespect | Relationships | ResponsibilityRain Water HarvestingProvision of water is the essential foundation for allother forms of rural development.Availability of safe potable water not only improveshealth and unlocks time and energy for women, butalso improves social and cultural well-being. Easyavailability of water through domestic waterharvesting structures built by Cairn, in villages inBarmer district has increased the productivity ofcrops, fodder and in turn milk production. The localwomen Self Help Groups (SHGs) had more time toplay active roles in village development issues,such as education and healthcare.The communities are carrying out many activitiesproactively, enabling to take the next steps towardsa more sustainable future. The rainwater harvestinginitiative thus aims to provide a sustainable sourceof fresh water for rural communities through anumber of innovative strategies designed topromote traditional rainwater harvesting systems.
  7. 7. Cairn India – CSR InitiativesRespect | Relationships | Responsibility