Gujarat Agricultural Information Programme


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Cairn India is committed to conducting its operations in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. This commitment is fundamental to the long term success and focus on creating value and making a difference where Cairn India operates through various community development initiative in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Sri Lanka. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is therefore an integral part of Cairn India’s business strategy. Cairn India’s success is guided by the CSR vision, which is encapsulated in the 3 Rs – Respect, Relationships and Responsibility.

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Gujarat Agricultural Information Programme

  1. 1.   Corporate Social Responsibility Respect | Relationships | Responsibility Gujarat | Agricultural Information Programme
  2. 2. Cairn India – CSR InitiativesRespect | Relationships | ResponsibilityOur Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes strike a balance between addressing the unique needs of various communities while partnering the state and central agenciesto help strive for the betterment of the social indicators of the regions. This journey from micro to macro makes the CSR initiatives more effective and sustainable. For every life touched there is a larger story of the community and the village.
  3. 3. Cairn India – CSR InitiativesRespect | Relationships | Responsibility
  4. 4. Cairn India – CSR InitiativesRespect | Relationships | Responsibility Gramin Suvidha Kendra | Health and Sanitation Agriculture Information Programme
  5. 5. Cairn India – CSR InitiativesRespect | Relationships | ResponsibilityThe state of Gujarat in India is located on the west coast of the country. Having earned thedistinction of beingthe mostindustrialised state inIndia, Gujarat alsohas a rich tradition ofhistory, culture andcrafts. Even withextensivemodernisation,Gujarat and itspeople have beenable to preserve therich culture andtradition of theancient past.The diverse ethnicgroups constitutingthe population ofGujarat comprise the cultural diversity of the state. The varied culture of Gujarat is reflected inthe unique characteristic traits of the people of different parts of the state.Many farmers across India workendlessly throughout the croppingseason, but their fate remains in thehands of mediators and local mandiswho operate on different premises,still unknown to the primaryproducers.
  6. 6. Cairn India – CSR InitiativesRespect | Relationships | ResponsibilityAgricultural Information ProgrammeCairn India has been studying the mobile phone phenomenon closely and realised it to be thebiggest opportunity to empower farmers. A dipstick study conducted across six districts revealedthat almost every farmer had a mobile phone connection. We identified this opportunity andstarted working towards making use of mobile phones as a medium for informationdissemination.Farmers in the region were facedwith various problems ofexploitation associated withmediators. One would workthrough the season only to realisethat the prices for the crops havecrashed.Reuters Market Light (RML) is apersonalised crop advisoryservice for farmers, whichprovides spot prices of his chosencrops from nearby markets, newsand crop advice as per his regionor crop, and localised weatherforecast in his local languagethrough a simple SMS. Severalstudies have shown that theinitiative has led farmers to reaphuge financial benefits – ranging from Rs. 500 to as high as Rs. 400,000 due to reduction in theproduction and marketing risk. This has resulted in a better standard of living for not only thefarmer, but his entire family. A single day of delay may incur a loss of 20% or more, which farmers’ often term as destiny.