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Tech artifact 2


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Published in: Technology
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Tech artifact 2

  1. 1. Gmail - Favor? Page 1 of 1 Caila Bishop :t r1 iJ J@92!5sll:&.n>Favor?3 messagesCaila Bishop ~e Us.! I j @!11".iheelS~ Fri, Feb 10, 2012 at 2:28 PMTo: Mary Cecava <a.8e , el I 18@811el I ;!J8i~lIIeelle818, 6F!,P Hey Cecava, I know you are busy but I have a favor I need to ask of you, Would you be able to scan or send me through email a copy of the Step-by-Step powerpoint instructions we created for the students for computers? Thanks so much, Please dont forget about sending me the lesson plans, I scheduled my observation for Monday from 12:00­ 12:40 pm, I willi need to know the books I will be using for the reading groups so that I can include it in my lesson plans that I will send to Yvette, ThanksMary Cecava <gesa ail ; @1lhlilliljlll it"8I11 IFg> Fri, Feb 10,2012 at 2:34 PMTo: Caila Bishop < I I 111 .. @l~""8il.eeFfl> Dont forget that Cate is in our room Monday from 12-12:20, It will work if you do the co-teaching with her. From: Caila Bishop[mailto"~j(" ., HI. !.Siml J Sent:Friday, February 10, 2012 2:29 PM To: Mary Cecava Subject: Favor? 2 attachments • Name of Animal- powerpoint.doc :.- 27K Name of Animal.ppt :.:.... 154K Caila Bishop <esl ,., @tl.til 18m> Fri, Feb 10, 2012 at 3:08 PMTo: Mary Cecava <C.. ilil If] @; 1 .... S lu1:6S1s. 31 y Thanks I will try to push the time back insteadhttps:/ 13568f4... 2112/2012
  2. 2. Gmail - reading plans Page 1 of 1 Caila Bishop " lin".1"1"iIi"IIfiMil8~_itilIIIII"_" •••reading plans1 messageMary Cecava <eol 1lM1ii1@lh....,ai!MIIR8VIIi 88> Sat, Feb 11, 2012 at 2:44 PMTo: Caila Bishop <eail!!vlls! I @S: :sii.oe:,," Okay,: have two books to go for Level 28 but this is the start Blue group: Level 18 Red Group: Level 18 and 24 Yellow Group Level 24 and 28 Green Group Level 28 I dont know why I did not pull level 20. Maybe there were no non-fiction but I think lover looked them Pick one book of each group. Word Study: Blue short: vowel picture short. Red/yellow/green Group: write as many words as you can for the ight family (2 minutes- and quickly discuss them) Let me know what I am missing. Going to go to the mens gymnastic meet this evening so I am stopping for the day. I will finish up tomorrow so text if you need something right away. So it was not done sooner. Have a great week-end . • Non-fiction unit.doc •:::.. 33K 88& view=pt&search=inbox&th= 1356e2... 2/12/2012