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Sq3 r


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Sq3 r

  1. 1. Caila Bishop Meghan Keiber Content Management Strategy SQ3R SQ3R is a five-step study plan to help students construct 1. Survey meaning while reading. It uses SQ3R includes the Think about the title: “What do I know?” the elements of questioning, following steps “What do I want to know?” predicting, setting a purpose Glance over headings and first sentences in for reading, and monitoring for paragraphs. confusion. Look at illustrations and graphic aids. Read the first paragraph. Read the last paragraph or summary. 2. Question Turn the title into a question. Write down any questions that some to mind during the survey. This strategy is appropriate for students Turn headings into questions. who struggle retaining information and Turn subheadings, illustrations, and graphic constructing meaning while reading aids into questions. Write down unfamiliar vocabulary words and determine their meaning. 3. Read Actively Read to search for answers to questions. Online Resources Respond to questions and use context clues for unfamiliar words. React to unclear passages, confusing terms, and questionable statements by generatingsuccess/26666.html additional questions. 4. Recite Look away from the answers and the book to recall what was read. Recite answers to questions aloud or in writing. Reread text for unanswered questions. 5. Review Answer the major purpose question. This is a great instructional strategy for improving reading skills. With Look over answers and all parts of the this strategy students survey, chapter to organize information. question, read, recite, and review. These five techniques are integral Summarize the information learned by drawing flow charts, writing a summary, to the reading process. This participating in a group discussion, or by strategy is a step-by-step strategy studying for a test. that allows students to comprehend what they are reading better. What’s great about SQ3R is that it can be used for other subject areas.
  2. 2. Application Example Social Studies State Goal 16- Understand events, trends, individuals and movements shaping the history of Illinois, the United States, and other nations. 16.B.2d- Identify major political events and leaders within the United States historical eras since the adoption of the Constitution, including the westward expansion, Louisiana Purchase, Civil War and 20th century wars as well as the roles of Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, and Franklin D. Roosevelt. 5th grade Objectives -Students will read about a major political event or leader in the 20th century A student with a disability who struggles constructing -Students will write a small report about the event or meaning and retaining leader that demonstrates their understanding of the information will use the individual or movement SQ3R strategy. Students -Students will present their report to the class. should write down information gained before during and after reading. The teacher can scaffold the SQ3R method by providing a visual posterThis is a rationale strategy because it will help the student’s content outlining the five steps,reading comprehension. It will allow students to preview reading using note cards to explainmaterial and activate prior knowledge while integrating it with new the process and modelinginformation. By retaining what they have read and understanding how to apply it to socialthe information the student will be able to create and complete the
  3. 3. References- Fountas, I &Pinnell, G. (1996) Guided Reading. Portsmouth, NH : Heinemann-