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2 2-12 lesson plan


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2 2-12 lesson plan

  1. 1. Caila Bishop2-2-12Subject: Language Arts/Writing- 2nd gradeTime: 45 minutesPrior Knowledge: Students are familiar with how to synthesize and sketch facts out of a book.Objectives/Learning Outcomes: Students will continue to synthesize expository text. Studentswill record big facts, draw/write supporting information and write what they think about theinformation.Standards:LA.K-3.1.C.1b Identify important themes and topicsLA.K-3.1.B.1a Establish purpose for reading, make predictions, connect important ideas, and link text toprevious experience and knowledgeLA.K.3.3.C Communicate ideas in writing to accomplish a variety of purposesLA.K-3.4.A.1b Ask questions and respond to questions from the teacher and from group members toimprove comprehension.Materials/Resources:Smartboard lessonBook How Strong Is It?Paper for studentsImplementation: -Read How Strong Is It? -Class discussion: Review the cake baking analogy. While you’re listening think about the facts or ingredients, in the text. Think about how they blend together and how what you know and understand the big topic) is transformed like a baked cake. When you do this you are thinking about the author’s message to you. -Essential questions: What is the author really trying to teach me when he/she writes a book? What are the big ideas? What are the supporting facts? -Accommodations: Brian will need a scribe. Teacher will need to wear an FM Mic. -Assessment: After the session collect the papers and see which students drew the big ideas and facts.