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Lightning talk at the Python track in FISL 10 inspired by the object calisthenics chapter from ’The Thoughtworks Anthology’ book.

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  1. 1. PyListhenics para a construção de Software Artesanal @caike
  2. 2. “Free software only matters to those who can read” Robert M. Lefkowitz PyCon 2007
  3. 3. You can write FORTRAN in any language
  4. 4. Encapsulamento, coesão, baixo acoplamento, DRY, testabilidade, legibilidade, etc.
  5. 5. Kata Coding Dojo
  6. 6. Guidelines restritivas (5)
  7. 7. <strong> TDD </strong>
  8. 8. "TDD takes a very long time to grasp. Examples show the initial technique, it is up to the person to put the time to grok it" @coreyhaines
  9. 9. Não utilize ELSE
  10. 10. Não utilize IF
  11. 11. Não utilize IF
  12. 12. Não utilize abreviações
  13. 13. Pequenas entidades
  14. 14. Obrigado! @caike #pythonrio #dojorio #softwarecraftsmanship “The Thoughtworks Anthology” Object Calisthenics - Jeff Bay