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My Christmas Vacation


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We made a cartoon about my christmas vacationé

Published in: Education, Spiritual
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My Christmas Vacation

  1. 1. My Christmas vacation By: Caroline Bouchard
  2. 2. I went to my grandfather house on Christmas Eve. Its my grandfather House. I sleeped! The lunch is ready ?
  3. 3. I sang a Christmas song with my cousin at my grandfather house. La! La! La! La! La! la! La! La! La!
  4. 4. I went to play outside with my cousin and my brother. Lets go! The game started! Hey! Jo-Annie and Samuel you cant go outside?
  5. 5. I opened my Christmas gift at December 25 th . What is it ? Oh! Oh! Look my construction hat. Hi!hi!hi!
  6. 6. I played with my WII FIT with my family. I like this game! Lets go! Ho no! im dead.!
  7. 7. I went to Ontario.
  8. 8. I went skating at Kingston ville. Look im good
  9. 9. I went skiing with my friend. It’s so funny! Hey! Look me. SKI TOO
  10. 10. I Baby sath at December 31. I like my Baby Sither.
  11. 11. I went to Saint-Euzèbe for a souper with family. It’s a good Souper! Yes, it’s good.