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Marketing Essentials for Startups


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Marketing essentials, tips and experience sharing for startups by an experienced marketing professional and startup mentor

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Marketing Essentials for Startups

  1. 1. Cagdas Onen // Marketing Manager @ iyzico // @cagdasonen
  2. 2. About myself… @cagdasonen /in/cagdasonen
  3. 3. What is the Agenda?
  4. 4. Marketing * American Marketing Association – Definition of Marketing What is Marketing?
  5. 5. What is Marketing?
  6. 6. “Marketing” in Startups!
  7. 7. “Marketing” in Startups!
  8. 8. But the reality is much more different than imagined…
  9. 9. So how will you ?
  11. 11. What’s your story? story story marketing  Company Culture Talent Acquisition Fundraising
  12. 12. What’s your story? story story “Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell” Seth Godin
  13. 13. Next Step: Strategy
  14. 14. Next Step: Strategy User Acquisition Growth User Acquisition + Growth
  15. 15. Strategic Approach: Marketing Funnel Create a funnel and observe & analyse the user behaviour through each phase… Acquisition Activation Retention Revenue Referral Startup Metrics for Pirates by Dave McClure
  16. 16. Strategic Approach: Marketing Funnel Acquisition: Users coming to your site & application through various channels Activation: Users enjoy their first visit Retention: Users come back again Referral: Users liked your site & application and started referring friends Revenue: Users started taking action that results in creating a revenue for you Startup Metrics for Pirates by Dave McClure
  17. 17. A new terminology: Growth Hacking
  18. 18. What is Growth Hacking? Growth Hacking is a set of tactics and best practices for dealing with user growth The main task for a growth hacker is to figure out how to move users from one level of funnel to the next one
  19. 19. Growth Hacking Best Practices User growth via single trick PS – I love you and a link back to the homepage of Hotmail. API connection and posting of the entries to Craigslist Bring your friend and get additional storage
  20. 20. Funnel Structure Startup Metrics for Pirates by Dave
  21. 21. Key Points – SEO  Fixing all SEO issues on the your website  Improving page speed for desktop and mobile version  Regular SEO-friendly content creation  Build high-quality backlink profile that helps for improving Google trust score  Regular SEO audit and analysis of mobile SEO performance  Sitemap and checking of 301 redirections if any  Complete page titles and descriptions
  22. 22. Key Points – Analytics and Remarketing  Integration of Google Tag Manager  Google Adwords & Google Search Console Integration  Social Media Analytics Integration  Filtering of Spammed Traffic  Analysis of Referred Traffic  Analysis of the User Journey on the website
  23. 23. Key Points – Analytics and Remarketing Apply Remarketing for specific scenarios and bring users back to your website Some scenarios examples are as below:  Lists that target all our visitors  Lists that target specific page visits  Lists that target visitors who took a certain action  Listst that target visitors based on visitor segments
  24. 24. Key Points – Analytics and Remarketing Remarketing Sample Flow User visits your page Clicks on the “Registration” form but doesn’t complete Via Remarketing, a banner is shown to the user The user re-visits your page This time the user completes the form
  25. 25. Key Points – Social Media Defining one of the social media channel as Mother Ship and position the others as in supporting position Facebook >> Video Content & Lifestyle Approach Twitter >> Engagement & Real-time Communication & Customer Support LinkedIn >> Corporate Face of your Startup Instagram >> Your Company Life & Company Album YouTube >> Video Information Channel
  26. 26. Key Points – E-mailing As your user base grows, you need to be informing them in different channels You need to have e-mailing templates for different user actions Especially for re-activation of inactive users, e-mailings still work! Yet for customer support purposes, e-mailing is one of the most effective tool
  27. 27. Key Points – Events & Sponsorships Events are the key to “networking” and “leveraging your awareness” You don’t necessarily need to be a sponsor at an event to get maximum disposure It is better to;  Meet as many people as possible and be on the move all the time  Try to spend optimum time for each contact  Make sure you don’t overspend time with a single person  Follow-up as soon as the event finishes
  28. 28. Key Points – PR  Identify key influencers namely journalists and bloggers  Create your own list of contacts  Create a relationship and start a conversation with them  Don’t forget that it is crucial to maintain the relationship and be a great contact for them  If you believe you have a potential story, reach out and spread it  If you don’t have a potential story, it is useless to push them so go balanced!
  29. 29. Key Points – Budget & Team & Calendar  Once you decide on the tools, it is time to create the budget  Don’t forget that you will start with almost “zero” budget  So you will need to work your wonders on the way  Marketing can never be a 1-man show so you need to have experts if possible to be helping you  Finally you need to be flexible on your plans but need to follow a calendar  In marketing, one shot actions never bring huge results. You need to have a continuos flow of activities  This way your efforts exponentially grows
  30. 30. Key Points – KPI and Tracking
  31. 31. Key Points – KPI and Tracking Without tracking the KPIs , you can make sure that your marketing efforts are wasted! As you assign each tool for each part of the tunnel, you need to define the KPIs and tracking methods as well Funnel Desired Result Communication Channel KPI Tracking Acquisiton Sign-up for the site Social Media Posts Increasing reach of posts Social Media Analytics Increase in CTR Google Analytics (UTM Tracking) Acquisiton Sign-up for the site Online Advertising High CTR Social Media Analytics High Conversion Google Analytics (Remarketing Code Activation)
  32. 32. So what we have discussed so far…  Marketing starts with a story  Before the start, you set your strategy  Strategy is transformed into a funnel structure  Each marketing tool is assigned for each part of the funnel  Your story is again your fundamental element for marketing messaging  Budget, team and calendar are set  KPIs are defined
  33. 33. And the marathon begins!
  34. 34. What I’ve learnt as “Marketing Manager”  “Big marketing budget” doesn’t guarantee success  What works successfuly may not work next time!  Sometimes you are amazed to see good results with small budgets  Marketing is a team-work and harmony of different disciplines  Marketing is a marathon. If you run and stop in this marathon, you need more effort to catch your previous pace  If your marketing efforts don’t help your strategy, then stop immediately  Everyone has an idea about marketing so you need to have solid arguments  Things change very fast and if you can’t keep up, you are out of the game!
  35. 35. Nick Fury - The Avengers
  36. 36. Hat tip:
  37. 37. Let’s stay connected! Cagdas Onen Marketing Manager @ iyzico @cagdasonen /in/cagdasonen