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Battle of gallipoli


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3rd project meeting – 23rd – 28th March 2014
at Özel Çağ Koleji,
Mersin, Tarsus, Turkey

Topic : “Historical roots: in search of the history that unites us. Great social events”.

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Battle of gallipoli

  1. 1. The Battle of Gallipoli(1915-1916) is a sea and land war that is during World War I, between the Ottoman Empire and the Allies.
  2. 2. The Allies wanted to defeat the capital of the Ottoman Empire (İstanbul), to seize the straits of the Dardanelles and the strait of İstanbul to open the path to a safe military and food assistance so they decided the first target as the straits of the Dardanelles.
  3. 3. The Gallipoli Campaign cost the Allies 141,113 killed and wounded and the Turks 195,000. Gallipoli proved to be the Turks' greatest victory of the war.
  4. 4. As a result, the anniversary of the landings, April 25, is celebrated as ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) Day and is both nations' most significant day of military remembrance
  5. 5. It was one of the greatest Ottoman victories during the war and is considered a major Allied failure. The struggle formed the basis for the Turkish War of Independence and the founding of the Republic of Turkey eight years later under MUSTAFA KEMAL ATATÜRK, who first rose to prominence as a commander at Gallipoli.