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  • Leader: Thousands of Sudanese refugees felt powerless to stop their villages being burned to the ground as the conflict raged around them.
  • Leader: People in Tamil Nadu had the courage and perseverance to rebuild their lives after the tsunami.
  • Leader: Two years ago Margaret was earning a good living, then the factory she worked in closed down. Now, with no job, no money and rising food prices, she struggles to feed her children.
  • Leader: The love and compassion of foster mothers in Cambodia is sustaining children who have been bereaved through AIDS.
  • Leader: Returning refugees in Sudan often find that their homes have been destroyed and they have no means of making a living. They have to rely on the help of others.
  • Leader: Setrida is a volunteer who visits people affected by HIV and AIDS. She says: ‘I’m convinced I’m working for God by being a care giver. I feel that it’s a gift.
  • Leader: ‘We had seen how our own people were suffering because of illness and that drove us to do something. We pray with them. We comfort and encourage them.’
  • Leader: Kenyan women who lost almost everything in the drought are working their way out of poverty by joining hands and speaking up for themselves.
  • Leader: Surrounded by beauty and the wealth of natural resources, indigenous Bolivians still live in poverty.
  • Leader: These Indonesians have been stripped of everything they own by an earthquake. ‘The devastation is absolute. The area is unrecognisable.’
  • Leader: In northern Kenya, many rural people are close to breaking point. ‘We were so disappointed; we had done our work, prepared the farms, but the rain didn’t come again. We wondered, ‘have we done something wrong to God?’
  • Leader: ‘We tried to give my son the little food we had, but he had already got so weak that he was not eating, or even drinking.’
  • Leader: In East Timor, many people risked their lives in the fight for independence.
  • Leader: A memorial to those killed in the struggle for land inspires Fr Henri to walk alongside those fighting for land rights in Brazil today.
  • Leader: Change is happening. Lives are being transformed. We are filled with hope.
  • Stations of the Cross web ppt.ppt

    1. 1. Stations of the Cross Walk with us
    2. 2. 1
    3. 3. Jesus is condemned to death
    4. 5. 2
    5. 6. Jesus carries his cross
    6. 8. 3
    7. 9. Jesus falls the first time
    8. 11. 4
    9. 12. Jesus meets his mother
    10. 14. 5
    11. 15. Simon of Cyrene carries his cross
    12. 17. 6
    13. 18. Veronica wipes the face of Jesus
    14. 20. 7
    15. 21. Jesus falls the second time
    16. 23. 8
    17. 24. Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem
    18. 26. 9
    19. 27. Jesus falls the third time
    20. 29. 10
    21. 30. Jesus is stripped of his garments
    22. 32. 11
    23. 33. Jesus is nailed to the cross
    24. 35. 12
    25. 36. Jesus dies on the cross
    26. 38. 13
    27. 39. Jesus’ body is taken down from the cross
    28. 41. 14
    29. 42. Jesus’ body is laid in the tomb
    30. 44. 15
    31. 45. Jesus is raised from the dead
    32. 47. Stations of the Cross Walk with us Photos: James Alcock, Julie Bubbers, Annie Bungeroth, Vicky Cosstick, Frederic Courbet, Noel Garvin, Mike Goldwater, Caroline Irby, Paul Jeffrey, Thomas Omondi, Astrid de Valon