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CAFOD working on Climate Change - photopack


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CAFOD\'s working on Climate Change in various ways - and part of CAFOD\'s work with the world\'s poorest people is to help them adapt to climate change, and cope with lifestyle changes and in emergencies.
Use this slideshow to talk about climate change and the effects on people who live in poverty.
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CAFOD working on Climate Change - photopack

  1. 1. Climate Change CAFOD photopack Climate change is an important issue – arguably the most important issue – that we face today. It affects us all, but CAFOD knows that it affects people in developing countries first and worst
  2. 2. A global challenge: Climate change affects us all!
  3. 3. … and it’s up to every one of us to do something about it!
  4. 4. Bangladesh: CAFOD knows that the people affected FIRST and WORST by climate change are the people least able to cope!
  5. 5. Bangladesh: CAFOD is supporting people living poverty so they can adapt to the effects of climate change in their lives
  6. 6. CAFOD in Cambodia: CAFOD is supporting a local organisation that helps people use sustainable methods for farming – like tapping rubber from trees!
  7. 7. CAFOD in Mozambique: CAFOD supports and educates young people here too, to help them develop sustainable farming skills
  8. 8. Niger: CAFOD partners show people new and effective ways to retain water in areas with low rainfall, like digging half-moons into sloped land.
  9. 9. Kenya: CAFOD is working with partners in Kenya to help communities cope with drought.
  10. 10. Brazil: Trees are lost in the Amazon at the rate of a football pitch about every eight seconds. 80 per cent of logging in the Brazilian Amazon is illegal.
  11. 11. Guatemala: CAFOD partners train people to plant soil-retaining trees to help prevent huge mudslides like this one in Panabaj.
  12. 12. Signs of hope: You can help encourage national and international action on climate change by visiting
  13. 13. What will YOUR livesimply promise be?: Living more simply can help lower carbon emissions and make a difference to people who are affected by climate change.
  14. 14.