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Wordpress for Newbies 2010-03-27


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A presentation from WordCamp Toronto 2010 for beginners who are getting started using WordPress. Covers the basics of themes, plugins, widgets, using WordPress for blogs and as a content management system (CMS). Presented by Katheryn Presner of Zoonini Web Services and Shannon Smith of Café Noir Design.

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Wordpress for Newbies 2010-03-27

  1. 1. WordPress for Newbies with Shannon Smith & Kathryn Presner March 27, 2010
  2. 2. Welcome
  3. 3. Kathryn Presner of Zoonini Web Services @zoonini
  4. 4. Shannon Smith of Café Noir Design Inc. @cafenoirdesign
  5. 5. What We’ll Cover Welcome Intro to WordPress Intro to the Admin Panel Resources Closing Questions
  6. 6. Intro to WordPress
  7. 7. Diving into WordPress What is WordPress? vs. What is it used for?
  8. 8. Blog
  9. 9. CMS+Blog
  10. 10. CMS
  11. 11. Multimedia Portfolio
  12. 12. Examples of Interaction
  13. 13.
  14. 14. Some WordPress Basics Structure Presentation Markup Language ➜ Database vs. files PHP vs. HTML Dynamic Functions Scripting Do I need to know Language ➜ PHP? Data Database ➜
  15. 15. Posts vs. Pages Page
  16. 16. Posts vs. Pages Post
  17. 17. Introduction to Themes A WP Theme is a collection of Template files - (X)HTML + PHP + CSS The CSS (aka stylesheet) usually controls the layout and design Only two template files are required: index.php, style.css Some are optional: sidebar.php, comments.php, etc.
  18. 18.
  19. 19. Get Started With Blank Themes Starkers Whiteboard whiteboard-a-free-wordpress- theme-framework/ WP Candy Starter Theme wordpress-starter-theme- project.html
  20. 20. Get Started With A Pre-made Theme WooThemes elegantthemes ThemeForest Press75 WPswitch
  21. 21. Introduction to Plugins What is a plug-in? Where do you get plug-ins?
  22. 22. Managing Plug-ins
  23. 23. Introduction to Widgets What is a widget? What is a widget- ready theme?
  24. 24. Intro to the Admin Panel
  25. 25. The Admin Panel Let’s go spelunking!
  26. 26. WordPress Resources
  27. 27. Links (of course!) The Codex: WordPress on LinkedIn home=&gid=154024&trk=anet_ug_hm
  28. 28. Cheat Sheets WP Candy Cheat Sheet - Basic and Advanced WordPress Functions Cheat Sheet WordPress SEO Cheat Sheet WordPress Template Tags Reference Guide Optimization Cheat Sheet for WordPress WordPress Visual Cheat Sheet
  29. 29. WordPress Inspiration We Love WP WPInspiration WP Float
  30. 30. Kathryn's Must-Have Plugins All in One SEO Pack Extremely helpful if needed: Widget Logic WP Backup 3 security plugins: Sociable WordPress File Feedsmith Monitor Obfuscate Email WP Security Scan Subscribe to Comments WordPress Exploit Scanner
  31. 31. Shannon's Must-Have Plugins BackUpWordPress Search Excerpt All in One SEO Pack ShareThis Contact Form 7 Google Analyticator Dean's FCKEditor For Google XML Sitemaps WordPress Google Maps for Home Page Link WordPress Flickr Photo Album (feedburner, google analytics, wufoo forms, Audio player microformats)
  32. 32. Closing
  33. 33. What Next? Get the presentation at Slideshare
  34. 34. More Questions? Company links Twitter links @zoonini @cafenoirdesign
  35. 35. Thank You / Q&A