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Taking WordPress to the World : Options for a Multilingual Site | WordCamp San Francisco 2011


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Taking WordPress to the World : Options for a Multilingual Site

Presented by Shannon Smith • Professional/Large-scale Track

About 2/3 of the world population speak more than one language and most of the world doesn’t use the Internet in English. This presentation will cover what components are needed for a successful multilingual WordPress site. We’ll compare different set-ups, review key plugins and examine common pitfalls. Then we’ll look at advanced features like e-commerce and email marketing.

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Taking WordPress to the World : Options for a Multilingual Site | WordCamp San Francisco 2011

  1. 1. Taking WordPress to the World:Options for a Multilingual SiteWordCamp San Francisco 2011August 12, 2011
  2. 2. Shannon SmithCEO of Café Noir Designw: www.cafenoirdesign.comt: @cafenoirdesign
  3. 3. What We’ll Cover✤ Introduction✤ Strategies for Content✤ 2 WordPress Set-ups✤ Key Plugins✤ Advanced Features
  4. 4. Introduction
  5. 5. Why designmultilingual sites?✤ 2/3 of the world population speak more than one language✤ Most people don’t use the Internet in English✤ Internet use is growing fastest where English isn’t spokenPhoto: nevsred
  6. 6. Defining Multilingual✤ Multilingual vs. Unilingual (but not English)✤ Multi-lingual vs. Multi-regional Image: wpbeginner
  7. 7. Strategies for Content
  8. 8. Automated Solution✤ One language with an automated translation ✤ plugin (Google AJAX Translation) ajax-translation/ ✤ Google’s “Add Translate to your website”
  9. 9. Partial Solutions✤ Posts in alternating languages, interface in one language✤ Posts in alternating languages, interface in multiple languages
  10. 10. Complete Solutions✤ Different content for each language✤ Completely mirrored sites
  11. 11. Two WordPress Setups
  12. 12. TechnicalConsiderations✤ Interface language✤ Content language✤ Language switcher✤ Language persistence✤ URL structure✤ Alphabet✤ Text direction Photo: jerebu
  13. 13. Political Considerations✤ Use of flags✤ Design and cultural considerations✤ Default language✤ Splash page
  14. 14. What About SEO?✤ Make the language obvious ✤ Make the language discoverable ✤ Don’t mix languages ✤ Cross-link each page ✤ Automated translations should be blocked from ✤ Don’t use cookies to show search engines translated versions✤ Choose URLs carefully ✤ Be careful using javascript ✤ Separate URLs ✤ Avoid automatic redirection based on the user’s languageFurther reading: Google’s Advice on Multi-regional and multilingual sites
  15. 15. URLs That Search Engines Like✤ Subdomains: ✤ Separate domain names: ✤ ✤ ✤ ✤✤ Subdirectories: ✤ ✤
  16. 16. Dual-Installation Method✤ Two WordPress installations (can be MultiSite)✤ Content can be identical or not✤ Requires a language switcher plugin✤ Stable choice✤ Extra maintenance
  17. 17. Single-Installation Method✤ One WordPress installation✤ Content can be identical or not✤ Requires a multilingual plugin✤ Can be less stable✤ Can involve less maintenance
  18. 18. Key Plugins
  19. 19. Single-Installation Plugins✤ WPML ✤ Easy to use ✤ Easy to install ✤ Translates content, interface, plugins ✤ Sometimes buggy✤ Other plugins (qTranslate) can NOT be easily uninstalled
  20. 20. Dual-Installation Plugins✤ Bilingual Linker (2 languages only)✤ Language Switcher (no longer supported as of 2010)✤ Multisite Language Switcher✤ Language packs
  21. 21. Advanced Features
  22. 22. e-Commerce✤ Magento✤ PrestaShop (with or without plugin)✤ WPML & MarketPress✤ Other WPML e-Commerce solutions in beta
  23. 23. Email Marketing✤ CakeMail✤ Campaign Monitor (with 2 sub-accounts)✤ PHPList
  24. 24. Other✤ Forms and surveys: Wufoo forms and Gravity Forms✤ Forums (multiple forums)✤ Wikis (multiple wikis)
  25. 25. Shannon SmithCEO of Café Noir Design www.cafenoirdesign.comt: @cafenoirdesign
  26. 26. Thank You Image: woodleywonderworks