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Friedrich froebel


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Published in: Education
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Friedrich froebel

  1. 1. Friedrich Froebel Caelan Zeitler
  2. 2. Early Life • Born in Oberweissbach,Germany on April 21st 1782. • His mother died at a year old, which made him receive an “evil” stepmother. • During this time he was left to do things on his own and was educated by anthesis. • At the age of 10, his Uncle with a large family took him in. His Uncle raised him from then on to work. But Frobel always had a dream of going to the University
  3. 3. Education • He attended the University in Jana but never received a degree. • He later got a job at the model Pestalozzi school. • The head of the school, Mr. Gruner, just wanted people who could teach his methods.
  4. 4. • Froebel applied to be at the school and was accepted. He was sent to Yverdon, Switzerland to learn the ways of the school. • He came back to Frankfurt and made his classroom the center of the whole school.
  5. 5. • Because Frobel had no degree officials sent him out of the school and he was left with the only option to go to war. • With his return came the birth of an idea.
  6. 6. The Birth of Kindergarten • The first Kindergarten opened in 1836, in Bad Blankenburg, Thuringa, Germany. • His philosophy was the a child’s education should start 100 years before he/she was born.
  7. 7. Kindergarten • He used songs, poems, games, and “gifts” to teach the children in his schools. • The “gifts” would change by grade level and would promote the learning concepts that they were supposed to learn by that grade
  8. 8. Froebel’s Gifts
  9. 9. Publications • Froebel went on to spread the word about his, Kindergarten. He wrote many books about his philosophies. These include: • The Education of Man • The Pedagogics of Kindergarten • Education by Development
  10. 10. Founder of PTA • He also included Mothers in his school which was the start of the PTA we see now. Then they were called “school- mothers” and they were a club, just as they are now, that helped out the school.
  11. 11. Froebel’s Death & Kindergartens Future • Froebel took his last breath on June 21st, 1852. • Kindergarten was then closed to be free and was sent underground and into homes. •Before his death, he sent the idea to the United States as early as 1836 because it was most culturally appropriate because of its freedoms. •Kindergarten is now what it is based on the ideas of Friedrich Froebel.
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