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Creating a winning award entry


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Winning Awards is not about luck. It's also not about whether what you're entering is the best thing ever. It's about whether the judges think you're the best.
Creating a winning entry is not just about letting the facts speak for themselves. It's about telling a story, it's about pressing the right judging buttons, it's about getting your message across to a very particular audience.
Winning awards is good - they look good in reception, and are good for persuading prospective customers that you know what you’re doing, and they should trust you to work for them. Winning awards can help attract business to your company. So how can you be better at winning?
This half-day seminar will explore the things people do that help them win, and the things they do that make them lose. Anyone who is involved in preparing awards entries for their company will find this useful, and will find it helps them get their entry on the shortlist, and in the public eye.

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Creating a winning award entry

  1. 1. Creating a Winning Award Entry
  2. 2. Top 5 TipsRoss Sturley
  3. 3. Creating a Winning Award Entry Five top tips
  4. 4. 1.Read the instructions
  5. 5. 2.Hit the deadline
  6. 6. 3.Trust the Judges
  7. 7. 4.Look at last year’s winners
  8. 8. 5.Hit the judging criteria
  9. 9. Case Study: What I did to Win Andrew Cushing
  10. 10. Creating a winningSales Packs briefing award entryBuild Center Case Study
  11. 11. ContentsBackground & key themesMotivation‘You can’t polish a turd’Answer the questionAgency managementPresentationMultiple entriesNumbers, numbers, numbersDon’t give up
  12. 12. Background • Build Center was a leading national builders merchant, part of Wolseley • Struggled badly during recession but strong recovery in profitability • A key element was customer focus, direct marketing and loyalty • Acquired by Saint Gobain in November 2011
  13. 13. Key themes • Created a direct marketing led customer loyalty programme called ‘Spend & Save’ • Created differentiation, execution was good, every angle covered • Totally measureable – Acquisition, Sales uplift, Cross selling – Response rates – ROI • Delivered great results • Blood, sweat & tears went into it, and we were very proud • Entered Strategic Marketing and Best Use of DM
  14. 14. Motivation • Ask why you are doing this? • What do you want to get out of it?
  15. 15. You can’t polish a turd It may seem obvious, but you are only likely to win if the project/campaign is genuinely ‘stand out’
  16. 16. Answer the question • Each category has a set of specific criteria • The judges will be awarding scores against each criteria • Some are more equal than others • But answer each of the criteria • Layout your entry so it corresponds to the criteria
  17. 17. Agency Management • Our entry was a joint entry with our direct marketing agency • My tips for success on this are: – The client needs to be in control and provide clear direction (draft 1 felt like an ‘agency of the year’ submission!) – Get someone to write the copy who hasn’t been involved – Remember you are pitching this to someone who may know nothing about your business
  18. 18. Presentation • Spend some time on the design and layout • Set out the sections in response to the award criteria • Highlight key messages • Use appropriate images • Use charts/graphs to explain concepts • Present the results clearly • Use a client testimonial
  19. 19. Multiple entries • We won 2 categories • The underlying campaign was the same • We tailored the content according to the different criteria
  20. 20. Numbers, numbers, numbers • It helps if you work for an FD • Explain the results as you would a business case • What are the objectives? • How are you going to measure success against these objectives? • Clearly explain the results achieved, especially ROI, therefore you must include the costs
  21. 21. Don’t give up • I’ve lost more than I’ve won • I’ve got better • Back to motivation – ‘what do you want to get out of the process’
  22. 22. Milking the Win David Ing
  23. 23. By David Ing / @davidinguk / #cimcigwin
  24. 24. We’re Experts at Milking the Shortlist
  25. 25. 4 Key Opportunities1. It starts with the shortlist being announced - Start shouting as soon as you have been shortlisted!2. The night of the awards do – Use Twitter!3. Immediately promote awards – use all of your comms channels: PR, website, newsletters4. Year long activities / promotion – include appropriate references in your newsletters, literature, tenders…
  26. 26. Marketing Tools • Use every tool in your marketing toolbox! • PR • Social Media • Newsletters • Internal announcements / Intranet • Literature • Website • Tenders • Business stationery
  27. 27. A Few Ideas – Email Signatures
  28. 28. A Few Ideas – Judges Comments “A great example of how most“The project is a triumph construction willof good sense” be done in the future… today!” “… has demonstrated a clear commitment to creating a sustainable, low carbon manufacturing business"
  29. 29. A Few Ideas – Hoardings, Signs, Vehicle Livery
  30. 30. Case Study 1: Balfour Beatty Engineering Services• Entered 3 awards this year – shortlisted in Building Awards, H&V News Awards & Sustain Awards• Won Sustain award
  31. 31. Case Study 1: Balfour Beatty Engineering Services• Promoted all via website, internal announcements, PR, newsletters, tenders, etc
  32. 32. Case Study 2: Cantillon Demolition• Awards are the company’s single most important marketing activity• It provides them with: - • Differentiation • Third party endorsement of their commitment to safety • Help in creating client confidence
  33. 33. Case Study 2: Cantillon Demolition• So far this year … • A fourth consecutive RoSPA Gold Award for ‘Health & Safety Management’ • The ‘Demolition Safety’ & ‘Contractor of the Year’ Awards at the World Demolition Summit • The ‘Health & Safety’ category at the Construction News Specialist Awards
  34. 34. Case Study 2: Cantillon Demolition• They promote their award wins and shortlists … • In their newsletters • On their website • In their site offices • In their tenders • Through PR • Via email marketing • Through staff notices
  35. 35. Case Study 3: Framework CDM• Two major achievements – key project won a RIBA award and won ‘Offsite Specialist’ at the Building Awards• References were included throughout company’s literature
  36. 36. Summary• It starts with the shortlist being announced• Don’t forget to tell staff – they are as important as your customers• Use the shortlist logo in as many places as possible• Display the trophies where they are going to be seen• Use judges comments and quotes• Remember, the award has no expiry date – promote it all year long
  37. 37. Five More Top Tips Ross Sturley
  38. 38. Creating a Winning Award Entry Five more top tips
  39. 39. 6.Keep it brief
  40. 40. 7.Get the judges attention
  41. 41. 8.Put people in it
  42. 42. 9.Make it pretty
  43. 43. 10.Don’t do it on the side
  44. 44. 11. Good luck!
  45. 45. Creating a Winning Award Entry