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Ii fmb convite-en


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Ii fmb convite-en

  1. 1. Porto Alegre, Brazil 25.02.2011
  2. 2. Banker Ricardo Neis sped his carthrough a group of 150 cyclists. 17 people were injured
  3. 3. 30.03.2011
  4. 4. More than 2000 people took to the streets to protest
  5. 5. They protested against impunity
  6. 6. they protested in favour of they protested in favour of the right to ride a bicycle the right to ride a bicycle
  7. 7. they protested in favour of a better world
  8. 8. From that point on, many changes began to take place!
  9. 9. Using a bikeas a means oftransport and as atool for culturaltransformationmade the headlinesof magazines
  10. 10. and became the subject of heated debates,generating new thinking and attracting public opinion.
  11. 11. the movement spread and motivated cyclists in Porto Alegre to explore thedebate on the subject.
  12. 12. Community workshops were set up
  13. 13. as well as communal bike rides
  14. 14. and art exhibitions
  15. 15. and thenin February 2012(a year after the cyclists at Critical Mass were run over)
  16. 16. the first World Bicycle Forum took place
  17. 17. Organised horizontally and independently The Forum relied on a voluntary contribution from participants of various different countries and states in Brazil. They paid for theirown transport, volunteered to speak in public, and were given a place to stay by other others involved.
  18. 18. The first ever WorldBicycle Forum was a success in terms of public, collaborative and guest participation.
  19. 19. About 7,000 people participatedas speakers and participants in workshops, including visitors fromvarious countries and states in Brazil who took part in the main body ofevents, as well as in parallel events including exhibitions and bike rides.
  20. 20. Chris Carlsson,the American writer and bike activist(who co-founded Critical Massin San Francisco in 1992 – anevent that takes place to thisday) was one of the panellists.Other participants included theEnglish urbanist Fiona Roy whois now settled in Brazil, thePresident of both Green MobilityBrasil and the Instituto MobilidadeVerde – Lincoln Paiva, and theDirector General of the São PaoloAssociation of Urban Cyclists –Ciclocidade, Thiago Bennichio.
  21. 21. The amount of coveragethe mediagave to theForum wassurprising!Coverage of the Forumthat was organized injust two months totalledover 50 reports in theprinted press, witharound 50 TV and radiopieces on the subjectbefore, during and afterthe event. In additionthere were 384 internetinsertions devoted tothe Forum.
  22. 22. More andmore peopleare dustingoff theirbikes...
  23. 23. Drivers who once shouted‘get off the roadand onto the pavement!’now smileat the sound of abike bell!
  24. 24. But wemustnot stopnow.
  25. 25. we want toCYCLE FORCHANGE
  26. 26. And we wantYOU to do itwith us
  27. 27. 21st – 24th February, help us makethe second World Bicycle Forum happen!