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SADC Capacity Building Workshop


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A Presentation to the Human Capital Directors of the Central Banks in Africa

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SADC Capacity Building Workshop

  1. 1. SADC Capacity Building Workshop“The Human Resources Function as a Strategic Business Partner”The New HR Metrics for a 21st Century Organisation Presented by Goodnews Cadogan Home Page +27834152244 (mobile) 2012-07-26
  2. 2. Do We Have To?
  3. 3. The Snippets Of My Story• The History of Human Capital Metrics• Organisation Risk, Enabling Mitigation• Creating New Knowledge• Conclusion
  4. 4. The History & Enhanced HC Metrics The Power of Prediction
  5. 5. The History of Human Capital MetricsTransactional • Human Capital Activity Monitoring ReportsHuman Capital • Performance MonitoringManagement Business • Linking HC Metrics to Business Metrics Predictive • Foretelling Effects Analysis
  6. 6. Foretelling Effects
  7. 7. Metrics Ascending Value Relative Value Relative Value0.20.1 0
  8. 8. Organisation Risk, Enabling Mitigation The Power of Prediction
  9. 9. Creating New Knowledge The Power of Prediction
  10. 10.
  11. 11. CONCLUSION
  12. 12. Points To Ponder• The Orientation of The HC Executive• The Configuration of The HC Top Team• Relationship With Business Leadership• Closeness to the Organisation BEING• Culture Takers vs. Culture Shapers
  13. 13. Partner & Service Provider
  14. 14. I Thank You
  15. 15. Our ValueProposition
  16. 16. The Flywheel of Sustainable Competitiveness Personal Authentic LeadershipLeadership Values Inclusive in Based Interpersonal Society Leadership Leadership High Performance Organisation Leadership
  17. 17. The Village Assists Organisations to Achieve Sustainable High Performance through:Values Based Leadership:Sustainable high performance organisations make the shift from values of dominance andsubservience to entrench beliefs and practices that promote the wellbeing of all.Personal Authentic Leadership:We enable individuals to live out their potential and strengths with conviction that increasestheir leadership impact.Inclusive Interpersonal Leadership:In a multicultural world with diverse stakeholders we develop the capabilities of leaders torelate to and bring out the best in individuals, groups and organisations.High Performance Organisation Leadership:We engage with our clients to prioritise and entrench the organisational practices that drive asustainable high performance culture.Leadership in Society: We challenge leaders to leave a legacy that serves the long-term interests of the greatercommunity.