economies, changes in family structures, and the              Other members of the PHILSSA Executive Board
The Philippines
welcomes social
security experts
for Regional
Forum for Asia
and the Pacific
Secretary General

                                RETIREMENT, SEPARATION AND BENEFITS SYSTEM

Taking ...

Ensuring the Primacy of Government

MANDATE                        ...
HOME DEVELOPMENT MUTUAL FUND                                                        Program, Direct Home Lending Program, ...
PHILIPPINE CHARITY SWEEPSTAKES OFFICE                                                   drugs, medical supplies, implants,...
2001 State of the Nation Address to make medicines            established itself as a model government institution with
and perfect a sound and viable tax-exempt social security
28 • MANILA FORUM                     TIDBITS & TRIVIA   29 • MANILA FORUM
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Manila Forum Final Lowquality
Manila Forum Final Lowquality
Manila Forum Final Lowquality
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Manila Forum Final Lowquality


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Manila Forum Final Lowquality

  1. 1. economies, changes in family structures, and the Other members of the PHILSSA Executive Board (SSS). Eventually, the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes financial crisis. are: Office (PCSO) was also admitted to form the present PHILSSA: group of PHILSSA member institutions. The four main themes of the Forum are: Ret. B/Gen. Jose C. Nano President • Social security developments and trends in Asia AFP Retirement and Separation Benefits Working for PHILSSA TODAY Vision – A Happy Satisfied Workforce Enjoying The and the Pacific • Governance and the social security reform process System (AFP-RSBS) common interests • The imperatives of health-care coverage Mr. Romulo L. Neri Total Social Security Protection of The Philippine • Pension coverage and demographic ageing President and CEO Government. Social Security System (SSS) in social security T Mission – To Establish A Rational And Well-Coordinated This Forum will culminate in a Social Security Ms. Evelyn F. Tablang Social Protection Program Which Will Provide All Officer-In-Charge Workers And Their Families With Responsive Summit, which will aim to promote the important Employees’ Compensation Commission Benefits, Which They And Their Employers Can role of social security in society by showcasing the (ECC) Afford And Which Is Doable By Government; To Come Up With Feasible Forms Of Means-Tested contribution of dynamic social security to cope with Mr. Sergio O. Valencia Social Protection, Mostly Non-Financial For The he Philippine Social Unemployed And The Marginalized Poor; current and future socio-economic challenges in Chairman Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office Security Association Asia and the Pacific. The Forum will be an important (PCSO) – To Provide Covered Workers With Assistance / (PHILSSA) was Services That Will Enable Them To Cope With Basic milestone towards the World Social Security Forum created on July Family Essentials And Improve Their Quality Of Life in South Africa in 2010. Prior To Any Work Cessation. 1, 1996 when institutions performing social EXECUTIVE BOARD ACTIVITIES security and related functions in the The newly elected PHILSSA Officials for CY Philippines, signed a Memorandum • In 1996, PHILSSA conducted an international 2009 are: seminar entitled “Asia: The Impact of Demography of Agreement. It was intended on Social Security” in cooperation with the ISSA, CHAIRMAN to be a venue wherein member- International Labor Organization (ILO), the World Atty. Winston F. Garcia Bank, Department of Finance and the ASEAN Social President and General Manager institutions could deliberate and Security Association (ASSA). Government Service Insurance System work on matters concerning social (GSIS) • In 2007, PHILSSA hosted the 20th ASSA Board security among Filipino workers. Meeting and ASSA Seminar. VICE CHAIRMAN Dr. Rey B. Aquino These member institutions were: the Armed • PHILSSA will host The Regional Social Security President and CEO Forces of the Philippines - Retirement and Separation Forum for Asia and the Pacific to be held in Manila Philippine Health Insurance Benefits System (AFP-RSBS), the Employees’ on October 21 to 23. It will provide a unique platform Corporation (PHIC) for policy-makers and social security leaders from Compensation Commission (ECC), the Government the region to identify and discuss the main emerging TREASURER Service Insurance System (GSIS), the Home social security developments and trends in Asia and Mr. Jaime A. Fabiaña Development Mutual Fund (HDMF) (better known the Pacific. Officer-In-Charge as Pag-IBIG Fund), the Philippine Health Insurance Home Development Mutual Fund It will take place in the context of globalization, (HDMF) Corporation (PHIC), and the Social Security System internal and external migration, the growth of informal 4 • MANILA FORUM PHILSSA BEGINNINGS PHILSSA BEGINNINGS 5 • MANILA FORUM
  2. 2. The Philippines welcomes social security experts for Regional Forum for Asia and the Pacific Secretary General O Konkolewsky delivers the keynote address On October 21 to 23, 2009, of the Government Service Insurance “The Forum will end with a high- the Philippines will play host to a System (GSIS), and by ISSA President level Social Security Summit, which will gathering of social security policy- Corazon S. de la Paz-Bernardo, also the showcase the recent advances in social makers, administrators, researchers former president of SSS. security that were achieved through and representatives of regional and new ideas, innovations, and effective international organizations for the According to Forum Coordinator strategies,” Ciriaco said. “The ISSA Good “Regional Social Security Forum for and Social Security System (SSS) Vice Practice Awards for Asia and the Pacific Asia and Pacific,” to be held at the Dusit President May Catherine Ciriaco, there will also be handed out to outstanding Thani Manila Hotel in Makati City. are four main themes that will be tackled organizations for their exemplary practices in the three-day event: social security in the administration of social security. The Organized by the International developments and trends in the Asia and winning good practices will be featured at Social Security Association (ISSA) Pacific; governance and social security the World Social Security Forum in Cape and sponsored by the Philippine Social reform processes; the imperatives of Town, South Africa in 2010,” she added. Security Association (PHILSSA), the healthcare coverage; and pension coverage Regional Social Security Forum for and demographic aging. Over 200 delegates from Asia and Asia and Pacific takes into account the Pacific countries are expected to attend role of social security amidst the current ISSA Secretary General Hans-Horst the Forum. Aside from technical sessions, milieu of globalization, internal and Konkolewsky of Geneva will deliver there will also be fellowship events, external migration, growth of informal the keynote address on social security cocktails, and guided tours of Makati City economies, changes in family structures, developments and trends in Asia and hotspots for the foreign participants. and the impact of the global financial the Pacific, while Ms. Yvonne Sin, Head crisis. of Investment Consulting of Watson The member institutions of PHILSSA, Wyatt-Hong Kong, will give the keynote who are hosting the Forum, include The Opening Ceremonies will address on governance and the social the SSS, GSIS, HDMF, Employees’ be graced by the Philippines’ second security reform process. The topic on the Compensation Commission, Philippine highest official, Vice President Noli imperatives of health care services will Health Insurance Corporation, Armed de Castro, who is also known as the be handled by Professor Soonman Kwon Forces of the Philippines-Retirement “Housing Czar” being the chairman of of the Seoul National University of South and Separation Benefits System, and the the Home Development Mutual Fund Korea, while Professor Christian Aspalter Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office. (HDMF). Delegates will be welcomed by of the Beijing Normal University of China PHILSSA Chairman Winston F. Garcia, will deliver the keynote address on pension who is the president and general manager coverage and demographic ageing. 6 • MANILA FORUM ABOUT THE FORUM
  3. 3. ARMED FORCES OF THE PHILIPPINES - RETIREMENT, SEPARATION AND BENEFITS SYSTEM T Taking care of our Protectors The Armed Forces of the Philippines Retirement, personnel who is separated or retired shall upon his Separation and Benefits System was established by separation or retirement be refunded in one lump sum all virtue of Presidential Decree 361 as amended by P.D. his contributions to the System: Provided, further, That 1656 to provide retirement and separation benefits such contributions shall be tax deductible for purposes to military members of the Armed Forces of the of individual income tax return.” Philippines. As provided in the law, “officers and enlisted Retired Brigadier General Jose V. Nano is the current President of personnel in the active service of the AFP shall the AFP-RSBS. contribute monthly to the System an amount equivalent to five percent (5%) of their monthly base pay, AFP-RSBS Address: Capinpin which contribution shall be deducted from their pay Avenue, Camp Aguinaldo, by the Armed Forces of the Philippines and paid to Quezon City, Philippines the System: Provided, That any officer or enlisted 8 • MANILA FORUM ABOUT AFP-RSBS
  4. 4. EMPLOYEES’ COMPENSATION COMMISSION “Through the years, the ECC has In June 2009, the employees’ compensation expediently addressed major issues program granted benefits worth Php549.203 million for T Protecting Workers’ Interest and Welfare through relevant programs and projects 135,198 private sector workers while Php31.75 million was provided to 7,616 government employees with with the end in view of improving the work-connected sickness, injuries or death. Since 1975, employees’ compensation program’s a total of Php28.863 billion EC benefits were granted to The Employees’ Compensation Commission • Policy Formulation provides comprehensive implementation.” 3,851,742 private and government employees. (ECC) is a government corporation attached to and in-depth review of existing policies for the purpose the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) of updating, amending and formulating new policies to • KaGabay Program (Katulong at Gabay sa for policy and program coordination. It is a quasi- ensure effective implementation of the EC Program. Manggagawang may Kapansanan) is a special economic judicial entity created to implement the Employees’ assistance program initiated by the ECC in 2002 for Compensation Program. • Employees’ Compensation Advocacy focuses Occupationally-Disabled Workers (ODWs) who lost on the preventive, rehabilitative, and compensatory employment by reason of work-related sickness or The Employees’ Compensation Commission aspects of the program for the purpose of informing injury. It facilitates the ODWs reintegration into the (ECC) was created on November 1, 1974 by virtue the workers and their dependents of their rights, benefits economic mainstream through physical restoration, of PD 442 or the Labor Code of the Philippines. It and privileges under the Employees’ Compensation vocational skills training for possible re-employment become fully operational with the issuance of PD 626, Program. and entrepreneurial training for small or home-based as amended which took effect on January 1, 1975. business. Through the years, the ECC has expediently The Employees’ Compensation Program (ECP) addressed major issues through relevant programs and • The Public Assistance Program (PAC) which was designed to provide workers and their families projects with the end in view of improving the employees’ started operating on June 20, 2003. It aims to maximize Dr. Dante Nacpil, DepEd Medical Officer of Quezon City, stresses the advantage of using fixed dosed combination treatment for suspected with income benefits in the event of work-connected compensation program’s implementation. and facilitate the agency’s responsibility of providing TB cases during the Conference Towards Improved TB Program sickness, injury or death. These benefits are in addition immediate information on the ECP thru telephone and Implementation Among Public School Teachers held on September 23, to whatever the employees are entitled to under the personal advice. 2009 at ECC-Multi– purpose Hall. Some of these are the following: other social protection programs like the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), the Social Security • ECC-QRT Program aims to provide victims • The State Insurance Fund (SIF) Monitoring System (SSS) and the Philippine Health Insurance or beneficiaries of work-related contingencies with Program aims to continuously monitor the status of the System (PhilHealth). assistance so that they may be able to cope with the SIF and do an in-depth analysis of the disbursements untimely death of a love one and to lighten the burden of the GSIS and the SSS to meet the compensatory The ECP covers only the formal sector workers, of sudden financial incapacity by facilitating the prompt requirements of victims of work-related sickness, injury specifically the paying members of the SSS and the release of EC benefits. or death. Its goal is to sustain the viability of the SIF GSIS as well as the members of the PNP, AFP and so it can serve its purpose for all time. the BJMP. It applies only to workers with employer- employee relationship. The ECP is being implemented by the Social Security System (SSS) for the private sector and the The ECC-QRT introduce the ECC Reporter to Lydio Felizarta, training officer and coordinator of Sulpicio Lines, Inc. Felizarta promised to assist Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) for the the ECC-QRT by providing the list of crew members of the ill-fated MV public sector. Princess of the Stars and names and addresses of their next of kin to enable ECC to reach potential beneficiaries of the EC program. The basic functions of the Employees’ Compensation Commission are the following: Ms. Evelyn F. Tablang is the Executive Director of the ECC at present. • Appealed Claims Disposition commits to ECC-QRT member Dianne Bautista explains to Seaman Jojit URL: expeditiously resolve appealed cases from the GSIS Address: ECC Building, Sen. Gil Puyat Pungo the documentary requirements in filing an EC claim at the and the SSS by providing adequate income, medical Government Service Insurance System. Seaman First Class Pungo Avenue, Makati City and related benefits to employees; and their dependents was one of the two coastguardsmen who sustained bone fractures Tel. : (632) 899-4251 in the event of work-connected disability or death. during the Philippine-Japan anti-piracy drill on July 9, 2009. 10 • MANILA FORUM ABOUT ECC ABOUT ECC 11 • MANILA FORUM
  5. 5. GOVERNMENT SERVICE INSURANCE SYSTEM Ensuring the Primacy of Government Employees T MANDATE ORGANIZATION The GSIS is created by Commonwealth Act The governing and policy-making body of the GSIS No. 186 that was passed on November 14, 1936. is the Board of Trustees, the members of which are As a pension fund, the GSIS is mandated to provide appointed by the President of the Philippines. and administer the following social security benefits for all employees of the Philippine government: The GSIS workforce consists of 3,104 employees, compulsory life insurance, optional life insurance, 52% of whom are in the Head Office while the remaining retirement benefits, disability benefits for work-related 48% are in the Branches. To date, the GSIS has 15 contingencies and death benefits. Regional Offices, 25 Branch Offices and 18 Satellite Offices nationwide. In addition, the GSIS is entrusted with the administration of the General Insurance Fund by virtue of R.A. 656 of the Property Insurance Law. It provides insurance coverage to assets and properties that have government insurable interests. COVERAGE The GSIS covers all government workers GSIS President and General Manager irrespective of their employment status, except: Winston F. Garcia • Members of the Judiciary and Constitutional Com- missions who are covered by separated retirement URL: laws Address: Financial Center, Roxas Blvd. Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines. • Contractual employees who have no employee- Tel. : Trunkline (632) 891-6161 employer relationship with their agencies • Uniformed members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police, including the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology and the Bureau of Fire Protection BENEFITS AND SERVICES The principal benefit package of the GSIS consists of compulsory and optional life insurance, retirement, separation and employee’s compensation benefits. SERVICE PRIVILEGES Active GSIS members are entitled to the following loan privileges: salary, policy, emergency and housing loans, subject to the cross-default policy of the System (CLIP). 12 • MANILA FORUM ABOUT GSIS
  6. 6. HOME DEVELOPMENT MUTUAL FUND Program, Direct Home Lending Program, Social Housing “Today, more than a decade Developmental Loan Program, Joint Venture Program, Group Land Acquisition and Development Program, after the universal Pag-IBIG Making the Dream of Home Ownership Pag-IBIG Cities, LGU-Pabahay Housing Program, and the Direct Developmental Loan Program Fund. coverage law was implemented, the Pag-IBIG Fund continues to T a Reality Clearly, the voluntary nature of Pag-IBIG membership did not stop the Fund from growing in be a strong partner in realizing depth and breadth. During the period, the Pag-IBIG Fund Filipino workers’ dreams.” The birth of the Home Development Mutual its operations. The task force later affirmed that “Pag- has claimed its rightful place in the country’s economic Fund (HDMF), more popularly known as the Pag- IBIG Fund was run professionally and that there were and financial system, finally gaining the acceptance of prices, and allows members to experience condominium IBIG Fund, was an answer to the need for a national no anomalies in the Fund”. On 1 August 1986, former its members, not by force, but by its continuing efforts style living in areas close to their places of work. savings program and an affordable shelter financing President Aquino directed the resumption of Pag-IBIG to impress upon the members that the Fund exists solely for the Filipino worker. The Fund was established on membership under Executive Order No. 35. Membership for their benefit as well as their beneficiaries. In recent years, the Fund has embarked on its 11 June 1978 by virtue of Presidential Decree No. was still on a mandatory basis but under more liberal successful bid in the financial market, moving a step 1530 primarily to address these two basic yet equally terms. For one, contribution rate was reduced from After eight years as a voluntary fund, the nature of closer to its vision of becoming a premier and globally important needs. Under the said law, there were two three percent to one percent for employees earning over Pag-IBIG membership reverted to mandatory on 17 June competitive provident financial institution. In 2001, the agencies that administered the Fund. The Social Php1,500. Employer share was likewise cut from three 1994 when President Fidel V. Ramos signed Republic Fund floated Php2 billion-worth of Pag-IBIG Housing Security System handled the funds of private sector percent to a fixed rate of two percent. The Maximum Act 7742. The new law became effective on 1 January Bonds to generate additional funds for its shelter employees, while the Government Service Insurance Fund Salary was raised from Php3,000 to Php5,000. 1995. financing programs, which was warmly received by System handled the savings of government workers. both institutional and individual investors. The bonds 1 January 1987 marked the return of the Pag-IBIG Today, more than a decade after the universal matured in late 2006. Less than a year after on 1 March 1979, Executive Fund to a voluntary program under Executive Order No. Pag-IBIG coverage law was implemented, the Pag- Order No. 527 was signed. The order directed 90. While many companies chose to discontinue their IBIG Fund continues to be a strong partner in realizing Pag-IBIG is an acronym which stands for transferring the administration of the Fund to the Pag-IBIG membership, quite a number, including big Filipino workers’ dreams. Over the years, it initiated Pagtutulungan sa Kinabukasan: Ikaw, Bangko, Industria National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation, which companies like PLDT and Dole Philippines, nevertheless more programs and projects, particularly those that at Gobyerno. To this day, the Pag-IBIG Fund continues to was one of the operating agencies of the then Ministry opted to retain their membership to the Fund despite the address the needs of members belonging to the bottom harness these four sectors of the society to work together of Human Settlements. voluntary nature of registration. economic level. The Fund has established special towards providing Fund members with adequate housing housing partnerships with teachers and uniformed through an effective savings scheme. Seeing the need to further strengthen the stability Facing challenges head on men, among others. The Rent-to-Own Program was and viability of the two funds, Executive Order No. introduced, providing members another affordable way 538 was issued on 4 June 1979, merging the funds Confronted with the sudden reduction in its of homeownership. for private and government personnel into what is membership base, the Pag-IBIG Fund stood unfazed now known as the Pag-IBIG Fund. However, It was and took the challenges head on. Initially, the Fund The Fund’s efforts towards housing the Filipino only on 14 December 1980 when Pag-IBIG was made implemented an intensified marketing campaign that did not go unnoticed. During the World Habitat Day Hon. Vice-President Noli De Castro independent from the NHMFC with the signing of PD focused on membership retention and generation. celebration in October 2006, Pag-IBIG was given the CHAIRMAN 1752, which amended PD 1530. With the improved law prestigious Scroll of Honour Awards by the United Housing and Urban Development in effect, the Fund’s rule-making power was vested in It was during the years as a voluntary fund that Pag- Nations Human Settlements Program (UN-Habitat) for Coordinating Council (HUDCC) its own Board of Trustees. Likewise, PD 1752 made IBIG evolved from an institution primarily for savings “making the dream of affordable housing a reality for Pag-IBIG membership mandatory for all SSS and GSIS and housing into an agency with a wider reach that covers hundreds of thousands of households.” Pag-IBIG is the member-employees. almost all other needs. first Philippine government agency to be awarded such recognition. A new Administration, some changes in Pag-IBIG The Pag-IBIG Fund introduced innovative benefit programs that heeded the calls for expansion of Hon. Jaime A. Fabiana The Fund likewise strengthened its partnership with President and CEO Months after former President Corazon C. membership to include self-employed groups with accredited developers by way of its various institutional Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF) Aquino assumed leadership of the country, Pag-IBIG informal income, the overseas Filipino workers, and non- lending programs, among which is the much-sought after contributions were suspended from May to July 1986. earning spouses. It also launched other novel programs program for the development of medium and high-rise URL: This gave way to the Presidential Task Force on such as the Multi-Purpose Loan for its short-term loans condominium buildings. The program provides a ready Address: Atrium of Makati, Makati Avenue, Makati City Shelter to conduct a thorough review of the Fund and program, and shelter programs like the Corporate Housing Tel.: Trunklines: (632)811-4401 to 27 connecting all departments inventory of condominium units for sale at affordable Call Center: (632) 724-4244 14 • MANILA FORUM ABOUT HDMF ABOUT HDMF 15 • MANILA FORUM
  7. 7. PHILIPPINE HEALTH INSURANCE CORPORATION Leadership Health for All The entire PhilHealth organization leads and drives We aim for universal coverage. Right now, we cover Better and More Responsive the health system reforms in the country. eight out of every ten Filipinos, and we aspire to sustain this coverage in the long-term. Honor, Accountability and Transparency Health Care for All We are the custodians of public coffers and we owe T it to the people to keep the program afloat for future generations. HISTORY CORPORATE PROFILE Excellence and Lifetime Learning The call to serve the rural indigents echoed since Vision We do not just meet targets; we surpass them because the early ‘60s when the Philippine Medical Association A premier government corporation that ensures we are movers and shapers. We are the few who make introduced the MARIA Project which prioritized aid to sustainable, affordable and progressive social health things happen but we continue to learn new things. communities in need of medical assistance. The Project insurance which endeavors to influence the delivery of would then be considered a valuable precursor to the accessible quality health care for all Filipinos. Medicare program, from which a medical care plan for the entire Philippines was created. On August 4, 1969, Mission Dr. Rey B. Aquino is the President and Republic Act 6111 or the Philippine Medical Care Act CEO of Philhealth. of 1969 was signed by President Ferdinand E. Marcos As a financial intermediary, PhilHealth shall URL: which was eventually implemented in August 1971. continuously evolve a sustainable National Health Address: Citystate Centre, 709 Shaw Insurance Program that shall: Boulevard, Pasig City 1603, Philippines The Philippine Medical Care Commission (PMCC) Tel.: Trunkline: (632) 637-9999 was tasked to oversee the implementation of the program • Lead towards universal coverage which went for almost a quarter of a century. • Ensure better benefits for its members at affordable premiums; In the 1990s, a vision for a better, more responsive • Establish close coordination with its clients government health care program was prompted by the through a strong partnership with all stakeholders; passage of several bills that had significant implications and, on health financing. The public’s clamor for a health • Provide effective internal information and insurance that is more comprehensive in terms of management systems to influence the delivery of quality covered population and benefits led to the development health care services. of House Bill 14225 and Senate Bill 01738 which became “The National Health Insurance Act of 1995” Core Values or Republic Act 7875, signed by President Fidel V. Ramos on February 14, 1995. The law paved the way People and Partnership for the creation of the Philippine Health Insurance The alliance we have made are the wheels of our Corporation (PhilHealth), mandated to provide social program. Our members are at the core of our operations health insurance coverage to all Filipinos in 15 years’ and it is our duty to serve the public. time. Harmony PhilHealth assumed the responsibility of Team PhilHealth moves as one, otherwise, we could administering the former Medicare program for not have reached nor surpassed our goals. government and private sector employees from the Government Service Insurance System in October Innovation 1997, from the Social Security System in April 1998, We support new and bright ideas to improve our and from the Overseas Workers’ Welfare Administration operations, and apply the Balanced Scorecards into how in March 2005. we carry out our tasks. 16 • MANILA FORUM ABOUT PHIC ABOUT PHIC 17 • MANILA FORUM
  8. 8. PHILIPPINE CHARITY SWEEPSTAKES OFFICE drugs, medical supplies, implants, contributes to the upgrading of • Special Programs blood, diagnostic and laboratory health care facilities by providing The PCSO also allocates and Going Beyond Charity and procedures financial assistance for the purchase donates to local government units a of medical and surgical supplies, 5 percent share from the total sales • Beneficiaries medical equipments and the of on-line lottery (lotto) outlets Social Welfare T Institutional Assistance construction and renovation of operating within their jurisdictions, The PCSO supports orphanages devolved and retained hospitals, including of the documentary stamp and other charitable institutions municipal health centers, day care tax for the said donation. which take care of providing welfare centers and private institutions The Philippine Charity provide funds in order to sustain free where the patients are confined. A services to the disadvantaged sector implementing welfare programs PCSO-Philhealth Greater Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) is medical and health services to the guarantee letter is a certification -- the children and youth who are nationwide. Medicare Access (GMA) Program the principal government agency poorest of the poor, and to augment issued to hospitals for a particular either abandoned or exploited, • This program is a joint for raising and providing funds the current resources of various charity patient under the PCSO those who have experienced • Outreach Programs undertaking of the three most for health programs, medical institutions and organizations medical assistance program where varied forms of abuse, the elderly The PCSO’s community important health-financing agencies assistance and services, and providing health services to the the agency assumes the obligation of and the physically and mentally outreach programs involve the of the government, the Philippine charities of national character. general public. This is carried out settling the cost of hospitalization, handicapped, among others. conduct of free medical ad dental Health Insurance Corporation through a variety of programs: including the medicines, medical, missions in depressed areas within (PhilHealth), and local government The PCSO holds and conducts surgical or blood supplies, and • Upgrading of Medical ad outside of Metro Manila. Under units (LGU). At the outset, the charity sweepstakes, races, and • Mandatory Contributions diagnostic procedures. Facilities this program, the PCSO also gives PCSO GMA Program is aimed at lotteries and engages in health The PCSO is mandated by Objectives The PCSO consistently to out patients free consultations and assisting the enrollment of 539,670 and welfare-related investments, virtue of a special law to contribute •General : Restoration contributes to the upgrading of medicines. It undoubtedly is one of indigent families in PhilHealth’s projects, and activities to provide funds for the following government of social functioning (Physical health care facilities by providing the most effective means of pursuing Medicare para sa Masa program. for permanent and continuing entities: the Philippine Sports recovery) through medical financial assistance for the purchase the agency’s commitment to the For the initial implementation of the sources of funds for its programs. Commission, the Commission assistance of medical and surgical supplies, Filipino people is charity through program, the PCSO has allocated It also undertakes other activities on Higher Education, the • Specific : Provide assistance medical equipments and the free medical and dental services. some P67 million as its counterpart to enhance and expand such fund- Comprehensive and Integrated for hospitalization expenses, construction and renovation of Initially serving its officials and funding for the LGU share. generating operations as well as Shelter and Urban Development laboratory procedures and purchase devolved and retained hospitals, employees, referrals and walk-ins, strengthen the agency’s fund- Financing Program, the Philippine of medicines, chemo drugs, dialysis municipal health centers, day care the PCSO Charity Clinic’s services Kapit-Bisig Laban sa management capabilities. Centennial Commission, the National solutions, antibiotics, implants, centers and private institutions have now expanded to include Kahirapan (KALAHI) Program The main products of the Commission on Indigenous People, devices and other medical needs. implementing welfare programs depressed barangays in Metro • As a government sector PCSO are the sweepstakes and the the Overseas Workers Welfare nationwide. Manila to as far as Sorsogon in the agency-member of the National lottery games. The Sweepstakes Administration, the Department • Endowment Fund South and Isabela in the North. Anti-Poverty Commission (NAPC), game has steadily been evolving of Foreign Affairs and the Quirino Program • Medicine Donation under the Basic Services for Human through the years to be able to Memorial Medical Center. This program allocates The PCSO consistently The Out-Patient Clinic Development cluster, the PCSO conform with the changing times, funding assistance to government contributes to the upgrading of Department of the PCSO renders has, as its contribution to the to keep the game interesting The PCSO allocates to local and private hospitals assistance to health care facilities by providing services from Monday to Friday to Poverty Alleviation Program of the to all Sweepstakes enthusiasts government units a five percent indigent patients in need of medical financial assistance for the purchase thousands of indigent patients at the Macapagal-Arroyo administration, and to hopefully attract more (5%) share from the total sales of on- care, medicines, drugs, medical and of medical and surgical supplies, PCSO Complex in Quezon City. Said donated medicines and provided clients, and to maintain a variety line lottery (lotto) outlets operating surgical supplies, and diagnostic medical equipments and the clinic offers the following services: financial assistance, conducted of Sweepstakes products readily within their jurisdictions, including procedures for the management and construction and renovation of free consultations from resident medical and dental missions, and available in the market. Various a documentary stamp tax from the treatment of various illnesses. devolved and retained hospitals, doctors and specialists, minor provided tetra-pack milk during the game types have been introduced said donation. Objectives municipal health centers, day care surgeries, ambulance conduction Milk Feeding Programs in various and other game innovations are •General : To grant fund to centers and private institutions of patients and emergency care as KALAHI communities nationwide. constantly being conceptualized, • Individual Medical hospitals and other health facilities implementing welfare programs well as referrals. It also undertakes particularly of the traditional and Assistance Program making health or medical services nationwide. community outreach projects on Gamot na Mabisa at Abot-kaya scratch and match variety. Under this program, medical accessible to PCSO-authorized maternal and child health and (GMA 50) Project assistance is given to individual indigent patients • Medical Equipment primary health care. • As their response to the PCSO Charity patients through the issuance •Specific : Enable charity Donation commitment made by President PCSO’s primary mandate is to of guarantee letters to hospitals patients access to medicines, The PCSO consistently Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in her 18 • MANILA FORUM ABOUT PCSO ABOUT PCSO 19 • MANILA FORUM
  9. 9. 2001 State of the Nation Address to make medicines established itself as a model government institution with more affordable to the general masses, the PCSO, its unquestioned dedication to serve the disadvantaged Department of Health (DOH), Philippine International sectors of society. With these, the PCSO has developed Trading Corporation (PITC), and the National Food a strong credence and incontestable acceptance from Authority (NFA), have come together to jointly Filipinos who have all come to believe and get comfort implement the government’s low-cost medicine on the fact that the PCSO will always be there for them, program dubbed as “Gamot na Mabisa at Abot-Kaya as long as needs need to be satisfied and hopes and (GMA 50) Project”. dreams need to be given life and fulfillment. Center for Health Improvement and Life Development (C.H.I.L.D.) House Project Vision And Mission • The Center for Life Improvement and Health Development (C.H.I.L.D) House Project for children Our Vision and young adults who are afflicted with cancer and/ To uplift the quality of life of the Filipino people. or other dreaded diseases, is a multifaceted health and social development undertaking of the Ricky Reyes Our Mission Foundation, an NGO, PCSO, Metropolitan Manila To be a model government agency in carrying Development Authority (MMDA), Technology and out its responsibility to provide medical and health Livelihood Resource Center (TLRC), Philippine services to the disadvantaged sectors of society through Tuberculosis Society-Quezon Institute (PTS-QI), and a professional workforce with integrity, competence, a various specialty hospitals and medical facilities, with deep sense of accountability and transparency in all its the goal of “lessening the burden of the immediate official transactions. families of people with cancer and/or other dreaded disease/s, by knowing that there is a place where they Five Vision Pillars can temporarily stay while their loved one is undergoing The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office, treatment.” An oversight committee led by Presidential Mandated by RA 1169, as amended, commits five Daughter Ms. Luli Macapagal Arroyo as chairman, was pillars to realize its Vision-Mission: formed to administer the period. • Professional workforce with integrity, competence PCSO Emergency Center Project and a deep sense of accountability and transparency • This project is aimed at establishing “emergency in all its official transactions; centers” at select provincial hospitals in strategic • Timely adequate services areas nationwide. A joint project of PCSO and DOH • Increased number of satisfied beneficiaries with which aims set up emergency service facilities in 10 improved health and other social conditions; strategically located hospital-beneficiaries nationwide. • Effective, efficient and self-reliant organization with strong operating system and infrastructure; and, PCSO-NHA Kapalaran Housing Program • Good corporate image • The PCSO, in accordance with the National Housing Authority, allots funding for socialized housing projects for poor families in various areas nationwide, as The current PCSO Chairman is mandated under Republic Act No. 7835, also known as Mr. Sergio O. Valencia the “Comprehensive and Integrated Shelter Financing Act of 1994” (CISFA). URL: Address: E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue, Since its inception in 1934, the Philippine Charity Quezon City Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) has lived up to the challenge Tel.: Trunkline : (632) 781-9701 of its mandated mission and purpose and has remained unwavering in carrying out its vision of uplifting the quality of life of the Filipino people. The agency has well 20 • MANILA FORUM ABOUT PCSO
  10. 10. and perfect a sound and viable tax-exempt social security system suitable to the needs of the people throughout the Philippines, which shall promote social justice and provide Social Security Protection for Filipinos meaningful protection to members and their families against the hazards of disability, sickness, maternity, old-age, death, and other contingencies resulting in loss of income or financial Everywhere burden. Towards this end, the State shall endeavor to extend S social security to workers and their beneficiaries.” (Section 2, Republic Act 8282 – Social Security Act of 1997) SSS @ 52: SOCIAL SECURITY, STRENGTH AND STABILITY with its improved actuarial fund life, and steadily increasing STATEMENT OF VISION Since its inception, the SSS has been a dependable assets and fund reserves. Today, it again faces a daunting “The SSS aims to develop and promote a viable, partner of the Filipino worker and his family. Directly, it has challenge: a global financial crisis that has rocked the universal and equitable social security protection scheme Mr. Romulo L. Neri is the SSS provided financial support to its members in their times of economies of both developed and emerging nations. through world-class service.” President and CEO. need. Indirectly, its investments have helped invigorate the Philippine economy. Through the decades, as its coverage Despite this, however, the SSS is still optimistic that CORPORATE VALUES URL: expanded and its programs developed and sustained, the like in the past, it can weather this storm. With its proven “The SSS aims to institutionalize a corporate culture Address: East Avenue, Diliman, Quezon SSS evolved into an organization capable of servicing its institutional and human resource capabilities, as well as solid that instills the core values of Trust, Empowerment and City, Philippines members nationwide and in key cities overseas. financial core, the SSS will prove to be a bastion of calm and Teamwork.” Tel: Trunkline: (632) 920-6401 dependability that members can rely on. Tel. Assistance: (632) 920-6446 - 55 The SSS serves as more than a pension fund for private sector workers. It has developed a three-pronged role in society. First, the SSS is an instrument for social justice, PERFORMANCE POISED FOR CONTINUOUS GROWTH SSS responds to crisis which, through pensions and benefit grants, provides a safety net for members and protecting them against For four years in a row, the SSS attained a surplus SSS releases P100M for typhoon aid poverty and financial desperation. Second, it is a vehicle in its operations, as contribution collections exceeded for income redistribution, wherein contributions from The Social Security System (SSS) contributed P100 million to benefit payments. Thus far in 2009, it is apparent that national outpouring of help to hundreds of thousands of people younger, healthier, and higher income members subsidize the institution will achieve a similar positive net growth. who lost loved ones, homes and belongings when rampaging the benefits for the older, the infirm, and members of lower Benefit disbursements have likewise increased – a tangible floodwaters spawned by a storm surged through Metro Manila and income, respectively. Finally, the SSS serves as a catalyst manifestation of members’ increasing reliance on SSS as a other provinces last weekend, a senior official said today. for economic growth, as our investment operations and viable safety net against economic and social risks. In terms of investments, the SSS was able to book substantial profits SSS President and Chief Executive Officer Romulo Neri said P60 million will be released to the Department of Social Welfare and from the sale of key equities in 2008, and its conservative Development, which is spearheading relief and rehabilitation work; posture with regards to foreign investments has allowed P30 million to the Office of the President and P5 million each to the fund to escape largely unscathed from the global stock labor and employer groups for similar purpose. meltdown. Moreover, its amnesty program for delinquent housing and short-term member loans, which has been “We support efforts of both government and private sectors in SSS-FFW conducts relief operations and medical mission running since 2006, has allowed the SSS to clean its books helping people affected by Tropical Storm Ondoy,” Neri said. “Many in Hagonoy, Taguig of them are SSS members.” of delinquent accounts, while generating the needed cash Social Security System (SSS) and Federation of Free Workers flow to support benefit payments and operating expenses. In addition to the donation, SSS also offered early salary loan (FFW) officers and volunteers visited residents of Hagonoy, Taguig Finally, the SSS has managed to keep its operating expenses renewals and lowered the interest rate of its loan for home repair who were affected by the recent disaster brought by typhoon at manageable levels without compromising operational to help members cope with the effects of the disaster. “Ondoy” on October 10, 2009. capabilities. The donation and eased down loan requirements were approved Social Security Commissioner Sonny G. Matula, an AFP Reservist by the Social Security Commission, the SSS governing board, which and Vice President of the FFW (rightmost) led in the distribution of As of end of June 2009: relief goods donated by SSS. With them are (L-R) SSS Vice President loan programs assist in capital market and infrastructure represent government, labor and management sectors. The board also donated P50 million when Typhoon Frank triggered floods and for Management Services Division May Ciriaco, Employees’ Union- development, as well as provide economic opportunities Cumulative Assets: Php254.06 Billion TSPIC President Sonia Balgos, SSS Vice President for Public Affairs mud slips in central and southern Philippines last year. to members for livelihood, housing, and other financial Cumulative Benefits Php640 Billion and Special Events Division Susie Bugante, FFW National President needs. Cumulative Contributions Php567.7 Billion Neri said the recurring destruction to crops, property and Atty. Allan Montaño and AFP Reservist and SSS Kabalikat Volunteer Membership: 28 Million public infrastructure, which run into billions of pesos, calls for new Corps President Arnold Tolentino. In the past years, the institution faced many obstacles measures in dealing with floods triggered by typhoons. that tested its resilience and strengthened its foundation. Aside from the giving out of grocery items, SSS also offered MISSION/DECLARATION OF POLICY “The SSS is willing to support any initiative, discussions and medical services, free optical checkups and consultations as well Through far-ranging internal reforms and program “It is the policy of the State to establish, develop, promote as free haircuts. studies on flood mitigation and control,” Neri said. enhancements, the SSS emerged stronger and more stable, 22 • MANILA FORUM ABOUT SSS ABOUT SSS 23 • MANILA FORUM